Love Poems About Tritina or Tritina Love Poems
by Tracy Decker |
Categories: confusion, introspection, love,

Desperate (tritina)

I wish I knew how, had ability to turn
away from you and not look back to see if it
affected you, my turning away, walking off.

I want you to miss this, and I fail to pass off
the distance as a gravely unfortunate turn
of events, see truth within desperation, it

blinds, consumes, and (I hate to, but) I admit it
impossible to justify the breaking off
of any contact to once again inward turn.

I want to reach within, find this, and turn it off.

by Paul Callus |
Categories: baby, joy,

Time For Tears

The wait has been too long but now it’s time
To hold with love what she yearned for
No words for joy but grateful tears.

The radiant face aglow with sparkling tears
Cradling her child for the first time
She knows it’s been worth waiting for.

The fruit of mutual love she’s thankful for
She feels its breath and sheds warm tears
A lasting bond will grow in time.

A precious gift is born; it’s time for tears.

1st line of each tercet & final line = pentameter
2nd & 3rd lines of each tercet = tetrameter

19th July 2014
Contest: Tritina Challenge
Sponsor: Craig Cornish

by Vladislav Raven |
Categories: dream, heart, joy, love,

Your Heart Is Singing - Valentine's Collection

(Valentine's Collection)


Your heart, in its joy, forever shall sing,
the peace in my world, from your love, does come,
my Valentine, caress my gentle heart.

Oh, queen of my soul you do rule my heart,
we dance in the stars to the song you sing,
soon my beloved love's moment is come.

To the starlight stream, your beauty has come,
now my beloved step into my heart,
glory displayed as love's song we do sing.

I sing as love does come into my heart.


by M. L. Kiser |
Categories: appreciation, muse, poems, poetry, poets, words, writing,

Poetry Bliss

Oh how I love poetry! Soul songs of life and love; Natural beauty penned by poets. Blissful songs of emotional poetry; Penning through human hands, poets; A vast gift, well-loved. Poems of joy, sadness, horror and love; Observations of many lifetimes lived by poets; We are blessed to have poetry. Poetry-in-motion is the sweat of muse poet's brow; a hobby well-loved.

by Melani Udaeta |
Categories: emotions, feelings, love,


Those eyes always appear fearless,
terrified of being called ‘beautiful’;
Walls turned her into a powerhouse; 

Tired of building that powerhouse
forced to always be strong and fearless;
Neither appear to be wanted or beautiful; 

Fragile couldn’t be more beautiful;
Love knocking down a powerhouse 
no longer a need to be fearless;

Goodbye, fearless beautiful powerhouse.

by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: baby, daughter, , Lullaby,


We have waited so long for you, Darling,

Our precious, beloved, newly born daughter.

We have given you the name of Hannah.

Do you like your given name, sweet Hannah? 

Your great-grandma wears it with pride, Darling.

She is longing to meet her granddaughter.

It is time now for sleep for our daughter.

We will sing a sweet lullaby, Hannah,

As welcome to our world for our darling.

Darling daughter, Hannah, we love you so.

7/21/14  For Tritina contest

by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: beauty, feelings, hope, love,

I Love You Now Forever And Always-Tritina

~I Love You Now Forever And Always~ (Tritina) You know by now just how much I do love You because you mean more than you Will know and I'll always love you forever Looking in your eyes I see love forever And the stars in the sky sparkle with your love ‘Cause sometimes there's only me and you You're the one that makes me strong and in you I trust with all my heart and soul forever There's nobody in the world like you my love I know that I love you now and forever. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2015 February.28.2015

by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: dream, love, romance,

I Love You Forever And Ever -Tritina

(Tritina) You know by now just how much I do love You because you mean more than you will know and I'll always love you forever Looking in your eyes I see love forever And the stars in the sky sparkle with your love ‘Cause sometimes there's only me and you You're the one that makes me strong and in you I trust with all my heart and soul forever There's nobody in the world like you my love I know that I'll love you now and forever. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 November,20,2014 (written alternating pentameters and tetrameters)

by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: baby,

You Bring Smiles

Little one, heaven's blessings follow you
Each day more happiness and love you bring
A new expression or word bestows smiles

You need but clap your hands to spread the smiles
In a crowded room all eyes are on you
Few can resist the joy your giggles bring

But that will change, for growth the years will bring
Look around, try to remember these smiles
The center of attention now is you

