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Love Poem: Everlasting Radiance
Eileen R. Kelly Avatar
Written by: Eileen R. Kelly

Everlasting Radiance

This flame of our love 
my will extinguish not... 
I place your heart beat, 
in charge of my soul rythym... 

I will love you only-my heart 
reserved for you truly, 

you ignite my love, 
with fury, vehement frenzy 

my goddess of virtue, 
our souls connect 
feel your presence from a far... 

my everlasting valentine 
your appetite secretes
...for you my heart beats 

I rest in your arms 
seductive retreat.. 

spirit free me not, 
resilient hot molten core 

converge my love, 
gently love free 
besotted once more... 

resilient hot molten core
'neath loves shrine
together once more...
...this love of mine...