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Love Poem: Every euphony is a symphony
Bharath Suhas Avatar
Written by: Bharath Suhas

Every euphony is a symphony

" Lines which make your heart giggle and others tickle,
Threads which bond much of the muchier -Our real relation,
Bridges which help characteristic emotions cross,
Polymers which strengthen the vagaries as well as our courage,
Raw emotions starving to come out from our inner heart,
Strings which unite to cooperate and symbolize exceptional, unique symphonies,
Symphonies which make our ears starve for it,
Euphonies which roar to propagate destiny,
Instruments which unleash our unravelled thoughts,
Monuments get less in the freshness and seducing nature of it,
Things even if out of range,
They're wings which help us to repress them,
Diffusion-specialists I suppose,I know,
They spread your fame across the vast blue marble,
And make you forget all your physical and mental trouble,
Aches, they symbolize ;not exactly they momentarily maximize,
Voices of soul they wanna propagate or say communicate,
To tell you the where the elixir of life is,
In this thing called life, the elixir remains hidden in a box,
If you want to unleash the forbidden secrets out of the box,
You have to fight with many other derogatory connotations, interruptions, distractions... what not,
Oh! dear, The box has nothing but a small note which flabbergasts fate, of course,
It says: Once Upon a time.Anything can be achieved with an elixir called Love,
Confused? Right? Just hold tight,
Because I am gonna take you to a ride of fright night where,
Your own "Destiny" awaits for you,
Just go discover, uncover, recover..lets just explore the real 'You' "