Love Poems About Wasp or Wasp Love Poems
by Andrea Dietrich |
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I Dreamed a Butterfly

I dreamed a butterfly in golden days when buttercups lay in the fields ablaze. It fluttered to my cheek, sweet love to bring. My heart was wont to burst and wont to sing. In breath of morn was scent of bluebell sprays. On blossomed blankets of the fields we’d laze, and into one another’s eyes we’d gaze, my love and I, as April had her fling. I dreamed a butterfly. Our bliss was as the spring, a fleeting phase, and brief’s the beauty of young lovers’ craze. As cruelly as a wasp, he left a sting - and all the lovely plans we made took wing, leaving mere memories of golden days. I dreamed a butterfly. 2/21/13

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Running Out of Ideas Is Impossible

Running out of ideas?
That is impossible if you have a:
TV set
toilet paper
drum set
spiders web
grand child
space aliens

by Caren Krutsinger |
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The Angry Wasp

He was an angry wasp, zooming around the kindergarten classroom.
Stinging other children with hits, smacks, pops and bites.
They were terrified of him within the first hour or so.
The teacher was losing her cool, her anger was showing on her face now.

Even the kindergarteners who had not been stung did not care for him.
They did not like watching him hurt others, and they saw the teacher’s face.
She hated him, so they would hate him too. 
It was what he wanted. He liked the validation.

It proved that his parents were right.
He was unlovable.

by Viviane Leite |
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Love sometimes remains 
Like a fierce pain in a limb
 Severed long ago

Published in the 2012 - Spring Issue of " Paper Wasp"- An Australian journal of Haiku.

by Neelam Dadhwal |
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If I could be butterfly
of your garden,
you will find my love
in the flowers
lavender, pansy, phlox, calendula
the little grass beneath
the ants with big seeds
in the shadow of the fallen petals
dreams of a wasp
the gurgling drops
staying late till noon
and sometimes in late mist
breaking my another cocoon
pricked along with the laughter
of the colors, the fragrance
my nature being a butterfly,
I will flutter around you.

by Susan Ashley |
Categories: heartbreak, lost love,

Tangerine Time Rewind

Rewind tender time, lost love on my mind,
Reverie - honeyed heart now bittersweet.
Tears etch love story’s want to be re-lined,
Melancholy's grayish-blues stain heartbeat.

My folly foolish forced your love away,
Soul music's woe pulses rued ruby room,
Flame and sorrow dance red-yellow ballet,
Kiss, blown-wistful to find you o'er the moon.

Echos; your voice sweet plucks hapless heartstrings,
Memories mourned vibrates vain violin.
Déjà vu moments’ medley’s bliss; wasp stings,
Penance.., tangerine time rewind again...

Susan Ashley 
September 1, 2017

by Sunil Algama |
Categories: allegory,

The Law of Nature

The law of nature

What a beautiful flower
A wasp runs freely
Jumps at once
Into the lap of a beautiful flower

The flower welcomes the wasp, gratefully
She blossoms lovingly and offers sweet honey in honor of love
No other flower in the vicinity exhibit jealous face
No other adult tree insults the loving action

They always feel the freedom of mind
Never do any injustice or dirt
Each flower enjoys the life
This is because they live according to nature

The life period of a flower has been just a day
Flowers and even the wasps know the fate
No additional load they take in minds
Because of the reason they obey the natural law

Sunil Algama

by Lisa Smith |
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From This Sweet and Bitter Pain, Springs Poetic Life

From This Sweet and Bitter Pain, Springs Poetic Life

From This Sweet and Bitter Pain, Springs Poetic Life,
Forever Spiraling In Erotic and Eternal Chaos.
Hotly Contesting All of Life's Graphic Strife,
Lustfully Desiring the Very Best and Worst of Us.

