Love Poems About Wolverine or Wolverine Love Poems
by Brenda Atry |
Categories: funny, introspection, life, december,

Oh Wolverine

 December 12.2012

The scales are balanced, great joys ,vast heartache, deep rooted love.

Age withered appetite ,no food, nor travel desired, memories rekindle want ,but not drive.

A weekend with Hugh Jackman can surely re whet my palate, oh wolverine on high!

Brenda Atry December , 2012

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 8th grade, 9th grade, candy, fun, halloween, imagery, scary,

Without Being Mean

Dressing up as a ghoul or fairy queen, children love to pretend on Halloween. And trick-or-treat is all part of the scene, as are witches, monsters, and the unclean. You get to go somewhere you've never been, neither heaven nor hell, but in-between. Be a cyborg, part human, part machine, or a vile villain of the silver screen. Stocked by a werewolf or a wolverine, the perils of this night are unforeseen. But, keeping all of the candy you glean appeals to the adventurous preteen. Have all the fun you want; just keep it clean, you can be scary; without being mean. (Sonnet/Monorhyme) 10/17/2021