Love Poems About Zebra or Zebra Love Poems
by Jo Daniel |
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Colors - Black and White

Life is in pieces of black and white Like a chessboard The moonlight shines through darkness of night Like a barcode ~ Noah chose a raven, then dove Bad luck or peace? A bride in white dressed in pure love Black mourn decease ~ The penguin and the zebra The snow leopard White tiger and the panda Monochrome weird ~ Milk boils when it is heated Tar melts when hot Cotton flies, wool is seated Coal heats the pot ~ I print all of these lines In jet black ink On a white sheet designed To make you think 02/21/17

by Ken Carroll |
Categories: dream, fantasy, love,

My Lover

My lover
speaks fire
laughs smoke
she is madness
spilled from
my imagination

My lover
with raven hair
of wooded fire
midsummer night
kisses of
heated lightning

My lover
with zebra thighs
breasts of clouds
hourglass waist
lips of champagne
ace of hearts

My lover
mother of pearl
eyes of blue siren
sings for me
no one ever hears
yesterday and tomorrow

My lover
Monday through Friday 
swims in the ocean
that I prepare for her
comes and goes
to the sky...

by KAYOD5 Kayode |
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Sweet home Lagos

Solitude?Come not to us our is not a ghost city.
Fun seeker? Come not alone our canopy is big .
Our fresh oceanic cuisine is surplus and honeymixed.

Fear not when baby whales are washed to the semolina beach
Or when little children are basking on  zebra and horses' manes
But jump on a tusker and have a whale of the tamer of  forest.

The angels shall alight with the rising of the sun
With awesome fry-pan or leaf-cutter backyards,
Perch on love  like butterfly and enjoy our moonlight rock and roll.

by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: love, nature, seasons,

More Beautiful

Bullfrogs greeted dusk.
Evening clouds cooled the heat waves.
Gathering for night,
Zebra longwings butterflies,
Rested near a moonlit pond.

Gardenia fragrance
Permeated summer air
Contradicting lantana.
Butterflies fluttered.
Drinking their nectar of choice.

Love was also there.
Drifting through eternal dreams.
Uplifting memories…us.
Forever with me.
Reflections upon my life,
Made more beautiful by you.

ã June 2, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  Lets Pass A Tanka Love Note 
Sponsor	^Rick Parise

by chipepo lwele |
Categories: allegory, nature,


Everest,Kilimanjaro,Nanga Parbat
Red Sea,Mediterranen Sea
Pembrokeshire coast park
Victoria Falls
Lochinvar hot springs

chipepo lwele
PS;the reminder of the natural world around us.
     the poem about animals, plants,rivers,lakes
     ,mountains,seas ,waterfalls and hot spring.

by arthur vaso |
Categories: america, art, cinderella, deep, fantasy, journey, muse,


Black is not white
Nor is it black or white
Ask any purple Zebra
He will explain so colorfully
Illustrating the life and love
Of a dancing Gothic chicken
Around  a lake of make-believe dreams
Steam punk trains
On the tracks of time
Tickets available
At yesterdays window

by connie pachecho |
Categories: allusion, beauty, love,

the zebra took off to his greener pastures

the zebra took off to his greener pastures

he's lion in grass
for his love to be tiger
the zebra took off

connie pachecho


by Lei Strauss |
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     "Take this fluffy pony painted black and white – this love in stripes."

To: Linda or Poet Destroyer	
From: LS

by Ken Carroll |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, kiss, love,

Purplish Fire

You lover
from the night
crept into
my room
and all of a sudden
there was the sound
of a passionate kiss
paradise shuttered with love.

And at that moment
the moon lifted up his brow
shining down upon you
revealing your soft form
a blazing sculptural art.

You my love
with thighs of zebra
coils of serpents
breasts of turtledoves
tender round hips.

Kiss me again
with purplish fire
of glowing lips
while our two wild manes
mingle their torrents...

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Classy Zebra Queen

Classy Zebra Queen with her dancing feet
She twirls and whirls and does a tango so sweet!
We love watching her stripes as they parade around.
Her hooves make an utterly beautiful sound!

Classy Zebra Queen you are one to watch.
Your dances take dancing up more than a notch.
Your moves are delicious, your twirling is sweet.
We surely do love your darling dancing feet!

by Caren Krutsinger |
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I Hid In The House Frightened

Yesterday delightful. Sixty degrees.
Could have warmed us up.

I hid in the house, frightened by the love of it.

Today I am sitting in my yard, wearing zebra pajamas.
A zip up suit with a pink fringed hood and a tail.
The tail is not comfortable, but cute.

The wind is brisk, almost too much so.
I do not care.
I am content.

Soaking up nature’s offerings.

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Zebra Crossing

Sweet feminine syrup oozes out.

Soon he returns to the same pale valley.
The locomotive rhythm lulls him to snooze 
near the kaleidoscope-window.

He’s been reinstalled on the border, 
where the roar of terror never ceases,
like a statue of contradiction
with a rifle in hand
and love in heart. 

Reunion is a recurring rapture.
She crosses the highway to pick him up.
What a pity! 
A drunk-driver is a silhouette of death.

Lifting the latch of sleep,
he often slips out to the zebra crossing,
where she walks across with a bunch of dreams.

First published in The Literary Hatchet

by Zela Berg |
Categories: 9th grade, animal, appreciation, color, freedom, friendship love, racism,

Zebra Supremacy

Zebra Supremacy
Hoo-ha, hoo-ha, hoo-ha
Born with black and white stripes
I prance about freely 
A creature of delight
One of the wild
A creature of day 
Vibrant and of one race
Not to be treated in spite

by Joe Flach |
Categories: lost love,

Your Markings

Stripes on a zebra
The pattern of a leopard’s spots
These are things I may want to change
But know that I cannot

Your stripes are your selfishness
Your spots are your cheating ways
These are the markings that make you you
And are here, I’m afraid, to stay

The sun always rises in the east
And sets each day in the west
I’ll never be able to tame your beast
So, moving on, I think, is best

by Joe Flach for the "Serenity Response" contest
"accept things I cannot change"

by Krish Radhakrishna |
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something fishy

gold fish was in love with the gorgeous zebra fish her love for her stripped mate was blind the two spawned to have their colour merged breed love is love, colours mean nothing, but anglers had their laughs sold them as grilled gold fish
3rd placement Written 12/02/2022 Give me a Rictameter poetry contest M L Kiser 2468108642 syllable count on PS syllable counter