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Love Poem: Every hound will fall
liam mcdaid Avatar
Written by: liam mcdaid

Every hound will fall

One day heartless stood before love 
with cold blood inside the veins ugly intentions 
sadness thirsting warmth it began to lie continue'sly 
about the deep rooted character within itself caged

The snake began to form venom in such sweet words 
through a forked tongue it started to twist in pain
and wriggle boneless without soul denying the truth 
to have seen the other side of this face 
it hid in silence awaiting answers begging ignorance 

It is not what you knew that came to light first 
blindness has a tortured habit lonely within itself 
casting judgements on God given rights 
where values are discarded justice no longer acts
as mercy will stand before you one day
Chains are made by the wicked to imprison the poor 
slave master's are racist bigots that pretend to care 
good or bad merits in each lash of the whip suffering arrogance 
drawing between the lines we see crazy  
clearly cut it has been let loose in the world to dominate 
firstly by spilling the blood of the innocent