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Love Poem: Every Letter Saved
alicia williamson Avatar
Written by: alicia williamson

Every Letter Saved

His name drips from her lips
Cherry red painted just like her finger tips
He is her drug and she is addicted
She gets lost in the thought of losing him
And begins to miss him
Searching eyes the deepest shade of haze 
Never ending
His heart was only hers not for the taking but instead for the lending
He broke her heart and yet she still loves him with all the pieces
She's not afraid of happy endings, she's just afraid her life wont work out that way
And he'll come and go as he pleases
His scream drips through her veins
Lost in marble pools for eyes
She doesn't have to cut anymore to relies
She don’t miss him, she misses who she thought he was
She hates watching him carrying on loving everyone else like he does
Perhaps his heart is so big that he loves everyone else
So much that by the end of the day he don’t have enough room to love her
She saved every letter
He's danced around her heart from the first day he met her