Love Poems About Tuna or Tuna Love Poems
by Ricky Muse |
Categories: family,

Wild Tuna

why is it easier to look at you
through one eye as opposed to two
when we should be totally 
enamored with the thought
that we have come this far
we of flesh and blood but enemies of spirit
cannot go on this way
a desert of parched emotions
cherry wood furniture atop marble floors
transformed our home into 
an oasis of tears and coffee
this trivial mirage under scathing sun light
left us grappling for sustenance
be it water or be it love
empathy should be our cry
we stood hand in hand me and you
now with grey hair for a crown
these life stories on our face
we joust over flashbacks 
and weakened rungs

by Robert L. Hinshaw |
Categories: fishing, humorous,

The Fisherman's Catch And Release

There was once an old man from Altoona

   Who decided to cast for some tuna

      'Twas a mermaid he landed

         He sighed saying off-handed

            "How I wish I had caught her much soona!"

Oh!  How I would love to make her my bride

   But I'm old, grizzled and gray and, beside

      'Twould be my usual luck

         She'd take up with some young buck,

            So I will release her at next high tide

Entry for Tania Kitchin's "Two Sea Themed Limerick" Contest
(27 July 2019)

by Brian Sambourne |
Categories: animal, appreciation, cat, celebration, cute, fish, food, happiness, pets,

Feline Filler

Cat lights on the table, bling!
Can opener growl to open a tin
Tuna glide pounce for a troubadour sing
Cat stretches full length
A paw to each shoulder
A nuzzle to my neck now bolder
Soft blending purrs, caressing
Soft, slow lane nestling
Solicitous whimsical beauty
Self advertising cutie
Insular world of feline grace
Meal ticket playful embrace,
           a no default risk
Like a heart-felt smooch, brisk
Best hope for survival
          in scents of sweet revival
          when a tin can squeal
          is a laurel of love to steal
          for a status high creature
          securing fishy food nurture.

Poem revised January 29, 2021

by William Kekaula |
Categories: animal, cat, character, death of a friend, for him, meaningful, memory,

Cassio Laps Wondrously

Cassio Laps Wondrously An open porch, gifts spritely legs on all his fours, meows he begs so opens I, a tuna can not be prepared, a stray in tan that came to be for many years a wandering did set in fears yet his return continued on meows are heard, that be his song untimely death outside our door car screeching sound could not ignore near fronts our yard, the roses bloom midst stands a cross neath lies his tomb heartfelt love, receptive wills he laps Heaven's milk, eternally. 2020 August 23 *1st Place* All Pets Go To Heaven ~~Constance La France

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: food

The Good-for-You Fast Food

Toasted Italian bread. Yum! I love tuna, but today - beef and provolone, mayo, onions, greens. . . . I open my mouth and insert Foot!
Written April 27 for Gwendolen Rix' contest: "Fast Food Epulaeryu"

by Sebastian Aaron Baez |
Categories: art, humor,

don't believe everything you see

ringing with telegrams
I answered and received a body slam
bubble gum used to fix a cracked dam
rhymes grown weird
sexy and funky, smeared
like mushroom toe jam
enjoy chocolate milkshakes
with a juicy rare rack of lamb
please stand here while i give you
a close glove inspection body scan
I love sticking my beef hotdog
inside her tuna clam
honey glazed pineapple blazed
smacking that glistening ham
make sure to stream it on your webcam
clicked on the link
but those ***** pills were a total scam
hoodwinked, duped a sour global sham
now you're salty like canned spam

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: adventure, character, fish, fishing,


Oceans view Watery hues; Lord, adventurer! Never love a tuna; Ah, desolationer! Where is the lively sail? ~fisherman of the sea~ Sailors sail mermaids call; Are they real; Or is the sailor dreaming; Clouds endure like small sails; The wave travels like a misty sun; Seashells die! Why does the breeze fly? Lord, adventurer! Are they real; Those shark and tuna hunter; ~fisherman of the sea~

by Martin McAreavey |
Categories: love, romance,

Haiku after our lunch date in the cafe

The Tuna and the Prawn
Swam together -
- Now in sandwich form!