From This Love Springs Immortal Pain,
Wanting For Death's Bold and Merciful Grasp.
Ravenous and Hungry For This Love and Lust In Vain,
Like The Deadly Spider to The Lorned Wasp.
From This Sweet and Bitter Pain, Springs Poetic Life,
Breathing Into My Dead Soul A Burst of Brief and Shallow Breath. 
Carrys Me Forward Through The Sharpness of This Mortal Knife,
Praying For A Lover's Most Merciful and Delicious Death.

by Noyan Dhauga |
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The Wasp and the Electric Light

The Wasp and the Electric Light

He has eyes only for her
Who said love is blind??
Her glow draws him closer
For shes playing on his mind

His life revolves around her 
He's waiting for an end
He doesn't mind murder
Unless his lover's will bends

He's spiraling, closer still
In an attempt to break his lovers will
And finally the little wasp
Is in the electric lights grasp

Before he learns to love
He must learn to die
Its like his woolen glove
Touching the electric light

by Adejumoke Adewuyi |
Categories: birthday, flower, friend,

The Flowers' Ally

Alamandas are green,
Violets are purple,
Holly-hocks are pink,
Mari-golds are yellow,
Sun flowers,yellow too,
all in beautiful colours of nature.
There goes the wasp out to suck up the nectar.
The caterpillar clench on beneath,in its cocoon,
in a bid to mature.
Ranging hovering flies perch on to suck up juice.
The social insects, termites eat up the stems as lunch.
Sly fox walk by with its razor sharp teeth,
bite out the petals.
Billy goat bleats for joy seeing the mari-golds,
as its dinner is sure.
And the badly labelled of all creatures,man,
in awe at the sight of the sumptuous red rose.
He uproots but tends in a garden.
He plucks but dishes out as a show of love.

by Jerry Bush |
Categories: betrayal,

Sometimes a Snapdragon

sometimes a snapdragon
breaks the neck of necessity,
crushes the head of instinct.

the cheese in the trap,
the bait on the hook.

the proof in the poison,
love like antifreeze.

hearts snapped in bear traps,
hope singed by blue light.

cupid is an angry wasp
seeking those with allergies.

beware of vibrations in loud voices,
hollow logs and impulsive choices.
stay clear of fields of flowers,
dark quiet eaves and empty hours.

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Bountiful Bee Hive Betty

Bountiful Bee Hive Betty has her hive all ready.
There is honey to be made, all sweet and steady.
Buzzing around for attention is her beau, Wasp Eddie.
He is totally in love with the beautiful Bee Hive Betty.

Go away now, she tells him. The queen is near.
I will get back to you later, when it is convenient, Dear.
Wild Wasp Eddie gets on his motorcycle and zooms away.
Impatient beyond belief but returns the very next day.

by Christuraj Alex |
Categories: creation, nature,

Wasp Dear

Seldom do we think about you,
Wasp, dear, though you're God's creature too;
Might be owing your severe sting,
And, then, your flash-like sudden fling;
We add to our aversion, strong,
Who does, hence, dare to hear your song...?

Laborers, like honey-bees, smart,
Queen seated at the cool comb-heart;
All in familial love-bond,
None from the other does abscond;
Your colony is a wonder,
None could enter there to plunder...!

Symbol of rising above plights,
Reaching all limitless of heights;
Aiming at fresh evolution,
Declining from involution;
You have morals to teach creatures,
With your fashionable features...!

30 June 2022

by David Smalling |
Categories: mystery, longing,

There Is No You Now

There is no you now
For your words tell me so
There's no broken vow
Just your longing to go
From the beginning 
It was so again
Love without ending
Love so full of pain
And I, is there rights
To my feelings now
Can I skip your spites
And say another vow?
In the void of spring
Summer comes burning
Love and everything
Except wasp and wing.

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: allegory,

Sad Love Story

Once she was wild
Lively wild child

Beyond mere grasp
Fierce as a wasp

She met a man
Around the bend

Love struck a cord
New cluster hoards

Man of her dreams
Brought teary streams

Wild child no more
A new life spores

Then there were three
Fruit on a tree

But happy died
As brief time pied

So lost was she
Gone with mad spree

No much more known
Of sad tale blown

Leon Enriquez
29 July 2018