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Love Poem: Every Day
Aaron Wheeler Avatar
Written by: Aaron Wheeler

Every Day

I see her everyday
And she still takes my breath away.
I long to hold her hand
And kiss her where she stands.
Wrap her up in a warm embrace
And feel her breath upon my face.
Electricity courses through my veins
And I feel like a horse without any reins.
One day I will make her my wife
And forever she will remain in my life.

That day came and she is now my wife
And I hope and pray that she stays in my life.
The horse still resides, but he’s gotten older
Not yet out to pasture, but the days grow colder.
I still feel her breath upon my face
And long for those days with that warm embrace.
We don’t kiss so much anymore where she stands
But we do still try to hold hands.
She still takes my breath away
And I still see her most every day.