by nick armbrister jimmy boom semtex |
Categories: cat, love, pets, sweet,

Pussy Cat

Pussy Cat

Sitting there all lazy the little furry pussy cat 
purrs with happiness. 
Her coat is a collage of black, white and browns 
all a ball of fur. 
She has just had her tuna 
so it’s now lazy time all night long.

by liam mcdaid |
Categories: corruption, deep, feelings, fish, heartbreak, holocaust, love hurts,

Madness has triggered the pen

People are like lobsters crawling in dirt 
with brain cells less advanced than a jellyfish 
always digging in the sand without salt they would disappear 
They could not breathe the fresh air if it were poisoned by chemicals 
fresh water has a better taste unpolluted
Chocolate starfish slimy sea slugs
Silly cones, fake plastic barbies
Toxic people in toxic world
None the wiser
Modern day zombies
Yes men plugged into the machine
Greedy 1 % sharks living off the tuna only scraps to the bottom feeding mouth breathers poor bastards
Fed only bull they kindly ask
"Please sir may I have some more?"

A Liam MacDaibheid and Antonio Acosta

by verlecia fields |
Categories: food

Tuna Creamed burger

No Cook: "Tuna Creamed burger" 11-17-09

2 cups Coleslaw = (classic): Dole raw, is kosher.
5 oz  Tuna        = in water or oil : Western Family
2 slices  Bread  = whole wheat
1/2 cup _  : Canola mayonnaise: add more if needed.
1/2 cup _  : Sour cream: add more if needed. 
Colby jack _  : add more if needed.
1/2 tbsp _ : Mustard (course ground)
Parmesan _ : add as much you like
Garlic powder _ : 2 pinches
Basil leaves _ : 2 sprinkles (crushed)

Hamburger pickles & Onions on side.

not the best cook 
but i never make it the same.
have fun and share it with someone you love
or someone you want to love

by Katrina Borders |
Categories: allegory,

Eyes Wide Shut

I wanna go to Martha’s Vineyard, eat muscadines and drink wine.

I want my belly to swell with the fruit of our love.

I wanna drive on full and eat fillet mignon for breakfast.

I wanna live like God is my Father and Jesus, my Brother who saved me.

I wanna trust and never hate ‘n never be careful ‘bout nothin’.

I wanna be Scarlet in Scarsdale and Sr. Edward Crump at the Macy’s Day Parade.

I want green eyes and red hair.  I want hips that don’t exist.

I want Oprah on the phone right now!

I wanna drive my baby to school.

I want tuna on toast with capers and sweet nectar pomegranate juice. 

I wanna open my eyes....

by Melissa Ross |
Categories: happiness, love, pets, uplifting

Princess Chupa

You wear a clean tuxedo daily,
It gleams in the light, so soft,
You maul me with precious mittens,
Mittens I press a kiss to every time,
Watching you grow is a joy,
Every household object is a toy,
Ambitious you are,
How you speak to me,
Whining for a fresh can of tuna,
You are my princess, precious Chupa.

by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: childhood, family, children, growing up, happiness, me, me,

VISITING GRANDMA a child's delight


At grandma’s house I am a queen
No luckier girl you’ve ever seen
I eat from willow plates so blue
And drink a coke or maybe two
She makes me tuna on nice bread
We sit together, napkins spread
She tells me stories, picks me flowers
These are my best and sweetest hours
I love her more than sun or moon
If I could sing-- she’d be my tune

by Mahuta Maughan |
Categories: native american,

No Waste

tossing a can of tuna,
I remember only the density of the metal,
and the death of a fish;
Malleable shrapnel, as I added apples,
to taste like Mom's,
energized by love, defeated in youth,
throwing a million sea people,
back to the aluminum world,
which never returns,
unless buried in space,
just not this place, not yet.
Why do Puritans own Tupperware,
and Red Eagle drive his diesel truck,
filling his tank with the greed of transportation,
needed temptation, to satisfy,
our graces lacking.
When choices guard the spirit,
yet survival, could never exhibit,
days of old;
When Mother Earth,
never had a can of tuna,
and respect for all living things,
lived with no waste.