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Love Poem: A moment of change
Lifes' Tapestry Avatar
Written by: Lifes' Tapestry

A moment of change

He left the slumbering lovers bed,
his wife beneath the covers.
He crept to the door in stealth unbecoming
and went to join the others.
Her friend it was, and 20 sets of stairs,
and they became the lovers.

The pleasurable sounds that permeated the home,
entered the bedroom where she lay,
and although she suspected from long ago,
in her face did he play.
Broken, disheartened, but already knew,
she mounted the stairs that day.

Lost two of her loves, in a moments pleasure,
all future hopes a strain.
For they chose each other, and under the cover,
her dreams began to wane.
The longing and passion, in a love affair for life,
never to be kissed in the rain.