Love Poems About Worm or Worm Love Poems
by Kim Merryman |
Categories: bird, spring,

I Am a Robin

On the wing in the dawning light, Spring's new growth comes into sight. Flowers, berries, nuts and seeds, a smorgasbord to meet my needs. I am a robin in grey-brown attire, with my orange-red vest adding some fire. A harbinger of Spring am I, give ear to my joyous cry: Spring! Spring! Wonderful, marvelous, glorious Spring! Oh look! A fat juicy worm. Don't you just love how he wiggles and squirms? Gulp...down the hatch! Wow! What a treat! Now to my roost I must retreat. My mate and I must build a nest, a comfy home where our young can rest.
Robin means new growth 5/14/15 "Picture yourself as a bird"

by Jannie Breedt |
Categories: break up, divorce,

Glow Worm

Velcro ripped and soda fizz
Velvet crushed Moroccan night
Nocturnal buterflies those flickering fireflies
Our winking spies like circling satelites
Coming together , we fissures of light
Delicious refrain  we split like  pomegranite
Love spinning round the  sun and the planets
Mortally chiselled on tombstone of granite

Hark ! Who goes there this Luciferous night
Its only I with my faltering lantern
Dragging behind attached little light
Fallen firefly - slow creeping glow worm
Mid air flight hangs the hateful things we said
Farewell this, heres lookin' at you kid

by Shirley Candy |
Categories: beauty, butterfly, character, inspirational, metaphor, strength,

Steel Butterfly

A weak worm hatched
From an egg that is fragile
Trying to survive the world
Full of predators and guile

Romanticsm has been just an instrument
To be confined in the ego
And a faint serfage
On behalf of love upon herself

So she claims herself
No longer merely a companion
Metamorphosed as time goes by
A mild steel butterfly

by Melissa Wadkins Patterson |
Categories: confusion, lost love, love, me,

Oh Fisherman

I am in stupid love,
a fish out of water
caught by a slimy worm.

Hooked by hunger
and evidently truth,
but this bowl is far too real
to swallow.

My freedom was stolen
and he just laughs
as I swim around
in ridiculous circles,
searching for a knob-less door.

My voice gurgles as I ask him,
Oh simple-minded fisherman,
why'd you go and snag me like that
and what did you keep me for?

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: faith, life,

The Earth's Generations

We are but flesh and blood
  spawned from a putrid drop
our end to lie in the ground
  with the worm and maggot

Babes, dependent on mothers
  for nourishment and love
at the close of our days
  as helpless as newborns again

In the prime of our lives
  we satisfy our desires as we can
for the fulness of the bloom
  soon fades, the years swiftly pass
and age takes its toll in full measure

We rage at perceived injustice
  call for an end to iniquity
knowing too well the futility of reform
  the bloody terror of revolution...

The earth's generations come and go
  One truth they do know ~
When passion subsides, quiet faith emerges
  All else vanity and funeral dirges

by James Fraser |
Categories: funnybeach, love,

On a Whim, We Swim

Sitting by the beach one summers day
I turned to my girlfriend to say
Shall we go for a swim
It's cold not too grim
Splish splashing in love do we play

Two bodies now exit the cold blue
Only one of us appears to be true
Now shapely and pert
Her body so alert
My desire is now to pursue

To the beach towel she says on the turn
My love you've turned into a worm
The cold water has spoken
At least it's a token
When warmed I'm sure it will squirm

by Rasel Khan |
Categories: dream, imagination, love, poetry, romantic, sky, spiritual,

An Art By Heart

The moonbeams of the 
silver night
Flows and sweetly kisses the 
In the blue sky all-stars look 
so bright
I can't stop thinking you, oh 
my dearest.

The winds bring the soft 
aroma of the belly flower
I am standing as a lonely 
field near to my window
And see a couple of glow-
worm flying together
Ah! This every sweet thing 
carries me to you.

Suddenly in my thoughts at 
a sane island
Oh beloved! I see we both 
are so close
Sharing an eternal love by 
holding each other hand
From eyes to eyes, lips to 
lips, nose to nose.

There we are in spiritual 
love and a sacred pair
As in painting light and 
shade looks pretty together.

© Raselkhan

by Chris Bowen |
Categories: computer-internet

A Small Haiku Book

how do they know that
the grass is always greener
on the other side?

if my head wasnt
screwed on i would forget where
i put it myself

whats so hard about
eating a vegatable?
of course,the wheelchair

my mom always said
theres no use crying over
spilled milk but who knows?

the advice was this
the early bird gets the worm
thats an incentive?

turn the other cheek
if somebody strikes at you
and get hit there too!!!

if you love something
set it free,if it comes back
you look great naked

by James Foulk |
Categories: fantasy

Glow Worm In Love

Glow worm in,

          love with

Neon lamp.

