Love Poems About Tree Frog or Tree Frog Love Poems
by Mandell Smock |
Categories: animals, life, philosophy, tree, tree,

A Treefrog Chirps.

There's a shooting downtown.  A tree frog
Chirps.  Two young people discover love.  A tree frog
Chirps.  The Chicago Cubs beat the Toronto
Bluejays.  A tree frog chirps.  A bimbo
On the Internet becomes a celebrity.  A
Treefrog chirps.  Life goes on.  Day by day,
Week by week, year by year.  And a tree frog chirps.

Mandell Smock

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: inspirational,

Spirit Seek

Out on the damp porch at daybreak
Rain pours from the dark clouds
Fog has settled in the valley
A bird sings very proud

A tree frog croaks piercingly loud
Love on his mind this day_
He croaked all night with his lover
Maybe he'll go away(to stay)

Duty calls even though rain drops
Necessary work speaks
If only I could soak in peace
And the Spirit seek__