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Love Poem: Everlasting Love
Ken Jordan Avatar
Written by: Ken Jordan

Everlasting Love

Poet:  Ken Jordan
Poem:  Everlasting Love
Edited by:  Sparkle Jordan
written:  August/2015

           Sometimes, I muse over how
quickly time passes by.  We were like 
buds on a rose, when our hearts first 

            God, summoned us together, 
when our live's were vernal, and young 
as the flowers of spring. 

            I remember those days frolicking 
merrily in the park with you for a kiss.
But, you held out for weeks before our 
lips would touch.

            When I think about it, our
courtship makes me smile.  Falling
in love with you, was the best time 
of my life. 
            God, sent me an angel, and I 
am blessed each sunrise to walk in 
your space; for I would be breathless 
without you.

          Their would be no mystic foggy 
mornings that we would share together, 
looking out at the ocean, and the horizon 
beyond the sea -

           We wouldn't be the two Inseparable 
love birds, caught up in an atmosphere of 
romantic charm;  marooned in an oasis of 
            When we came together on that
hot August night, we professed undying 
love. Still, to this day - your love has been 
the warmth of a sunrise deep in my soul.

             Neither time itself, can asunder; 
our love is eternal.

             Through my eyes, you 
will always be that beautiful woman, with 
the long raven hair, blowing in the aquatic 
breeze down by the sea.

                     I love you.