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Love Poem: Every Day
Bo Lanier Avatar
Written by: Bo Lanier

Every Day

Every day that goes by I remember when you used to love me and the tears fall like rain from my eyes because no one could ever take your place. Every day I die just a little bit more inside.
Every day, Every day that goes by, I long for sweet yesterday when we would love the days away, it's a mystery to me how ever our love flowed liked a river then seemed to just turn to dust, but still you will hold a special place in my heart longer than always!
And every day I hope to see you again! Just because we're not who we we're that doesn't mean we can't still be friends! Every day I come home I hope to find you waiting on my front door steps like you used to do not too long ago but as usual you are nowhere to be found.I know you've moved on with your life as I should also too I know but for me it doesn't seem to be so easy to let you go oh no...And every day that goes by the tears fall like rain from my eyes missing you and the things we used to do.
I'm like a prisoner to my heart and the memories of you now that we are apart. Every day dying just a little more inside. Every day, every day that goes by.