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Love Poem: Every Child Has The Right
Dianne Smirnow Avatar
Written by: Dianne Smirnow

Every Child Has The Right

There isn't one single child alive
In the world out there,
That doesn't have the right to be loved by someone
That really does care.
Every child has the right to feel wanted
And to know that every single day,
No child should feel abused,
Or hurt repeatedly in different ways.
Every child deserves to feel real joy
That is visible in their smile,
That when a child is sick or scared
There is someone to hold them for a while.
Every child has the right to feel validated,
And to be the "star" on their own stage,
No child should be violated
Or subjected to an adult's rage.
All children should be able to shine,
Just beautiful in their own light,
For all these things and more,
"Every Child Has The Right" !!