Love Poems About Zeal or Zeal Love Poems
by Besma Riabi Dziri |
Categories: beauty, destiny, faith, love, school,

At a Crossroads a Poet Is Born

I hold my papers and pen
not a poetry to write
it is the school year again
one other journey in time.

My ever burning concern
would my words find their way
as all my candles I burn
to meet yearning faces each day.

A thirst for light in young hearts
I lend my soul, the blanks I fill
and then a whole story starts
quenching feels would be a thrill.

When my pupils take my notes
would they read devotion in many a line
my fear, a quote or a word floats
my quill unveiled in heart shrine.

I hold my pen with great zeal
two paths I walk, a heart is torn
my love  how can I conceal
at a crossroads, a poet is born.

by Vijay Pandit |
Categories: love,

Falling In Love

Sweet-nothings of lover cooing like dove
A poem lovely as falling in love

A mating fervor of a smitten glance
An indulgence of impending romance

Invigorating sight of dazzled eyes
Unspoken dialogue passions surmise

Emboldening zeal of ecstatic dream
Strumming lyrical, mellifluous theme

Elixir of life cheering beguiled hearts
In blazing vibes enamored love imparts

Bowing to love as emotions cajole
Falling in love writes a poem of soul

March 2, 2022
Placed 1st: A Brian Strand Formal Contest
Placed 2nd: A Poem Lovely As…Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Margarita Lillico
Inspired by Joyce Kilmer’s “Trees”
Ten syllables per line (

by Alok Srivastava |
Categories: christian, creation, devotion, god, jesus, religion, work,

New Creation

From bottom to top, 
my house was decayed. 
Through thousands of years 
of commands disobeyed.  
I girdled my loins 
to rebuild my home. 
I re-laid the foundation 
stone by stone. 
Brick by brick 
I rebuilt the walls. 
House was renewed with 
many victories small. 
I painted the house 
with colors of new zeal. 
I furnished it with 
virtues that heal. 
I planted the garden 
with flowers of love. 
I installed the fountains 
with waters from above. 
I sat in the garden 
admiring my creation. 
At last, to God 
I offered adoration.

by Vijay Pandit |
Categories: heartbroken, lost love,


Oh, how I blush, in appeal of your zeal
Enthralled in treasured memories of glee
As words not said, intimately unseal
Verses of love arousing latent plea
In caged lofty dreams, longing to be free
Flirting secretly, letting passions rise
Pulsing my vibes, sensing sensuous highs;
Alas, my youth then, had nary a clue
How to woo your smile, courting doting eyes--
Bashful to tell you, how much I loved you.

August 13, 2020
Placed 1st: Pick-A-Title, Vol 21 - Dizain - Poetry contest
Title chosen: Untold
Sponsor: Edward Ibeh
Ten syllables per line (

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: america, hope, inspiration,

The Spring of Rioting 2020

Destruction and obstruction.
    Cities burn, run by herds!

     Anarchy, you see,
     Is no mirror of democracy!

     Businesses destroyed.
     Free running shoes, girls and boys?

     Patriots simply do not steal.
     They love this land, with utmose zeal!

     Have faith, have enormous hope.
     Mature Americans are not dopes!

             May 31, 2020
              11am PST

              Poem# 1,308

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: death,

Last Thoughts of Joy and Grace

Last thoughts of anyone we cannot know
unless they voice those thoughts, which would be nice -
to hear their love expressed as they let go . . . 
Unfortunate are those who pay a price
for years misspent! Regret they surely feel
to see no loved ones gathered round their bed.
Imagine letting go - heart filled with zeal
because it was a decent life you led!
I think last thoughts can be of joy and grace,
for some pass on with a smile on their face!

April 29, 2021

by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: passion



potent fervor 
delighting the soul immensely, with zeal.

Fascinatingly embracing the heart,
dreamy delight

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
    January 16, 2010

Poetic form: Double Tetractys

by Jesse Rowe |
Categories: beauty,

Authentic Beauty - Ap

Authentic beauty cannot diminish.

Eternally flowering grandeur,
Her inner, jeweled kingdom: Love.

Matchless nature of personal quality
Radiates such that unknown viewers
Would xerox your zeal.

