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Love Poem: A Mission of Light
Gershon Wolf Avatar
Written by: Gershon Wolf

A Mission of Light

He rides all night, on a mission of Light
A stranger come, preaching Healing and Love
Rough men gawk and they stare; this isn't right
They push him down to the ground with a shove...
He picks himself up and he scrapes off the mud
It's started raining now; he's gotten soaked
His mouth's started trickling a stream of blood
Still he gathers himself, for the Cause woke

Decrying vi'lence, he gently pleads Peace
To take a step back, calm all the way down
As he yet speaks, all the riotings cease
The guns go still; not a noise in the town

A smile, coy, plays at the edge of his lips
Tonight there will be no Apocalypse