Love Poems About Turtle or Turtle Love Poems
by Dominic Mayes |
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Prison-Boy came home one day
To find his love had gone away.
When he asked "why" with tears in his 
eyes this is how his love replied:
"If you lived a decent life
I gladly would have been your wife,
but since you lived a life of crime
Prison-Boy go do your time!"
The next day Prison-Boy lay dead
In a letter this was said:
"Dig a hole and dig it deep.
Lay a rose upon my feet.
On my chest a turtle dove 
to show the world I died for love."
So to all you laddies keep in mind
a Prison-Boy is hard to find.
So if you find one love him true
because a will die for you.

by Mark Martin |
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Message in an acrostic contest

      A nickname for night soil, that's surely no lie
  Pair upwards to double, a straight multiply
   For music we're singing a simple duet
   Use binary coding for computers, no sweat
We're even the first that's not at all odd
  With religious duality, Satan and God
   The turtle doves given by Christmas day love
     To walk without hopping, our legs total of
 Twin oxygen atoms in water or ice
Line's second word - there's no need to say twice

Entry for "message in an acrostic" contest

Note: take first letter from second word in each line - and time is ticking

14th January 2017

by john fedele |
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A love story

She looked up at him and said,
I wish i could hear your voice.
He looked at her, with her face so red,
"I wish it were our choice".

He looks at her, so in love,
and signs the words "I love you"
there's no one else, to me that's above,
and for you, there's nothing i would not do. 

Gods plan was for you to not hear,
and that's ok my love,
you can still see and feel me, my dear,
let's fly away, like turtle dove.

There's nothing that will break our love,
he tries to tell her everyday,
he may have taken a sense from you,
but I am here to stay.

by Sara Kendrick |
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Romantic Ways To Say

We are surrounded by romance everyday
As the crickets serenade us with their play
The rushing water of the creek opens the door
To tunes our love hasn't heard before..

This romance that feeds our love 
When we observe the Turtle Doves
The Bluebirds that flirt and cavort
Romance abounds close to us

We dont' have to run about
Miles away to have fun and play
So glad that each day offers
Romantic ways for couples to say

I love you.......

by Tirzah Conway |
Categories: animals, funny

Turtle Soup

I love to slurp up turtle soup
It always makes me want to whoop

Soft-shelled turtle or red snapper
Cut up and stripped of their protective wrapper

Like a thick gravy with turtley parts,
Little beady eyes and turtley hearts;

Chopped up into turtle stew,
Come on people try something new.

~For P.D.'s Turtle Soup contest~

by John Gondolf |
Categories: longing, love,

Wrapped in Your Words

I hear your tender words of love 
      that echo in the winds, 
   and float on wings of turtle dove
         as loneliness rescinds.

Your words so gently hold my heart
      wrapped in a warm embrace,
   and visions that your thoughts impart
         will make my heartbeat race.

But words are tempting heart’s desire;
      my passions growing strong;
   please share with me, as needs require,
         the love for which I long.

Please hold me like you mean it now,
      for words do not have arms;
   please show the things words don’t allow,
         and share with me your charms.

December 17, 2018

by John Watt |
Categories: age, bird,

Little Dove

Dove, dove, little dove,
What do you see in me -
A smiling man who seeks out birds
For his society?

Dove, dove, little dove,
What do you see today?
Old man with scraps of nuts and bread
He could have thrown away.

Dove, dove, with baby dove,
How do you treat your young?
You feed them well, as I once did
And teach them songs you've sung.

Dove, dove, turtle dove
You coo, "where is your love?"
She's gone to soar on higher breeze,
My lovely turtle dove

Dove, dove, little dove
What do you see in me?
A smiling man who seeks out birds
For his society.

written 1 Aug 2020

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: cute love, kiss,


Simple, singular, shards of silver moonlight,
Fell magically over our shadowy bodies,out of sight.

Twas on that vibrant, virginal, bench, oh love,
My being so young, heard the angelic sound of turtle doves.

Oh, heavens, that with musical madness seem to fall.
On two sweet young lovers, who gave that very first kiss, their all.

