Love Poems About Vogon or Vogon Love Poems
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Vogon Love

sniggle snarp to the i flee
frumple fram to me and ye

hearts a croom and eyes a breen
word from mouthy to me queen

by Elizabeth Antwi |
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I love myself, 
I know myself, 
I acknowledge myself, 
I accept myself, 
I am myself. 

Myself, myself, myself.
I do love you : myself.
Always always myself.

by scott thirtyseven |
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Vogon poem

Vogon Love Poem attempt NO. 1

I lay here alpaisd
my ugataala resting on your terangela
held captive
by your radiant pherisloosums
listening to you kyrroud rhythmical snrootum
dmyeluc of loocatagle
if only I had some of the blankets

by ayanda mabaso |
Categories: first love,


love is based on love you do not need to bag someone to love you can start by loving your self.                       love,love ,love. the os no meaning of love is  known in all diferent ways love is expresed in diferant forms .                          family is one  of the  important people you may can not live your life without family beeng a part of it .                     no one can teach you how to love you just have to find it your self.

by barun lama |
Categories: care, caregiving, dream, february, feelings, for her, girl,

Over Mine

You hold my hand
Fingers crossed over mine

Told me that we will be fine
Fingers crossed over mine

Smiled and kissed me on my head
Fingers crossed over mine

Gave me a feeling very warm
Arms crossed over mine

Kept your head on my shoulder
Arms crossed over mine

Gave your love wonderful and kind
Tears drop over mine

Hold your breath and so will i
Tears drop over mine

Setting sun will rise
Your shoulder over mine

Kissed me every moment and every time
Your lips over mine
Your lips over mine.

by Thomas Harrison |
Categories: freedom, friendship love, fun,

Relationship Scrabble

The letters of our language are unique and our own,
creating spellings unheard of and vocabulary unknown.

You send ‘imagidink’ through my ‘soigroundcrete’
and I ‘appberryana’ across your ‘voictalspeak’.
You place ‘forgemory’ below my ‘swimketball’,
I ‘sofchailow’ above ‘phorincall’.

Our gaming squares merge ‘upsangety’ for emotions new,
and ‘chopicany’ for debates and points of view.
They introduce ‘bagovel’ about reading and ‘shapeasel’ about art,
meld ‘caplarry’ to plan travel and use ‘freshinning’ for a new start.

Our words are a vernacular to trump any triple word score,
not confined to a board but free to ‘leviflysoar’.

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: adventure, anxiety, space, travel,


O' weary a traveler am I, reign Grudge bugging Li catapulting again Meteor hritik traveling zrrr insane Absurd Milky Way pothole vrrr mundane Luteroberg mosiktoe growl zrrr complain Impaired space flights gravitate love vlane Galactic room slate mates deranged vrr plains Visits vor vat gobbles on try Titian v o b o g o i z e d disbane Verver vis v o g o n i z e d rain
4/27/20 Written words by James Edward Lee Sr 2020

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
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""Failure to communicate yo-zzz-zzzzzzz buzz yzz yzz vzzz Brzyyyy is beautiful yzz yor yo-xxxzzz yzzz yzz Comments communication gaps vzzz Yo--zzzzzz yzzz yzzz mention melting contaminants vzzz Verb second predicate predictor vzzz yoney your yony yor Victorious earthen than victims vzzz Voy voy vessel vov vo vzzz yzz yzz visited victim vozz vyyley vzzz V-ZZZZZZ speaks the Voganians"" 3/10/20 Written words by James Edward Lee Sr 2020