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Love Poem: Every Little Thing
bianca fard Avatar
Written by: bianca fard

Every Little Thing

I've never met anyone like you, I absolutely love everything you do. You have such a great head on your shoulder, The choices you make will help you when you're older. Starting from how you do your school work, To treating my friends the complete opposite of a jerk. You have always been one to make me smile, I knew our friendship would last a while. I love how we can be together for hours, Even when we get sweaty and have to take showers. Listening to Frank Ocean forever in your car, Really shows how cool you are. Eating at the same places over and over again, And never getting sick of anything in the end. Arguing over who should pay, To laughing at the funny things you say. We've already been through a lot it seems, You are honestly the boy of my dreams. Thanks for showing me what a perfect guy really can be, I hope you know how much you mean to me.