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Love Poem: Every Love
Ria April Avalon Avatar
Written by: Ria April Avalon

Every Love

Every love is another small life that you cannot relive,
When it's over, the flame in your heart is about to die
But one day you are fully revived, you are glad to believe
There is somebody waiting for you underneath the same sky. 

Every love mixes all the bright colors that shine in your heart
And sometimes you can even discover new beautiful hues
Or big secrets about yourself as you play the new part
Of a savior, hopeless lover, creator or muse. 

It can make you a desperate victim of self-sacrifice
Or a poet of blues, seeking pleasure and beauty in pain,
Yet you'll never be able to play such a part more than twice -
Once you fail it, you try one more time but it's all been in vain.

Love can come to your world in a strange and astonishing guise,
Don't get blinded until you can clearly see its true face.
It can suddenly strike you, be ready for such a surprise,
Let it conquer your heart but make sure it leaves you free space.