Love Poems About Viper or Viper Love Poems
by Victor Buhagiar |
Categories: death, lost love,

Lost In the Desert

Sand dunes, nothing but sand dunes,
Some large, some small.
And the sun burning over the terrain.
No oasis, not even a mirage of one.
The last drop would not quench the thirst
He felt it in his soul.  For now 
She was dead and buried
And his soul was barren like the desert.
He would die, lost among the dunes
With no water for survival.
Fool.  He could make it.
He was like an eagle.
Searching to drink water.
Yet he was no eagle and soon fell
Sand clinging to his face covered with sweat.
Opening his eyes he saw the viper.
All would be lost now.
A swish as a hawk picked the viper away.
He fainted and opened his eyes in a tent.
He was safe except for his silent sad soul.

by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: abuse, dark, love hurts,

The Viper

As a coiled viper strikes
without reason,
unleashing its intense venom
to its unsuspecting prey—
Shock becomes entwined 
with pain in waves of desperation.
The viper, 
apathetic because of its very nature,
seeks only to serve its own needs
as victims lay waste in the wake of its trails.
You, my darling, are a viper!

by Morose Man |
Categories: beautiful, love, romance, sad love,

Number 4

“Moron”, O I speak thoughts of days have passed
How reckless was I, foolish words ran wild
O flee fast time, let the memories stay last
O Fate through looking mirrors pendent vile
That sneering viper, distorted visage
Dare lay its eggs in the presence of grace
Made barren these chambers, bleak and lifeless 
“Idiot”, sounds resonant, brought and fazed 
“These loving eyes,” she then speaks, “Dare they glance
At some-faulty-where, cast them on my lips
Follow their movements spare no passing chance
Hear these words and then forever instill:
I’ve granted you my life, my heart, my Love
Let not your Heart be vexed by those thoughts ‘bove”

by Jeremy Street |
Categories: angel, art, autumn, love,

Camel Calls, She Saw Hee Haw

....My *itch ?
Now, whether you believe
It or not ? Your *** is mine how ironic
Peter piper this ancient viper: playing it's hand
Spinning numbers in a foreign land ? Iconic super phonic 
Hypnotized mesmerized robotic time on a mission from prince pillar
Their cyber space thriller blowing out these candles is everybody, here ?
Rent the tent her species his flee shes kong's balls inside love's stall a donkey.

by Oliver Muchuma |
Categories: betrayal, depression, divorce, relationship, violence,


I chose to love you as you were awesome
but then your love, pure venom
loving you certified me insane
caused me migraine

you feigned innocence
in me, for you, deep reverence
my poem reminiscence
of the sequence of pain and violence
your love I renounce

you promised impossibility
but had no capability
realistic of this I  shared your enthusiasm
at dawn, eroticism
at dusk, pessimism

with time you installed the poison
this, I repeat, retrospection
lost nothing your desire-a satisfaction
the venom leaves me septic
my life hectic
secretly you quieted
your plans well suited
to make me welcome
my tomb

by Skyy Allen |
Categories: baptism, devotion, love,

Viper Kiss

Kissing with the lips of a viper
Making out with every pauper 
Trying to find what suits
What's proper
Licking my lips at the thought 
Of another delectable morsel
Leaving behind another fossil
Craving a man full of strength & character
Encountering weak & laughable jesters
Longing for the embrace of a strong man
Yearning for the lips of a true man
Who can lead me into temptation
And not turn me away
From the path of self-gratification.

by Jenisha Clarke |
Categories: dog,

My Dog

Viper my dog with light brown fur so pretty she is. Viper with a slim figure that when she walks she seems so carefree. I've never seen a dog like her  full of emotions and life with smiles in her eyes. I love my dog because she is bright when she meets me at the gate. There I see I'll miss you very much when you die.

by Anthony O. Mitchell Jr. |
Categories: happiness, love,

Love's Fools 2k11

Love likened strikes as quick as a viper; Therewith love's pulse billions grow more so fools. Love - accurate as a military sniper. There's fools of unthawed hearts; Than there's love's fools.