Revel in this moment when you bring smiles

*Tritina written July 19, 2014 for Craig's contest
(I cannot return comments at this time)

by M. L. Kiser |
Categories: baseball, basketball, football, fun, games, softball, sports,

The Play Is Made

Oh, how I love a good game; I anxiously await my turn, And then I make my play. I also love a good play; Good scripts, for which I’m always game; Stories with a good turn. When the tides of stories turn, It just makes the play Afterwards, for coffee I’m game. On weekends, I love a good poker game; it’s a game that can quickly turn on a wrong play.

by Taylor Graham |
Categories: animals, family, loss,

Sister (a Tritina)

As I grew up you were hardly ever
there. I was lost in my own childhood’s Now,
all I wanted was to ride wild horses.

You were grown and gone away to other horses,
helping problem kids, the kind who never
cared for living creatures, find their Now

stroking a mare’s soft muzzle. And now,
too late, of course, I remember horses
were what you truly loved, would love forever.

Wherever you are now, there must be horses.

by Robert Lindley |
Categories: angel, baby, beautiful, birthday, blessing, child, love,

Baby's Eyes Shine

Baby's Eyes Shine

Baby's sweet sky glows glitteringly blue.
Beautiful mirrors reflect in her eyes!
Such grace trumps any rainbow that may shine.

That newly born smile casts a rainbow shine,
reflection in those soft crystal clear eyes
decorates her hair and ribbon so blue!

Softest twinkles in her dazzling sweet eyes,
radiates heavenly love that casts shine
upon her birthday dress so very blue!

Love basks softly as those great blue eyes shine!

07/ 15/ 2014

craig cornish 
Contest Name Tritina Challenge 
 1 original, poem on the theme of .............A Baby
Write a new poem about a newborn and take it where you
creatively will impress me

by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
Categories: blessing, child, love,

Adore you baby

Adore you baby

Innocent face in memories adore,
First look my sweet angel settled at you,
Soft touch of cotton, my newborn baby,

When I was in bed, in cradle were you,
Then subtly closer a kangarooed baby,
A lifetime to cherish, I will adore,

Warm and content, lay my asleep baby,
Waking up with a precious smile to adore,
A blessing from heaven, my dear it's you!

Past or today, I adore you baby !

Written on 26/7/14
Contest- Tritina challenge 
Sponsor- Craig Cornish

by Debjani Mitra |
Categories: celebration, conflict, heart, love, mountains, river, water,

Water falls in love

Wild and free,... pounds a torrent of water.
Turbulence hurtling hard, flows down the  cliff, 
a jagged rock journey... to a tranquil river. 

Slow soft foams... kayak a serene river,
of cool,.. calm,.. crystal clear water.
Gentle splashing sound, loudly hugs the cliff.

Dashing in roars,.. slips off bouldered cliff,
Ebbing away ego,.. plunging the heart of river.
In placid harmony of peace, glistens crashing water.

Water falls?.cascading cliffs,.,perhaps falling in love with river?

22nd February 2019
A Tritina for Messina Contest
Sponsor Charles Messina 

by Patricia Sawyer |
Categories: brother, family, life, love, sister

Sibling Love ~ (A Tritina)

I have four brothers.
I have three sisters.
I share with them love.

It's not always easy to love.
Especially those "mean" brothers.
or those "Hootie~snooty" sisters

Those beautiful, caring sisters.
Those wonderfully funny brothers.
Each one easy to love.

Brothers, sisters, a family, filled with love.

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: dream,

I Can Dream

Let's fall slowly asleep you and I 
Sweet dreams flowing if we possibly can
Going only where there is a good dream

Once we were young with at least one dream
Can you go there or only can I 
I believe in a dream, doing what we can

We can awake with renewed hopes, we can 
For we all have in our youth had a dream
Have you had a dream, so many have I

Can you dream, Love, I know I can dream   

Contest: A Tribute To Messina
Sponsor: Charles Messina
Date written: 02-18-2019

by Tracy Decker |
Categories: introspection, love, philosophy, mirror,

She (tritina)

Within this place, the eye forever makes
the canvas where the poor reflected me
can see beyond the mirror to the whole

and wonder if the shadows are the whole
or if the observation is what makes
the conquest of the darkest sides of me

reality.  If poor reflected me
can capture but a glimpse of what is whole,
then truly, what a mirror that eye makes!

and through it, I may find what makes me whole.