For Alphabet Soup Poetry Contest

by Sotto Poet |
Categories: analogy, appreciation,


Written: September 15, 2023 Pleiades 5 Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Joseph May ________________________________________________________________ Onset calm palm date realm Oasis small green path Overwhelmed to the verge Onslaught in dense dryness Oppugn the sand from crops Oozing with zeal and poise Our parched and arid love
1st place contest winner

by Funom Makama |
Categories: anxiety, life, lonely, longing, love, lust,

Crush From a Distance

On his awareness, her flaunted features stand a peg
forcing out zeal and energy from his third leg
praying for a wishful share
of her behind like a chair
and yet unending are his hopes, prayers and beg.

by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
Categories: joy, life,

A Child's Sky

A child's sky

Subtle emotions in heart,
till he grows up real smart,
Tears scroll down the chubby cheek,
for a toy meagre and meek!

Steals eye to slip out of house,
dad's anger is tough to douse,
The joy of winning marbles,
soon withers with growing barbels!

Mom is after for the meals,
not eating, puts her on heels,
Annoyance that ends in love,
Countless blessings from above!

Courage and zeal see no dearth,
angel gets heaven on earth,
Holy soul knows no deceit,
a child's sky has winsome fleets !!

Written Feb 18th, 2015
By Dr. Upma A. Sharma joined soup on May 16th, 2013
Iambic heptameter for Giorgio's contest

by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: sensual,


Amour, being capricious, dictates
    emotions from gratified hearts, 
        intertwined joyously, keeping
              love momentous.
Noting opposite’s prior
    quintessential reticence,
  sensual teasing unleashes visceral,
            wondrous X-rated, youthful zeal.

September 24, 2015

Contest Name: ABCs
Theme: Sensuality
Sponsor:  Charlotte Jade Puddifoot

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: love, , sweet love,

Easy As Falling Off a Bike

Infatuation is what it's sometimes called You can give it any name you'd like I call it love, pure love sweet love It's as easy as falling off a bike No need for any special instructions But your heart must be willing to share All or even just a part of your heart Almost everyone has love to spare Nothing's really more important in life It's the engine that turns our wheel Can't think of anything that even comes close For passion, for intensity, for zeal Take it from me, an extremely sensitive male Who loves life and the joys it brings Once you discover the true meaning of life You find all year round is spring © Jack Ellison 2013

by Pedros Fernandes |
Categories: grandmother, mother, mothers day, truth, integrity,

To My Mother and Grandmother and In the Memory of My Deceased Grandmother Jiesteira

Pure Love
Enthusiasm, Excitement, Zeal
Passion, Love, 
Cholera, Anger, Wrath, Fury
Deep dedication

by Messoh Vincent |
Categories: angel,

Lonely Love

The love
That I feel
Can never sleep.
Anxiety that kills me
With warmth.

I've missed
Terror briddled
Set to gallop
My heart.

Words spoken
For heart that's set

Red rose...
Breasts to hug
With zeal breast bored
In rose!!! 

That I yield
Can't just end.
Anxiety that kills me
In pain.

by Caryl Muzzey |
Categories: love,

Guide To Love

To win
With grin

For zeal

If must
You lust
First trust

Won’t hurt 
Be curt
With flirt

Then kiss
Don’t miss
Such bliss

Copyright © 2013 By Caryl Muzzey

by Kim Shaw |
Categories: february, romantic,

Petal Whispers

Every petal says "I love you"
in vibrant sunset orange
Some whisper "I adore you"
as each is plucked and torn

A hundred loving sonnets
Each petal pens amour
Dew drops drip with sentiment
Fragrant with ardor

The heart of every blossom
bursts with love divine
Poetic beats of passion
Each color a new rhyme

Blessed be such youthful zeal
Sweet bouquets a must,
Roses are the fleur du jour
while others gather dust.

by Lunita Blanca |
Categories: 10th grade, encouraging, feelings, happiness, life,

Recipe For Happiness

Here is my recipe for happiness:

In a large bottle of water add the following and mix. 

