Love Poems About Turkey or Turkey Love Poems
by Judy Ball |
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Thanksgiving Dinner

I roasted stuffed turkey, made candied yams,
Made holiday jello, baked pies, dirtied pans.

Made mashed potatoes to cover with gravy,
Glazed carrots and biscuits, I'm cooking like crazy.

My daughter came over with grandchild in tow,
Giving my holiday that much needed glow.

I love the holidays and gathering with family.
It's so good to see everyone gathering happily,

Laughing and joking and sharing good cheer.
I wish more would come celebrate with all of us here.

by Jillian Sabecky |
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Banana Bread

Today my husband said ' I can really go for some banana bread' 
But this is what I made instead.

A gallon of Sweet Tea.
A bowl of Green Pea's.
Turkey Club on whole wheat followed by Smoked Meat.
Corn on the Cob along with Broccoli Raab.
Chicken Wings. Shoe Strings.
Pineapple upside down cake. A chocolate Shake. 
Baked Potato served with a Stuffed Tomato

Now my husband has a belly ache. 
I don't think he likes it, when I bake.

by Deborah Burrows |
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Thanksgiving In the Bahamas

Many years ago as we've been told 
Pilgrims landed on America shores
Remembered for their gifts of love
Shared with natives living there
Surviving those long winter months
Who would have thought
Their kindness would cross the seas
To our small Bahama Land!
We celebrate Thanksgiving
With turkey and pumpkin pie to!
It is a time to give God thanks
For richly blessing our Bahama Land!
The adoption of this tradition
Inspires us to reach out to those in need
And draw closer to our divine purpose
To be sincerely thankful for all God has done!

by Donna Jones |
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In the Moment

I'm wondering how far down in this featherbed I can sink
Late December skies are changing from gray to pink

Heavy frost covers winter's lifeless ground
Roosters crowing - the only sound

Christmas is over and I had fun
Love my family, but glad it's done

I feel as stuffed as the Thanksgiving turkey
But want more of mom's home made candy

I think I'll just lay here and snooze all day
But wait......the smell of coffee is drifting this way...:-) 

Donna Jones
In The Moment

by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
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My Favorite Food For Thanksgiving

CORNBREAD TURKEY STUFFING A love affair to spiral powerhouse of textures and tastes... _______________________________________________________________________ 9:08 pm, November 17, 2015

by Iris E. S-Lewis |
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Holiday Poem

Crisp smell of winter
Baby's breath of pure snow
Fresh scent of pine, fires aglow
Cinnamon and spice
Baked edibles stored
Nutmeg, clove on turkey ham, some ask for more
Caribbean rum cakes, fruit and nut delight
Bells and carols, happiness fills the air day and night
Nostalgia nudges
Gladness outweighs sadness
Giving gets better, and more folks come together
The spirit of the Lord upon all, around the world
Our hands with instruments of love is wield
Peaceful passage holds thoughts that bless
Christmas is best.


by Megan Ryan |
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I'M Thankful

Thanksgiving is a day
To be thankful for all
That we have in life
With those that we love.

I'm thankful for my family
For being there for me
Always there to help
Supportive and loving.

I'm thankful for my friends
Whom I'm happy to have met
That brought joy and light
To my life as I did for them.

I'm thankful for music
That cheers me up when blue
Inspires and moves me
To help my creativity flow.

I'm thankful for life
Although there are storm clouds
The sun shines through them
To bring light to the world.

Those are the things
I'm quite thankful for
On this glorious Thanksgiving
Especially the delicious turkey.

by Curtis Moorman |
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My Life


Born in Dublin on Saint Patrick's Day
School; spelling champ; steady girl
Senior Prom; graduation; went away
Air Force career; traveled the world

Turkey; Germany; England; Japan
Korea; Vietnam; Philippines; Guam
Austria; Hawaii; Azores; Alaska; all grand
Thirty eight contiguous states fit the plan

Fully retired  --  more to be told  --  stay tuned 

22 September 2018
For the contest sponsored by Anthony Slausen

by Vera Duggan |
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Discontented Cat

Why can't I play with shiny balls
And climb that Christmas Tree
Why bring a tree into the house
Then say it's not for me

Why can't I help with wrapping paper
I love to play with twine
Oh please, I only want to help
While you sit and sip your wine

I love to smell your kitchen odours
Turkey, pork and ham by the ton
That cooking drives me up the wall
But then I act the sneaky one

That's when you kick me out the door
You really spoil my fun, and that's for sure

by Cherie Durbin |
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It's Thanksgiving

"It's Thanksgiving" is a children's song, sung to the tune of "Oh, My Darling Clementine".

