Love Poems About Wildebeest or Wildebeest Love Poems
by Matt Caliri |
Categories: nature,

New Frontiers

Everyday another moment wakes me.
My love hunts like a wildebeest around rusty corners
Craving lost memories.
I am the coward and the hero.
You are the wizard and the one and only angel.
We will traverse this corrugated truth,
Gliding upon our own wits,
Feeling our elbows milk into singularity.
And all this on the same day flowers 
Uproot themselves
And go door-to-door

And then my wife comes in.
We talk and laugh and whatnot in tired waves.
And I re-read everything before she entered my soul
And it’s all rubbish.
I never went on that frontier.

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: nature,

Wildebeest Love Sex

So wildebeest must have a lot of time on their hoofs If you've seen a herd, you'll know they've found the nook They surely enjoy sex Females always say yes Male asks “gnu”? And the task is undertook!