by Sabion Osore |
Categories: anger, art,



Hunger! Hunger! Hunger!
I s he quest that is danger!
Yes! Not all love that idle,
But is gnaws and erects for real.
You claim that perfection is not meal,
And clear is it like a living deal,
Quest can be a heel,
But we usually make out of it a hill,
Quest sucks your sense of humanity like vampire,
And leave you blame the fibers of the viper,
Quest makes us ditch, the humanity pitch.
Something we should embrace, like a lovely face.

by Goode Guy |
Categories: image, introspection,

What They Do

a painter wants to paint you
the chef will cook for you
a writer wants to write for you
a doctor wants to cure you

a performer will entertain you
the clergy wants to save you
a counselor will explain you
a politician wants to sway you

the traitor will ruin you
a pimp, to prostitute you
a sniper wants to shoot you
a bomber will explode you

adolescence will renounce you
a bouncer wants to bounce you
a lover wants to love you
a god, to be above you

scorpions will strike you
the viper wants to bite you
a jellyfish will sting you
a songbird will sing to you

that's what they know to do

© Goode Guy 2013-05-01

by Olusegun Arowolo |
Categories: life, love, engagement,

Double Cheater

Never will I fall flat again,
She stole my heart in a jiffy,
For I was blinded by her pain,
Not aware that all was~fizzy,
How can love be so mean and cruel?,
Though no engagement in verbal duel.

Viper on wicked dual mission,
My account was emptied swiftly,
coupled with my true emotion,
Gullible and fooled easily
I parted with my good treasure,
which is priceless and full of pleasure.

by Jett Franco |
Categories: love, drug,

Moonbeams of the Crescent

The finest snowy diamond glows in your desert eyes.
Makes my oasis dry, drugged me rugged and weak.
The viper in your widest smile makes my lunar light.
Shock my heart after a decade hiding in the darkness.

Angels sing their praises to the highest goddess.
The envy of others for making you my glorious art.
The masterpiece I want to let the space discover.
And mostly to create a statue of your sacred asset.

Within the mosque of Arabia I'll worship your glory.
I'll hold your portal of the brightest star in the infinite.
Protect the wonders of your sacred name and spirit.
The prettiest eyes, Moonbeams of the crescent.

by Alana Tye |
Categories: allegory,


His eyes were like glass
beautiful crystal marbles
hypnotizing the innocent prey
His voice was soft and caring
with the cruel intentions of 
squeezing their souls in two
His time had come to release
his venom upon the ones
that grew to love and trust him
He revealed his fangs and struck
numbing their hearts
and poisoning their minds
leaving them paralyzed
The viper now meets his doom
and becomes the victim
for the hawk watches from above

by Kay Caputi |
Categories: angst, lost love, social,

Viper of Intemperance

With a simultaneous gasp for air,
a trembling hand lifts the bottle.

Throat-burning venom snakes
its way across the tongue as
hot liquid arrows slither
toward their target;
a petrified pit waiting
to receive the coveted sting.

White-fanged memories
lie coiled, and ready to strike
until doused repeatedly
with liberal doses 
of fiery forgetfulness.

You rattle around
in my consciousness.
Whiskey takes you 
out of my mind.

by Jesse Jones |
Categories: imagination, introspection, life, loss, lost love, love, mystery, nature,

Untitled #75 / No Other Viper

There’s no other viper in the world like her
and when she bit me she slithered off
now I know I’ll have to let the venom run its course,
for her fangs are the only remedy.

by Krissy Ward |
Categories: loss, lost love, mystery, sad,

On Friends and Enemies

Time is our only enemy.
With time comes pain,
Words better left unsaid,
Bittersweet nights going insane.
Darkness is our only friend.
Darkness hides the angry tears,
Gives some semblance of tranquility,
But cannot hide my fears.
Are you my only enemy?
Are you the viper in my dreams?
Sometimes I wonder if your kiss
Is as innocent as it seems.
Are you my only friend?
I'm chilled to the core.
You're the only reason
I don't love anymore.