Love Poems About Wren or Wren Love Poems
by John Watt |
Categories: bird, lonely, lost love,

Little Wren

Wren, wren, hungry wren,
what do you see today?
A lonely man with scraps of bread
he could have thrown away.

Wren, wren, little wren,
what do you see in me?
A smiling man who seeks out birds
for his society?

Wren, wren, with baby wren,
how do you treat your young?
You feed them well, as I once did
and teach them songs you've sung.

Wren, wren, there with your mate,
you ask me where's my love?
"She soars on higher breezes now,
the kind we both dream of".

Wren, wren, little wren,
what do you see in me?
A smiling man who seeks out birds
for his society?

written 24 Mar 2023

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, death, introspection, life, peace, wisdom,


the peaceful soul exudes harmony with all nonchalant as a calm waterfall unperturbed serene wise men use their fountain pen moments of zen flawless love pure as sings the wren solemnly pondering when might come the ultimate curtain call the peaceful soul exudes harmony with all
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by Wanda Daugherty |
Categories: bible, bird, faith, god, gospel, hope, nature,

The Prayer Meeting

The Prayer Meeting

I felt a raindrop on my brow;
Twas just the other day.
Out in the Pasture all alone, 
By myself to pray.

The rain fall oh so gently:
I felt the grass beneath my feet.
The wind rose sweetly round me,
On my little rocky seat.

A Mocking bird sang me a Carol.
And a tiny Wren sang me a hymn.
There was never a human singer;
Who could hold a candle to them.

The trees loomed strong above me;
And I knew they love him to,
For they raised their arms in His praises
In a praise that is always new.

I felt refreshed and nourished
For I'd been alone with God
Yet others praised Him around me.
And I thought it not one bit odd..

by Andi Abderrahmane |
Categories: loveheart, heart,

My Princess

Sweet roseate little flower
The evergreen bush princess
Dancing on a gentle breeze air
your scent in my breast nestles
to the recesses of my heart ,it travels
Dripping honeyed nectar, my blood it ripples.

Dazzling, joyous little wren
Soaring uncloudy blue skies
Deeper inside my soul
tamping down lovely fugues
turning every breath I take
a love song of yours.

Winsome, celestial little angel
heavenly wings endlessly beating
every void around roaming
bigger bit of my heart daily gaining
your image in my eyes swelling
your image, my sole known dreaming.

by Sallam Yassin |
Categories: dream, football, love,

Dream of Maracana

Again the drums of samba
Playing in Maracana stadium
The dream is again in Maracana
As the flags golden Shine
With the sun
at the green in the field
Look this wren in the fly

Garrnicha is the dream

Embraced the blue of the of ocean
He drunk the beams of the sun
Rio is the dream
Dream and the passion of the ocean
In a little wren

Look the wren in the fly
Garrnicha is the dream

See the field is waiting
to make the dream
true and real
So fly Naymo wren
the new Garrincha high

by Stacey Behal |
Categories: seasons,

Winter Sight

White blur,
White thoughts,
Whispers to her,
The warm rots.
Beauty of art,
Falls onto the window,
In all shape; touching the heart,
Flying down in a flow.
With hats on all,
The cities bright,
Thick coats in the hall,
No people in sight.
For it's winter time,
The MidWest is cold,
Making love music rhyme,
Keeping loved ones close;hold.
Streets are a fluff,
Driving slow in caution for all,
Children play rough,
Down the hills they fly so tall.
Snowflakes make snowmen,
Snomen make friends,
As the birds fly by towards the wren,
The weather lends.
But hold each moment close,
For seasons come and go,
Imagine a place of prose,
Now sit back and enjoy the snow.

by Caitlin Feely |
Categories: animal, beauty, bird, nature,


Blue feathers, black eyes
Squeaking calls are no surprise.
Snapped twig, wing twitch
Nimble and small as a Golden Snitch.
Hop below or soar above,
Robin, wren, jay, or dove,
Let us all give a toast
To the birds, the animals we love the most.

by David O'Haolin Whalen |
Categories: angel, appreciation, child, love,

Ode To Wren

Ode To Wren Her smile… Could light The darkest night Her frown… Turn the world Upside down She’s a circus… She’s a sideshow In her own special right She’s a star… That steals the show Also a tiny slapstick clown She’s special… She’s beautiful Both inside and out So special... That the Sun seems To follow her about She’ll leave… Some day (as will I) Of that there is no doubt But she’ll always Remain within my heart And I’ll never let her out Things must always end… Change and start anew again With a whisper…or a SHOUT Yet Wren… My little one year old friend Is so special that the Sun seems …To follow her about...

by Dennis Spilchuk |
Categories: love, romance, spring, valentines day,

My Heart Is Hers and Hers Is Mine

My Heart Is Hers and Hers Is Mine

My love is like a wren on a perch,
For whom the lea over I searched.
To her, I trill passionate rhyme.
My heart is hers and hers is mine.

Inside my chest, heart-beats express,
Words, I weave with lips to impress.
“Pain me not,” she says, “with silly twine.
My heart is yours and yours is mine.

“Cast out the doubt that grips your soul,
Parse the drivel, be true and bold.
Woo me with tender words, sublime.
My heart is yours and yours is mine.”

Then, I find the mindset to conceive,
Verses of love to lay at her feet,
Which she sifts through, one at a time.
My heart is hers and hers is mine.

by Constance La France |
Categories: dream,

In a Forest Glen

and in my dream the sun rises in a forest glen and a blue wren on a rock perches sings and leaning are the birch trees oh, I love the colorful wildflowers swaying and the water lilies twirling on a green pond where polished stones sparkle in the sun and golden fish can be seen beneath the water and I swim among the ferns an elegant white swan in my dream

by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Looked Angelic But Was a Relic

Looked Angelic But Was a Relic

she looked angelic
her husband was a relic
of crop had been pick 

was kind as could be
had really set my heart free
meant so much to me

ear nibble and bite
while being love at first sight
marry her just might

forever had been
in love and free from all sin
would sing like a wren

she had passed the test
from God absolutely best
easy to digest

Jim Horn

How is that for a 5-7-5
series of Horn Haiku? Not
only that have exceeded
8,000 poems.

by Sotto Poet |
Categories: analogy, appreciation, bird, flying,

Climb With Passion

Written: November 09, 2023, For Ink Empress Tetractys Contest ___________________________________________ flock of starlings flaps the sky, synchronized then swirl and streak draw dark ink whirls who wink wren half hushed twink tripped through swing farmhouse spins wren chicks chirp falteringly ~ this too learned beyond the sting of the earth's strictness, yank waves carry my emails, news of strong love Checked with HMS.COM ( 1-2-3-4-10)

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: bird,


fluttering on the wings of the wind
light and lithe without words
melody of forest surrounds her with love
she has no worries as she glides the wave of freedom
landing with a hop, giving a cheery tweet 
showing others the way to hope and happiness

by Chinedum Ekwobi |
Categories: analogy, animal, devotion, love,

Wren Not Hen Has My Love

When I loved the Hen was then:
A hen sings not like a wren;
Hence, not in my Good Books Hen
While, there, safe and sound Wren!

The sounds hens make not for pen
If poets did adore them: when?
He was no poet: George O Ben,
Never a verse dropped: Friend ken.
Hens Ben loved fried as chicken,
Time Ken would invade kitchen...

Prefer I rare wrens to hens;
It's been one wren worth ten hens;
Only few men avoid Brown
Or would Brown confront and frown,
While I know that hens' cackles
Sound much like serious tackles.