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Love Poem: Every Goodbye
Kimber James Avatar
Written by: Kimber James

Every Goodbye

Every goodbye
Is hard to say
Everyone of them
Makes you want to cry 
I try to delay
The moment you leave
Please stay here with me
I'll get on my knees
Beg you not to go
I want you to know
Just how much I love you
So please 
Don't go
You make me laugh
You make me smile
You make every moment with you worthwhile
Then it's time
To say goodbye
I get on my knees and cry
I wish the end
Wasn't near
But you're my best friend
So close and so dear
I can't wait for you to come back
I can wait for that time to crack
The time for you to leave
The moment I don't want to belive
This is goodbye
Please come back soon
I'll so miss you