                           May 20, 2020
                             7pm PST
                           Poem# 1284

by Daniel Turner |
Categories: depression,

My Depression

Some days I see the rain clouds coming in
Then pull my head beneath this turtle shell
The world outside takes on a fetid smell
And all the vivid colors bleed and blend
Each sound that's heard enters right through my skin
The madness feels just like an ocean swell
I'm sinking like a rock and I can tell
Then suddenly I am my lonely twin
There is no room for love inside my heart
Pure wretchedness becomes my only friend
I feel the loss of all my normal senses
Withdrawing to my hideout in the dark
The strain of never knowing when it ends
Confuses me with past and present tenses

   an original poem by Daniel Turner "poemdog"

by Danielle Deason |
Categories: humor,

My green sea turtle

wonderful slick shell,
Brown and golden, the color of a shell.
That perfect shaped shell.
The shell of my turtle i know too well.

You are the greenest.
The most bravest.
And fastest (i think)
And maybe the smartest too.

You slick and slide,
And glide on by,
The water is what you love.
And you swim in the water, like a dove in the sky.

May 29,2013

by Chantelle Anne Cooke |
Categories: cute love, family, happiness, nature,

The Heritage of Amour

Love, a fruit cup filled 
with drops of harmony. 
This graceful mixture 
carefully bakes blossoms. 
Time, a slow turtle, whose 
seconds nurture new seeds. 
A flourishing
their vine turns to gold.
Memories, the pressed flowers, 
bequeathed forward to generations.

May 11th 1994

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: childhood, family, introspection, love


To the Build-A-Bear Store
With granny in tow
Do you remember?

What was you four?
Say you remember
Only one or two

Well maybe  three
Still sitting upon
Granny's knee

When we opened
The door to
The place

Why it was a
Virtual zoo
Animals wasting

To be filled 
Waiting to be glued(sewn)
First you

Had to put a
Heart from
The very start

Then you
Pressed the
Button and 

Filled the
Animal with

Then she
Sewed him

But he had 
No clothes
You got

To pick them
Out from
500 different ones

You picked 
A camoflauged

Outfit just
For your

Green frog
Which you

I remember

by Earle Brown |
Categories: food, love, mystery, passion,

Turtle Soup?

Some call it an aphrodisiac.
They say it gives a man a strong back.

Like a good woman, turtle soup makes no sense;
 Can something so delicate be so intense?

Like a woman, the flesh has several delightful flavors.
Remember, each mouthwatering sensation should be savored.

When you taste her, bask freely in the sapidity,
Acquire the feel for this pure tortoise delicacy.

Don’t rush, familiarize your taste buds.
There is no such thing as a first sight love.

Recognize, there is a mystique behind that hard shell.
Did someone say turtle soup? That does not ring a bell.

by Trash Boat |
Categories: bridal shower, death,

My Turtle named Joe

Joe the turtle
He was purple
He loved taking naps
Hes my pet and i love to rap
Joe never moves
His stinky shell has a lot of grooves
He always stinks
i try putting him in the water but he just sinks
He is so thin
I've had him ever since i was ten
He hasn't ate anything in weeks
His neck has a lot of kinks
Joe is very skinny
He looks super wimpy
Wait a minute, i think hes dead
well i guess i'll go bury him again

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: beautiful, feelings, happiness, how i feel, imagery,

Simple Pleasures

A baby’s first gibberish talks,
or a feather tickling your cheek.
Water cascading over rocks,
or the laugh of a chuckling creek.

The spectacle of a sunrise,
or the coo of a turtle dove.
The glow within a infant’s eyes,
or memories of your first love.

A saffron moon's celestial light,
or mountains glistening with snow.
A sprig of stars hung in the night,
or a day watching tulips grow.

Remember just how good it felt,
to recall such simple pleasures.
Little things that make your heart melt,
trigger reactions God measures.

Written Jan.16th, 2016 for  “Simple Pleasures - Poetry Contest.”

by Heather Hill |
Categories: adventure, anniversary, art, dedication, devotion, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, husband, imagination, life, love, mother, people, romance, song-teen, uplifting, wedding, wifelove,

When I hold your hand

When I hold your hand
I know its true
your love for me
has truly grew
from a hill to a 
your the only one
I can count on
to be there when times
are lonely
in all your sweet
kisses and hugs, you
have shown me
your love is my treasure
and we can stand strong
through any weather
as turtle doves,
we fly together forever
when I hold your hand