Written 5-31-11

by Yoni Dvorkis |
Categories: introspection, life, lost love, loveme,

Restless God Killer

A restless peace came over me
someone is at fault
someone is to blame
who did this to me
who do i kill
to eat their organs
and make them part of me

A restless hate nestled deep within my heart
when the worm stirs i feel a pain
a sharp biting lust

A restless murderer lives inside my skull
he seems ok at first
but in truth he is mad
quite insane
and i will have no partaking of his false humility

Sleep little angel
breathe easy for you will return to Me soon
I am the Home you threw away
for a tired restless dream
from which there is no awaking

A rested love invites me in
My Father cannot be killed
no more can I

by Jan Delvaux. |
Categories: allegory, introspection, life, love, philosophy, sad

In Bruges: Red Brick and Windmills


The kids, their teacher, sprouts and dandelions
the aquarellist and a wet bicycle.
Sit on the worm bench as bytes on the mainframe
wiped pastel of a bright warmth with shades of red


as I look down I find more than wanted
for god sake, it’s the age throbbing you see  
and frailty, thy name is woman drifts in
been mine for too long in nobis chesterland


slender cobbled gothics and proud romanesques
the decorum of acolytes and bishop
blesses youthful virginity using gods 
eleventh finger prodding at my tongue

        Florence, Bruges and Ghent

old cities of Europe 
contrast with gadgets
life and hearts
break fast

by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: funny, nature, philosophy, seasons, time, life,


I wake for start of new day to find all nature stirring.
The bumble bee and humming bird around the feeder whirring.
The russet breasted robin has caught the early worm.
He'll feed it to his lady love before the final squirm.

Across the way the flower field is filled with willing workers.
Spring in my valley scurries on, it is no place for shirkers.
Not long ago I too was part of frantic interaction.
I watch with cup of coffee and a sigh of satisfaction.

I've served my time, no need to rise to annoying alarm.
Without me spring will carry on, I've rented out the farm.
The days whern I met life head-on is part of history.
In my newly welcomed leisure I let life come to me.

by Charles Henderson |
Categories: people, old, love, old,

The Country In Me--Redux

Muscadine grape vine
entwine...smell of bovine
forest edge
briars growing down the line.

I love the country
The country loves me
I’m as rock solid planted 
As my hundred year old tree

Watermelon field
hi yield...Alpaca deal
stocked lakes
the red barn I want to build

I love the country 
The country loves me
I’m as rock solid planted 
As my hundred year old tree.

Catalpa worm tree free
rain drops
I love the country in me.

June 17, 2012

by Leila Anka |
Categories: care, , cute,


I would like the cats
They had cute and innocent faces.
Until to see in its mouth a bird.
I disclaimed...

Later, I began to love
the birds...
They should be more innocent.
One time I believed that.

Until to see in its mouth a worm.
Later I disclaimed.

And One day
On the way
Again While I thinking these,
I crashed an insect,
with out seeing.
In last minute  I saw it.
but it was late.

We have damage
to somethings 
knowingly or unknowingly.
To think; is it paradise or hell?
Or two both.
I decided finally,
The best, not to think a lot.

by Serge Lyrewing |
Categories: emotions, feelings, jealousy, longing,

There Is No Love, But Jealousy Is Crying

There is no love, but jealousy is crying
In coldest heart as tempest as the storm
I need no answer in the daily lying
The sympathy will pass and graving worm
is biting past, that use to be forgotten
There’s no disturbance and the soul is still
The time is running apathy’s begotten
to take illusions with as I can feel.
The lust will leave it’s silent it’s like beggar
And Lyre will fall on ground it’s tired so
There is no love it’s cruel I’ve washed its make-up
And I am jealous for your sake in row.

by Anil Deo |
Categories: anti bullying, christian, christmas, community, confusion, jesus,

Community - Sad Developments

A worm in the wombs of creativity
Lady Poet "silenced" in a Writers' Community
Jeremiah warned our "wicked" hearts defy good intention 
Why point to CHRISTmas? The investment at Crucifixion?

NOTE: One writer wrote, "The heart is the mother of all abominations." Thomas BOSTON. Yes, he was a British theologian but while the heart is also capable of love, consider the thin line between love and lust, marriages & abuses, Nationalism & Nazism, pride and possessiveness, Eros & Pornea. More after Christmas, not now. Shalom, shalom (Please pray or meditate on creating positive vibrations)

by Heydon Bunting |
Categories: adventure, art, food, happiness, health, inspirational, introspection, life, love, mother, nature, on work and working, passion, peace, philosophy, song-space, time, uplifting, visionarylonging, longing, love, sleep,