It's Thanksgiving, it's Thanksgiving,
It's Thanksgiving-time to eat;
Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes,
Pumpkin pie...yum, what a treat!

Bonus activity: Ask children if they were preparing Thanksgiving dinner, which foods they would prepare. Would they prepare traditional dishes, such as turkey, mashed potatoes and pie? Or nontraditional dishes like tofu turkey and carob chocolate pie? Or, would they simply order a pizza? Why did the child choose that particular menu fare-love of tradition, special dietary needs, ease of preparation?

by Nikki Reynolds |
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Thanksgiving Rhyme

The turkey is cooked to a golden brown,
the dressing is perfectly seasoned
All of the family is coming to town
Thanksgiving is the reason

Everyone gathers 
thankful they are
regardless of weather
they come from afar

It's all about family and friends too
A season for kindness and love
This time together is well overdue
They're thankful to God above

Mother-Nature has done her job well
and created a work of art
The stores will have Black Friday Sales
The Christmas season will now start

by Maf Longfellow |
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Grandpa's Fiddle

To my grandpa's fiddle
We had a ball.
Dancing a jigg
To "Turkey In The Straw."

Then to Daddy's guitar
Threw the year's he'd play.
Country tunes from the heart.
We would sing and dance all day.

Our brother's electric strings.
With amp's turned sky hi.
Rock-n-Roll to Christian music
Always turning on our HiFi's.

My son's and nephew's
And cousin's galore!
Strum the strings to the song's
Proclaiming Love and War.

From Grandpa's Fiddle
To my Honer guitar.
We'll turn Poetry to Music
Till we all become stars.

by Michael J. Falotico |
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"warm Thanksgiving Day"

Turkey in the oven.
Hands on basting and rubbing.
All adults on deck for setting the table.
Not a seat empty for even a child so able.
Knocks on the door as family arrives.
So happy Mom's in the kitchen, now we'll survive.
Getting the TV all warmed up for a day of football.
In and out the kids run up and down the hall.
Velvet cake hides behind the fruit not seen.
In comes the family passing through the kitchen with gleam.
No samples tasted for Mom is the boss.
Getting ready for this meal still a salad to be tossed.

Day begins with smiles and joy.
All fall asleep for the deserts are my toy.
You have to love this day of thanks for Mom and Dad and every girl and boy.

by Legendary Legend |
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Lover's Confession

That i listen to your complaints till am full, does not make me foolish! That i love a girl from turkey, can't make me Turkish! I cry whenever i miss you and our future child, that does not make me childish! Love no other woman but love you the way i love myself, that does not make me selfish. I love you so much, I am not to blame, because in loving, you aint blemish.

by Jerry T Curtis |
Categories: humorous,

Our National Irrational Bird

I'm sittin' here just thinkin'
what bird I'd like to see
High up on a flag pole
just standin' over me
I thought of every kind of bird
from eagle to a dove
but I really must admit
it's the Turkey that I love
Now you might just started thinkin'
a whole lot less of me
But looking at Our Congress
PLEASE tell me what YOU see

by DM Babbit |
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The smell of turkey fills the house
   and the mind and tongue are consumed
   with memories and scents of holidays passed.

The aroma is so familiar with images of Gramma in the kitchen
   basting that succulent bird and all the sides
   as it tingles taste buds with unbearable anticipation.

The feast most promising with recaptured pictures, football games
   and  stuffing, biscuits, cranberries, and mashed potatoes
   made with tender care and love to await family gathering.

