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Love Poem: Every
Jessie Bella Avatar
Written by: Jessie Bella


All in my silent world.
I’m not your typical sweet girl.
You called my name to see if I look.
Once I did I was hook.

You’re the one for me; I don’t think u like me.
I don’t know why I just want to be with you.
I feel safe in your arms like nothing bad is going to happen.
When you see me your blue/green eyes are tapping.

Baby every night I go to sleep, I see your picture in my camera. 
You don’t even know I got pictures of you. 
Every time I see them I cry and wonder why you’re not with me.
I do anything for you because I'm in love. 

I think about you all the time even when I’m dreaming.
Every morning I wake up I feel weak because I was screaming. 
Just go up to me and tell me how u feel.
Because I want to know what I feel is real.