Trees and Dirt

Trees and dirt I sleep on the earth, the dust the sand, longing to birth.
Oil on skin, bare, 
sweat on your back, 
feels amazing.
Yes! Im back on track.
Sleeping cosy as a worm, 
unencumbered by any material possession or fixed term.
Free to explore, a magical universe, 
I must implore.
No home, no chores, no bills to pay. 
Just water, food gathered and warmth today.
A dusty cave, cute as a button, no slamming door, 
just love in your belly, to the very core.
I love this realm, 
just need more time, 
time to explore.
Trees and dirt  I sleep on the earth, the dust, the sand, longing to birth.
And return once again to mother earth.

by Anna Li |
Categories: feelings, heart, heartbreak, love, romance, rose, sad love,

Bleeding Rose

Scatters of petals with a metallic scent
Warped into the fresh dried vermilion of raze
Distressing thorns pierced a menacing dent
The disturbance of a worm was brought to erase

The very so loathsome fate that she despise
Lured in pounding agony and heart attacks
Reality or nightmares, her pumping veins lie
Dreaming or craving, her throbbing heart cracks

Dripping blood and leaking tears
Her bias bloom has yet to be sought
Never has she found a rose so bitterly endear
Not a return of attentiveness was ever brought

by Patrick K. Atsu |
Categories: bereavement, break up, death, emotions, i miss you, love hurts, memory,

The Bleeding Heart

Serenity blushes the shadows mild
And blow soft wind like "pepi"
As your dent romances me with pains
That worm over my body like death

Erecting my emotions like breath
As disappointments walk me through this journey of solitary
With my prints clapping in the sands
Hiding my fears in clouds of tears

As if there were no you tomorrow
Here the scorching sun shivers
Sharing her cries over my head
To console this bereft heart

That bleeds in tons of memories
With skips of pages one after the other
To silent the sweet tastes
That last but for a while

It is this bleeding heart

©Patrick K. Atsu 2015

by Casarah Nance |
Categories: funny, words,


Words can hurt and taste like dirt,
but I'm a worm in a polka dot shirt. 

Words can be muddy, dirty to feel,
but I swim right by like an electric eel.

Words can be ugly and hard as stone,
but I end them like an unwanted call on my phone.

Words can pierce like daggers and blades,
but I bury them in my garden with rakes and spades.

Words can be pretty when given the sun,
and I mold them like playdough because it's fun.

Words can be whatever the letter sounds say
and the words I love the most are ones that play.

by Charles Henderson |
Categories: devotionold, love, old,

I Love the Country In Me

Muscadine grape vine
entwine...smell of bovine
forest edge
briars growing down the line.

I love the country
The country loves me
I’m as rock solid planted 
As my hundred year old tree

Watermelon field
hi yield...Alpaca deal
stocked lakes
the red barn I want to build

I love the country 
The country loves me
I’m as rock solid planted 
As my hundred year old tree.

Catalpa worm tree free
rain drops
I love the country in me.

©   Mar 19 2010      Charles Henderson

by Nigel Fox |
Categories: life


By touching we feel, no real need to show
 Let us sense our favourite thing
 Dreaming sleeping a wish an awake so slow
 Friends we keep close but why not a foe    
 God a pleasure, but still another king
 Learn through life avoid trouble and woe

 Shadows cast long and dark but avoid holy Joe 
 Be not like a worm the earth to cling
 Love life, go overcome like a fresh wind to blow

There is a true life’s poetry as some do know
Lives turning around climbing an upswing 
Grasping, releasing, knowing when to let go

All this thinking but what about the status quo
Going perhaps like an old wedding ring 
Gentle a feeling a releasing a touch there a forego

by Jeff Green |
Categories: love, nature, seasonsrain, spring, summer, love, rain, spring, summer, sun,

Summer's Coming

Some days the Spring is cold and grey
And drizzling rain is no surprise.
It seems that nature's lost her way
But soon the Summer sun must rise.
        While rain washed blooms can find no bees
        A worm is still a blackbird's prize.
        The sparrows fuss and skulk in trees
        But soon the Summer sun must rise.
And what of you my nature's child,
Will I find love inside your eyes?
I love to watch you running wild
But soon the Summer sun must rise.
        Some days the Spring is cold and grey
        But soon the Summer sun must rise.

by Innocent Fungurani |
Categories: love, mother, mystery, sad,

Blind Goddes

child fed on the sap of rotting wounds
body, bones clad in thin black skin
opaque eyes,pearly beads on
dead nearve-string.
mind maddened by hunger 
bursts pearly fish-eyeballs
into floods of stale tears,
as worm-infersted faty thighs
squeek funeral song.
lulaby for another sick featus.

by Izzy Gumbo |
Categories: faith, love


temptation falls
silent along walls
and inside a soul
vibration grows
a galactic tone…
catilac apples
blushing skin
mm worm sign!
“Lito…my duck”
I won’t sleep again
dreaming about
steaming eyes
I’m still not wise
about you…

”...take a bite…”
he said.

”... an apple a day
keeps me…”