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: love, love, passion,

Rinky Dinky Doo

Rinky Dinky Doo I love you Loved you from the very start You're the sunshine In my life You banish all my strife You've stolen every part Of my heart Rinky Dinky Doo I love you It certainly is a special kind of love With lots of happy times A passion so sublime With cooing like A couple of turtle doves Rinky Dinky Doo I love you This passion has left me all aglow Ain't no greater feeling Really so appealing Wanna hug you tight And never let you go! © Jack Ellison 2013

by June Fone |
Categories: nature

My Birthday Garden

In a corner of the garden
where the honeysuckle blooms,
where the air is sweetly scented
with a mixture of perfumes,
High above me in the willow
sits a snow white turtle dove,
who sings his wife a ballad
to celebrate their love,
I watch the evening sun create
such colours in the sky,
almost as if to imitate 
the rose trees just nearby,
In this corner of the garden
all my birthdays should be spent,
for the gifts that live around me
are most truely heaven sent.

by Brenda Rose |
Categories: bereavement, bird, christmas, emotions, friendship, love, symbolism,

The Magical Dove

This Christmas I have something
That’s magical for you and me
I so want to share it with you
So open this box and you will see.

There’s two turtle doves inside
Now please place one in your hand
And I will take the other
To help you understand.

You keep one and so will I
And best friends we’ll always be
No matter how far you go away
Hold the dove and you’ll see me.

And if you’re lonely and in need
Just send it back to me
Alone you will not be for long
Because that’s where I will be.

So now you know the story
How they tenderly hold our love
I’m talking about the magic
Of the magical turtle dove!

Brenda Elizabeth Rose

by Pradipta Roy Choudhury |
Categories: allegory, allusion, analogy, animal, beach, creation, imagery,

The Creature and the Olive Ridley Turtle

The wind in wilderness, Kisses your lips, The desolate shores, Makes you weep. O dear Oliver, What made you beach, Amidst the long evening shadows, In this strange streak? The curious little creature, Near at hand, Approaches you with caution, With a little, yellow band. He places it with love, Over your flipper gash, And returns to his father, In a sporty dash. He waits at a safe distance As he expects you to walk, But menacing larger creatures, Attack with tooth from sharks. Strange are the ways of nature, That this creature runs in its vein, Willingly it kills you for pleasure, After tending your pain.

by Jerry T Curtis |
Categories: nonsense,

What's This Nonsense

A friend once wrote me
How they wished they
could write like Seuss ..........I said they could-----by example

Green eggs and Ham, well I'll be dammed
Just serve them up to me
Cats in their hats, imagine that
A tasty sight to see
One Fish, Blue Fish
Red Fish, Two Fish
The menu's quite extensive
Take Ten Apples Up On Top
They're truly not expensive
They make a soup here that I love
They claim it's made with Yerdle
I read the can, now understand
It's really made from turtle
Now I must go, but you should know
That Horton gives a Hoot
Next time we come,  to dine with you
Let's have Grinch, with Lorax soup !

by Jaycee Cervenka |
Categories: love, pride,


Can't imagine a world without you,
One where the simple touch
Means nothing.
Messages of the heart ignored. 
Unheard by the one who
Needs to hear it most.
Ignorance is not bliss,
Considering, human pride
All too often leaves 
Things of importance unsaid;
Ignoring instinct and emotion.					
Override turtle tendency;
Never wait to say, "I Love You!" 

jsc 2004

by Kallie Mason |
Categories: lost love, sealost, lost,


When I lost a tear in the ocean, it was gone forever. With that tear, I soared the 
darkness that the water hid. I felt the cold night kiss from a sea turtle lost in ones 
peak. Will you find my tear cowering in it's darkness?When you find my tear, my love 
will end forever.

-Kallie Mason

by Ijm seven |
Categories: marriage, sad love, together, truth,

nothing left to give

I gave you my love
my sweet turtle dove
I gave you my hand
deep in quicksand

I gave you my name
"I do" you exclaim
Gifts small and great
even a sporadic date

The child in womb
procreate sweet bloom
Trip round the world
marriage flag unfurled

A humble marriage bed
sweet serenity spread
A house and lovely home
when your too tired to roam

but I've run out of gifts
and replaced them with rifts
and I looked in the store
there was nothing anymore

by Arturo Michael |
Categories: beautiful, rainbow, simile,

An Assortment of Rainbow Smiles

A darker shade of white ~ pearl indigo

Night skies and city lights~ a starry sky aglow

Yellow daisies in gold fields~ red sunsets in a sea ~ of aguagreen

A lighter shade of brown ~ olive moonshine 

Lilac turtle doves~  pink love divine

Purple ribbons in blond hair ~ eyes of silver gray stare~ into the nowhere

A glittering from within~  regardless of race or skin

Black sets the stage to win ~ from soul to soul it brings

Heavenly colors paint my mind~  Angelic crayons redefine

~ An Assortment of Rainbow Smiles ~