Author's note - in my experimentation with form, I came across the tritina.  This is 
my first attempt.  If anyone has tried these or has any tips on how to make them 
not sound trite, boring, or 'obvious', I would love to hear from you!

by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: longing, love,

Love or Wishful Thinking on Valentine's Day

Love or Wishful Thinking on Valentine’s Day

Too long have I lived with this fantasy
Lost love’s ardent knight on white horse, get the picture?
From hope’s gilded tower, breezes carried my kisses.

If that dreams could just return these kisses,
But I’m old enough to recognize fantasy.
Each year his face grows harder to picture.  

With stained glass memories, I create a new picture,
One in which there are no incoming kisses,
Not even those from a child inclined toward fantasy.

-- Fantasy’s picture ran out of kisses.

*February 14, 2019 
For Charles Messina’s Tritina Contest

by Jeanne McGee |
Categories: car, old,

My Old Truck

For years I’ve had an old dodge pick-up truck
It sits in high grass in my far away backyard
She was a great prop for fun family style portraits

A very classic look for rustic type kids portraits
But now there’s no seat to sit in the truck
So she sits with the trees in the very far backyard

Kids and birds love to play in my wild backyard
Once an owl perched on the mirror for some portraits
And blended in with the peeling paint on the truck

That old truck still rusts in my backyard for great grungy portraits

This Old Jalopy Contest
sponsor:  Craig Cornish

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: light,

Floating out to Sea

Floating out to sea in an apple cart
Were three known felons, one with a wheeze
Luckily I was in love with one

He was a man who knew how to have fun
If the cart sprung a leak, would it take my heart?
I held my breath and watched the gentle breeze

Be not afraid. Please put your mind at ease.
They are safe now, sitting in the boat in the sun.
Loving the ocean as a noble art.  

by Beata Agustin |
Categories: appreciation, christian, faith, god, jesus, spiritual, thanksgiving,


God be praised and thanked for His wondrous grace
Surely awesome with His marvelous love
Always available to match His might.

Upon Him do I brace up my work’s might
While excelling as steward of His grace
Faithful in sharing His Gospel of love.

Always, I beseech His unfailing love 
To strengthen my faith against weary might
For empowered service with fruits of grace.

Triumphant, I yield to God by His grace, love and might*! 

* 1Timothy 1:14 “…The grace of our Lord was exceeding abundant with faith and love which is in Christ Jesus.”

February 16, 2019

3rd place, "A Tritina for Messina" Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Charles Messina; judged on 2/24/2019.

Categories: valentines day,


Would my guy propose on Valentine’s day
get down on bended knee with a red rose
I’d love to wear a sparkling diamond ring

I waited patiently all morning for him to ring
alas, there was no call from him that day
and knots of anguish in my heart rose

The bile in the pit of my stomach rose
as a policeman gave my doorbell a ring
my guy knocked down by a car on Valentine’s day

On Valentine’s day he died ... carrying a red rose and ring


Tritina Contest
Sponsored by Charles Messina


by Alfred Berggren |
Categories: sorrow,

My Anguish

Should I tell you of the love I've for you
and should i say you're always on my mind
For you're the constant desire of my heart
I'm suffering because my aching heart
thinks of nothing else, yea only for you
I can't cast out your clear face from my mind
Tell me, oh gods, shall I suffer of mind
always, constantly be anguished of heart
What's panacea for this longing you
You're the only thing on my mind and heart.

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: lost love, summer, water, wind, winter,

Love's whispered promise

I see your face before me as I weep
By water's edge, leaves swirling in the wind
Your touch I feel in this, my frozen hand

I reach for you, but cannot grasp your hand
The tears well up in wintry waves that weep
Warm summer's sun now banished by chill wind

In June there streamed a milder, gentler wind
I thrilled to take your tender, outstretched hand --
O Nature, lift your voice for us and weep

~ Love's whispered promise broken by ill wind

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: love,

Love In The Woods

The intensely delightful world of super young love
Hides from the naïive lover a glimpse or a clue
Of their amorous amour’s essence perfectly true.
The mighty forest elf watches with eyes that are true.
Sending these youngsters an abundance of pure love,
Gleaning their obvious affection, smiles a clue.
Faerie queen came up to the surface, with her own clue
Following up on possibilities pure and true?
The forest elf smiled at his own true mighty love.
What they are in for next, they surely have not a clue…
Written 2-11-2019
Contest:  A Tritina                        Sponsor: Charles Messina