Love Poems About Vulture or Vulture Love Poems
by George Christos |
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I Love Nature

I love the plants, bushes and trees
And the birds, animals and bees
I love the hills, rivers and creeks
And the ocean, beach, and mountain peaks
I love the fish, sharks and sheep
And to just watch a grasshopper leap
I love the insects, spiders, and other bugs
And even the ants, wasps and slugs

I feel peace and love in nature
But man looms the biggest danger.
With mining, farming and agriculture
He circles around like a vulture.

by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: conflict, courage, love,

Holding My Breath


(As Secretary of State John Kerry and the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrof are talking…)

Hate is circling like a starving vulture over the heads of the innocent 
Waiting for war to unleash its accumulated wrath of destruction 
Providing thus unlimited supply of provisions for warmongers to devour 
While love, frightened, has taken cover fearing to express her concern with a ROAR!   

© Demetrios Trifiatis
12  SEPTEMBER 2013

by Christopher Delorenzo |
Categories: betrayal, break up, dark, lost love, soulmate,

Sense Perception

Connection by vision
although I did not see
... the torment,
which seems like eternity.

Satisfied by scent
although I could not smell
... the vulture,
that so defines your culture.

Pleased by taste
although I could not tell
... the contagion,
from your kiss i'm containing.

Death by touch
although I did not feel
... the deception,
that comes from my sense perception.

by Bishop Ezeh |
Categories: life, love,

Oh Naija

Tired, weary eyes
Seen enough to rest forever
Time yet short spent
Longer bleak years yet to face
Do loaded ears hear?  

So, float in ecstasy, Eldorado
Hard long labor of the past punish
Reality of failed plans torment
Roads known from old vanished  
How will the song be sung?

The vulture has berthed 
Copious carcasses waiting to be carted 
Shells emptied and drained
Served on Nigerian high rock
Did you ask the legs to run?

Acumen and sanity served for desert
Whereas the ancestors and I bestowed the ‘Offor’
Authority to lead, serve and control
The mace now breaks the people’s skulls
Where will I find the hat to think?

Land of Utopia!

by Joseph Matose |



Hawk up the clouds on a close watch
Vermin that stirs to swoop and catch!
Foraging for carrion is also its culture
The soaring, scouring hungry vulture!

So is He who dwells High and Above
Watchful always with an eye of Love
To see what stirs in Pain or in throe
Wounds to sooth and redirect its toe!

07th Oct’ 2013

by Sayeed Abubakar |
Categories: dream,


I dream a scene of a baby falling asleep
having sucked a pair of breasts resembling
two pomegranates weighing ten kgs;
I desire a blue sky unadulterated
by vulture-like coquettishly killing planes;
and, o my Love, I bear the inborn greed to stare at you
in the open corridor of life by sitting thousand years together.

by Magnus Nwagu Amudi Esq |
Categories: art, confusion, love, mother, nature,

To Be Loved

Like an eagle in butcher’s corners
Some have embraced it like sands
They are the chicks of hen mothers
Protected from the hard craws of hard beaked birds

Though all in the spherical are
Most from milk teeth are thy denied.
Hovering from every tom & harie
Looking like a raining season vulture

That petched on dry wood.
With feathers like an avian infulexa bird.
 Aching of heart at moon time is thy mood.
With oceans flowing through their lids.

To be loved thy are privilege
Enjoy by the class of privilege.

by Mest Kiphen |
Categories: dark, romance, woman,

Lucy Fur

A sultry thief of desperate souls, 
A devilish harlot in disguise. 
Hoarder of damaged and broken hearts, 
Picking up remnants of loves demise. 

Across a flawless, unblemished face, 
Lips curl, a wry smile begins to form. 
A vulture of the vulnerable, 
A red rose with invisible thorns. 

Eerie elegies luring innocent souls, 
A siren's laughter invokes madness. 
Chaos descends upon the willing, 
Naive hearts crumble under duress. 