Those days seem long gone now, lost to past celebrations
   but the mind and heart remain full forever
   with laughter, joy, love and those heartfelt memories
at Thanksgiving.

by A. Juman |
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Said the Usa

Said the U.S.A.
We soaring on three set of wings
Eagle! Our strength
Dove! Our compassion
Turkey! Our sustenance  
Tell us not to choose our demise
Together we shall never fall
Indeed we are the greatest of nations

© A. Juman - The "said" poet 11/7/2015

by Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer |
Categories: celebration, christmas, culture, winter,

Xmas In July

Xerothermic in December
Many Australians remember
A chilly Christmas clime.
So they choose a time,
In winter the feast to eat!
Nativity turkey and meat, 
July our heart inspires -
Umbrellas and log fires,
Love of pudding and pie,
Yuletide in July.

by Bakari Wright |
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Mom Is Just Mom (Triolet Poem)

Mom is just mom when she wants to be,
I wish she was more independant in life.
What I write is the truth, she'd probably agree.

Maybe she didn't do a good job as a wife,
Put down the alcohol and look towards God.
Because He is the one who will make things right.

This past Thanksgiving I didn't sense your love
You didn't cook Turkey, no family was present.
I left and you didn't even give me a loving hug.

Since I became a Muslim, I'm not feeling your presence,
You also act different in front of my girl,
I guess mom is just mom, that's my life's lesson.

Hopefully situations will get better for you
And one day you'll realize in this world what is true.

by Johnny Rhinem |
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He Had No Balls

Still the bone remained....
Pulling on his chain; ever snarling
A tug of war with, her tree as meat loaf 
Became his dreams and gobble said the turkey
Unto her queen bee ? Blue bishops atop pogo sticks a fly
With one big eye siphoning the marrow from time's sparrow; slobbering
Their madman howls holy cow his orange cat meows wow, where has Alice gone.

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: life, love,

Life's Sweet Buffet

Life is a bowl of cherries With loads of luscious cream It's a pocket full of peanuts Or rowing a boat downstream! Like snapping a turkey wishbone And getting the larger piece It's much like going parasailing Or no longer being obese! The soft cool breeze of summer The warm sun upon our skin Or a happy little birthday party Some well played violin! Like a happy family vacation A trip to the stars and back A piece of scrumptious apple pie A tasty midnight snack! Life can be about all these things Just put your cares away Ignore all those little wee problems Enjoy life's sweet buffet! © Jack Ellison 2014

by Phyllis Babcock |
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Haiku 9

harvest moon
crops ripe for the picking...
wild turkey picnic


Just an extra note to let you know I will be away for two weeks.
Keep on writing. love phyl

by Yasemin Balandi |
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Her words flow effusive
Like lava, molten.  Melting rocks
Mellow is the background music
She is tired of boondoggle. Cacophony
Of the Guests.  Bright are the Christmas lights.
When had the Christmases became for the  bourgeois
Champagne is what Christ would disapprove of.
She is sure.  Quid pro Quo? 
Christ was a socialist
No longer can she feign Elan for these capitalist festivities
ALAS the Turkey is well cooked
Tinsels and presents make her children ecstatic
More mulled wine, anyone?

by Sloppy Joe |
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Turkey Dove

Turkey dove 
Fits like a glove
It's my one and only true love
There was once a turkey 
Then I went and made some beef jerky
I then took a dove home
And named him jerome
I took the dove and the turkey and stuffed them together
I tried to make sure I plucked each and every feather
Eventually I created a new bird
It's called a turkey dove, It was unheard
I took it out once for a walk
It started to scream and tried to talk
People looked at my creation, "disgusting" they thought
I just smiled and said, "I thought it was pretty hot"

by Robert Lawson |
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She's Contagious

She wasnt certified by the USDA when she grew on him likes she was a colony of E.coli and he was room-temperature Canadian beef. Then started eating healthy turkey bacon then she started mistaken. When she realized she buried me in the bedroom where I, I can sing you to sleep all night.... And last night she recited every reason. Why she was so contagious when hitting on me by her love spells, got me catching vibe and connecting me by her chemistry, contagious that got me sick of her but dont wanna relieve her like an ex-girlfriend.