Love Poems About Weasel or Weasel Love Poems
by Ross Thompson |
Categories: angst, death, faith, fear, hope, life, loss, lost love, love, passion, sad, me,

Too Bare, To Bare

Too long, to long for that which I once had.
Undoing the melody,
that played on my heart strings.
Skinning the weasel 
that would eat innocence.

Too empty, to empty myself here and now.
Body beaten,
mind unwound, 
heart underground.
Stealing joy:
the occupation of fallen one.

Too bare, to bare fragile soul in this state.
the day I awoke
to see that nothing is mine.
Skiving from love
that left me burning.

Too sorry, to sorry the pain into dark corners.
Lion and snake
take turns to occupy
my gaze and soul.
Leaving me mixed-up and confounded.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade,

He Is Whatever He Wants To Be

A gnome met a weasel and fell in love
They created a child from stuff they found above
In high closet shelves and in branches of trees
Their child was a cute combo, a hybrid with good knees

Is he steampunk? Asked a rude neighbor Blanche.
He’s whatever he wants to be said his cousin Ranch.
All because a gnome met a weasel and fell in love.
Showing their child how to rise high and above.

by Brooks Lewis Iii |
Categories: adventure, animal, celebration, character, christmas, poetry, word play,

Rowdy Animals

"Merry Christmas to all", says Sam the Stork
As he parties with some friends
They are laughing and joking merrily 
As they boogey til the end
Leo the Lion is letting his mane loose
And of course things aren't complete without good ol Mother Goose
Frank the Fox and Stewie the Snake
Join Willy the Weasel with an intent to take
Harry the Hippo just wants to grub
While Susan the Swan just wants some love
Different animals all around just trying to get smitten
Deangelo the Dog is dancing with Krissa the Kitten
Everybody just wants to have a good time
Let tomorrow be tomorrow but today lets be fine

Party Folk 
Julia Ward

by Charles Grisham |
Categories: angst, teen, me,

Soft Brown Eyes

If I steal the one you love
And enjoyed every second I'm with her
And you're not
Would you call me a monster?
In some cases i don't know what to do
In most I can weasel in a safe way out
Soft brown eyes don't let me down
I may never get back up

by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: confusion, depression, sad,

Minus the Sting



Crush me in your joking ways Not even a glance to make it okay Weasel your way into my mind Where the heart is tangled in your pride I seek the light that caresses your hair I seek you alone but you are never there Whenever I am by myself in this darkened place I think of the words you have said—I see your face And every night there is an aching in my soul A feeling you will certainly never know Being everything I can, I try to help you see That I would do anything For your love—minus the sting For your love Minus the sting Minus the sting

by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Dream Did Find In Field

dream did find in field
to us always had appealed
with much love was sealed

we had been balking
reach point where there is talking
for friend stalking

life was imperil
when we sang christmas carol
screech sounded sterile

issue was skirting
when my back had been hurting
which i was blurting

his name was Cecil
who we heard was a weasel
art work on easel