As the revealing sun shines brightly, 
Clear light helps true intentions unfold, 
Evil lies underneath the white veil, 
Tragic stories of love left untold.

by Mari Bond |
Categories: love,


I 'm like a vulture ,
Poems drink souls.
I am, like a cold tower,
In which, Peacefully
You'll smother the cold.

by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: fear, hate, love, war,

Fear of Nuclear War

Hate is circling like a starving vulture over the heads of the innocent 

Waiting for the war to unleash its accumulated wrath of destruction 

Providing death with an unlimited supply of provisions to devour 

While love has taken cover fearing to express her concern with a ROAR!   

© Demetrios Trifiatis
   27 October 2022

by Hanson William |
Categories: romantic, sweet, words,


My heart is ageing
I can see the wrinkles forming
Through its face as winds of love blow
Down the steep valley i bellow

Up the hill the echoes from below are heard
Wondering what turned it so hard
Could it be the past that was?
Or a time well wasted in wars

Still I am as patient as a vulture
Not deep in this love culture
But deep in the volumes of space
Lies a life that crawls at its own pace.

by Krissy Ward |
Categories: lost love, love, sad, me, me, drug,

Breaking Away

Freedom from your smothering love
Is all I want from you.
It's been over for a long time,
There's nothing you can do.
I know you're waiting like a vulture
To sweep my carcass away,
Drag me off to Hell again
Never to see the light of day.
Once, I loved you, 
But we've run out of time.
You tore apart my entire world
With your drugs, abuse, and crime.
I sincerely apologize 
For being so heartless and cold,
But you are too heavy a burden
And you make me feel so old.
I bid you farewell 
After all these years.
Move on with your life,
Don't mock me with your tears.

by Earl Schumacker |
Categories: betrayal, bird, corruption, food, political, words,

The Etiquette of Equity

The buzzard now puzzles the carcass on the road
Holding the Divine Discernment for life in beak
Is that a Christian or black brother in distress 
It sure looks tasty on the barren desert menu

Equality and equity are good for the digestion
Spiced with barbarian flies over the deceased

What circles up above is true love
Vulture and Buzzard are just words
Added to your lexicon for the feast

Never speak with your mouth full
It is impolite in the equity of eating
Please pass another equal amendment
It appears to be another mandate out of reach

by Mimi Bordeaux |
Categories: addiction, angst, animal, beautiful, blessing, blue,


One two to five six done twelve dexies by midnight I am flying like a vulture combing land over Atlantic seas I see your great head stuck in the pillow face covered by feathers how I love your hair sticking out dreadies no comb put through it in months put pen to paper let the good times roll now I am really vibing got the dexies working ‘til after twelve midday yeah awake wide eyed child of your friend’s house we’re covered til winter summer close by we will go swimming in LA sands beachfront bulk great hilltop.
It’s time to drive to New Orleans tonight let’s get pilled and hit the booze joints with some cool jazz playing I’m a coming!

by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: hate, love, peace, war,

Praying For Peace


Is circling like a starving vulture over the hearts of the innocent


For the war to unleash its accumulated wrath of destruction

Providing thus

An unlimited supply of provisions for warmongers to devour,

While love,

Frightened, has taken cover,

Fearing to express her concern for peace with a


© Demetrios Trifiatis
       02 July 2021

by Joe Dimino |
Categories: cute, desire, emotions, good morning, love, passion, relationship,


My love awakens me
with playful purrs,
with kitty licks 
and padded paws -- 

we are never far
from our primitives, 

to know the world by
touch, and God through 
tactile mystery, replicating
senses till soaring -- 

Oh, one can philosophize
and theologize!
or one can cling to the
moment~ lips diving,
arms like vulture wings
enfolding, love’s cooing
triggering a salivating, primal 
response – Coffee can wait!

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: growth, love, peace, war, world,

Vultures and Doves

   Prices rise, incomes fall
     Terrorism reigns, nuclear pall
   Health care declines, rich people dine
     War everywhere, machine guns whine 

   What happened to ‘peace and love’
     When did the vulture devour the dove
   Where did ‘post-20th century’ go
     ~ but human nature never grows