A teaspoon of patience
A teaspoon of zeal
A tablespoon of faith
A tablespoon of kindness
A tablespoon of sincerity
Two tablespoons of tolerance
Two tablespoons of confidence
Two tablespoons of courage
Two cups of hope
Two cups love

Take the mixture to the woods and breath natures breath and sip until you finish the potion. Just remember, 

 happiness is achieved more fully from doing good than from being good.

by Gary Radice |
Categories: life, love, peace, spiritual,

The Pagoda

now from this temple where I stand
upon this earth I sense a land
where no malevolent cruel wind blows
and stillness reigns where water flows
where zeal on fire creates a space
to live and love the human race.

by Agnes Akeyo |
Categories: childhood, journey, mother daughter, mum,

I Still Love Her

Deep in her eyes I could see,
the wrath once I asked for my school fee,
scared,I run out and as I  walk past a tree,
I hear the buzz of a bee.

With the zeal of a referee,
once back she hits me with her knee,
and i shout,"You I guarantee,
I will be back!"There and then,I flee.

To get money,luggage i did carry,
slowly,my dreams I began to bury,
then one day,a man saw me and wanted to marry,
he saved and educated me as he was not in a hurry.

Years are gone and I have now flown higher than a dove,
I knock,she opens and cannot even look above,
I wipe her tears and feel us fit like a glove,
after all,she is still the mum i have  and love.

by Saahil Parwez |
Categories: emotions, humanity, joy, metaphor, sister, sorrow, trust,

Joy and Sorrow

Joy and Sorrow
Are the two companions
Acompny each other in life
For after sorrow comes joy.

Sorrow makes us near to God
And we feel that we are sacred
It is the test of life
That we can trust and love others
That we are but a single soul
Sorrow is indeed a joy 
Which unites us all.

Where there is sorrow
There must be joy
And it makes us smile and feel
the zeal of life
Joy is actually the celebration
To victory over the hard times.

Joy and Sorrow
are two sisters live in unison
And we always have one of them
For they are the companion of life.

by Ngoc Nguyen |
Categories: desire, love, lust, passion, relationship, romantic, sensual,

Taboo Love

With ardent hands about our hips
and our thoughts being so unchaste,
let us together lock our lips
as love compels our lovers's haste.

This moment in time we're a pair
as we both do our very best
to disrobe our gowns without care 
and explore our round, supple breasts.

We are moved with a lovers's zeal
to mate and join as one tonight
without need to doubt or to feel
if what we are is wrong or right.

Now our defiant love must dare
to earn its rights and longed-for rest
so Love's unwritten laws can declare
our union stronger than Hate's behest!

by Guru Jad |
Categories: devotion, love, women,

To Women

No mortal has triumphed to conquer your appeal,
From Enkidu's Shamhat to Cain's Aclima it starts
Longing for possessing you was part of the ordeal,
For lust grew unfathomed with the first love darts
Craving carved its roots in men with a hefty zeal,
Until it blurred our nous with the serum of hearts
Till now the journey keeps marching without retreat
If all is summoned, faith to you until the endmost beat!

© Guru Jad 2013

by Estela Canama |
Categories: care, confusion, heartbreak, heartbroken, jesus, loneliness, uplifting,

Real Buddy

Real Buddy

The spiritual zeal within,
 Is gone, when earthly duress set in
 Life becomes dull and messy,
 And your heart turns poignant.	

Whenever you feel blue,
 And nobody is there for you
 Just call upon our Redeemer
  His love is beyond compare!

God will mend your brokenness;
He’ll renew your strength,
He stays with you, forever
And He makes you feel better.

by Mike Conway |
Categories: christmas, mom, christmas, christmas,

Merry Christmas Mom

Merry Christmas to my most favorite mom
or should I say "Santa Claus"
I will never know how you pull it off
without one whimper or yawn
But I guess it is the klonopin that keeps you "real" calm

year after year
Fall after fall
You're out there
raking leafs
until you look like a old rag doll
and just when you think
you're about to bawl
and lost all your zeal
you step on you're soap box
and simply squeal
"Jesus take the wheel"

Enough of the jokes
because without you
my *** would be broke
and i would be worse off
than when I ate that
hot dog too fast and chocked

So mom,
all all I've trying to say from the start
Is merry Christmas and I love you,
From the bottom of my heart