Love Poems About Volleyball or Volleyball Love Poems
by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: growing up,



It was a dance
Like any other
Half the girls
Danced with their brothers
I stood there against the wall
Tossing up a volleyball
I leaned on the coke machine
Then I saw him smart and lean
Smiled at me--I felt the dart
When he walked across the room
Winter snow had magic bloom
Blushes crept along my face
As he neared my shadowy place
Then he turned abruptly right
His love object—Diet Sprite.

by Mary Steffen |
Categories: volleyball,


Wish that I
Am your friend

I don't know
What went wrong
Find the way

Be your friend
Want to tell

I love you
To come home
Give a chance

People dance
Love and joy
Throughout live

Is my wish
Be your friend
In new world

by Dan Cwiak |
Categories: childhood, love, memory, remember,


Days of our youth are long since gone
 Yet some things take us back.
  Memories impressed forever...
   On our mind's Silent Track,

    The Lake, the Sand, the Pier so old
      The Shore next to the Water so blue.
        Remembering the Badminton and Volleyball Games...
         And who tried to outscore who.

The Tavern where we sometimes ate
 In our festive Summer Shorts.
  Walking down the Road at night...
   Using only the Beam of an old Flashlight.

     Those days of our youth were filled with fun
      With our Parents' Love and ceaseless Rhyme.
       Though we are no longer Young...
        We fondly remember - OUR SALEM TIME.

by Andria Breen |
Categories: faithgod, god,

Never Doubt

I breathe in , I breathe out
Knowing now what it’s all about.
I finally found the love in my life I lost
Never realizing just how high was the cost.
I look at the broken road I took myself down
While the tears stream but don’t make a sound.
He offers me His hand, but I’m scared to reach out
Wanting my own way for His way I doubt.
Thinking that this way is better
But in our volleyball game, God is our setter.
He sets up our opportunities and trials we face
But our decisions should always be God-based.
So knowing all this wouldn’t you say
That we should always trust God all the way?

by Abed Anthony |
Categories: me,


father, brother, friend, counselor
Brother of late Gabriel, Mary, Pokedia, Salome and Elizabeth
Lover of poetry, Volleyball, and basketball
Who feels love, pain and sympathy
Who fears disappointment, disagreement and hate
Who would like to see Athens, Brazil and Palestine
Resident of Mwanza, Tanzania

by Jeff Connelly |
Categories: muse,

biblically 6

so sayest this sixth
is not the life of the
party nor Christ or
Brian but mine  me

i've never spiked
a drink or volleyball
and haven't been

below the equater
belt if you know
what i mean but
not to try to please

a crowd but
just you and
me i'd love to
turn all water

into wine
a 2015 

i could drink
from my toilet
and pee on
the lawn