Love Poems About Toad or Toad Love Poems
by A. Ormulyce |
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"The fables always recount the same ode.
Every woman dreams of a prince charming
Who is the fruit of a kiss on a toad.
Their sudden love will never stop burning.

Who bets on such a metamorphosis?
Faith of batrachian! It's foolishness!
No pretty lady wants to put a kiss
On a petty frog to find happiness.

If she were existing; pure happenstance
Only at the right dusk, at the right dew.
Only at the right dawn, at the right dance.
Love is not for me. This is what is true."

So spoke an old toad until the last hour
Before a kiss fell, sweet like a flower.

by Thabang Ngoma |
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Her love is a hot pot of oats
Radiating all the warm colour codes
Fuel for their endless conquests
Homing for her love requests

She lends them her wiser ear
Learns them her fine wear
She imparts her keener senses
To their lesser, commonsense(s)

Go my princess, go and find your toad
Leave breadcrumbs on your chosen road
My spirit will follow your byways
My hope will guide you always

A mother to all of the big five
In the deep end, ever ready to dive
She carried all five on her back
Barefoot, blistered hard as a rock

by Karim Noormohamed |
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Shall I Not Compare Thee To a Summer's Day

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more grating and much more vile.
Foul winds do exit your own mouth today,
Makes me want to put you to sleep awhile.

Sometimes I’d slice some sort of soft sausage,
And often wish it was in fact your face;
Every incision, precision and rage.
I run away as fast, as thou keeps pace.

But the eternal pain in *** of mine 
Which thou creates, for thou art a big toad;
Even to death’s eye would thou bring him brine,
Refusing you entrance to his abode.

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this, men will come to hate thee.

by David Fisher |
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Leaping For Love

Jiminy Cricket
Fell in love with a toad, and
Did it froggy style

For Make Me Chuckle Haiku contest

by Louis Borgo |
Categories: art, love,

Its Me

I’m the mountain that has risen,

I’m the tunnel that left castle floating by,

I’m the hammer to nail to beat to pull,

Sum up the words I’m beneath the castle wall,

Put in work like toad to stud,

Rampage the flood pastor to news,

Pick up fast I’m the new Walt Whitman,

 leaves of grass on my side and,

Pay me for that song, 

Like tunnel vision,

Measure time measure time what fit,

Is being, 


by Dm Babbit |
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Ode To a Toad

An ode by Jove 
 to that old toad 
 who ate my fish 
 as I made a wish 
 and kissed him on the lips 
 to find my  prince.

But alas 
 he had no crown
 so I tossed him down 
 hard and angry in to the briar 
 at last I saw him for what he was 
 just a toad and a liar.

by Kayod5 Kayode |
Categories: romance,

Rock Me To Sleep

A toad pushes the tadpole away, 
Mounts her sweetie on her back and sings:
I had known love before I knew  my child-
Rock me to sleep.

I slip to my honey's side,
He slides his laps on mine
If it would become a baby so be it-
Rock me to  sleep.

A **** rocks and rocks his hen, 
Tilts to her again and quests:
Shall we rock more ?shall we rock more?
Rock me to sleep.

When I scream like bird in brood 
Or  I gasp as blacksmith's belows,
Mind me not I have no pain;
Just rock me to  sleep.

by Bh Hallenburg |
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Frog Valentine and Toad Response

Valentine from my Mother in 1973:

If you see a frog sittin' in a tree, 
Pull his tail and think of me.

My response:

Oh Toad!
Though butt of Jest and Ridicule since days of yore reviled;
Though favored on a Frenchman's plate and victim of a child; 
Though hunted by Brazilian bats, devoured in the night,
Or dried and sprinkled in the brew to conjure up a blight;
And even blamed for warts and such (although the wise know better)
when little boys decide it's fun to slip one down a sweater!
Despite all this, Poor Toady knows worst yet to come he sees...
is lovers climbing through the boughs tugging toadtails in the trees!!!

by Nancy Smith |
Categories: adventure, fantasy, funny, imagination, kiss, love,

My Toad and Me

Forever my love will grow
As a princess I will kiss my toad

Odd it may be
With gleam my toad and me

Everlasting our love will be
As  green grass under a willow tree

Happiness is a hip-hop
On a lily pad made for two

By choice I weaved this odyssey
Full of joy and merriment

Ladylove, my prince
All cloaked in emerald green

Sweet as honey from a busy bee
Enough is a kiss from that toad to me

by Blake Holland |
Categories: adventure, cheer up, fun, how i feel, hurt, love, travel,


Down the road
Looking like a toad

Down the street
With you on my mind
And a case of beer at my feet

You took all my money
And you thought it was funny

Down the highway
driving fast
doing things my way

After dark
In Central Park

down Highway 61
Getting things done
Always having fun

Down the road
Looking like a toad
Carrying a heavy load

The road of my mind
Has left you behind
You need to walk the line

by Karen Deeks |
Categories: romance,

Toads Pillow

How I yearn to write of adoration
Pattering heartbeats and Rose petals on pillows
And my how my stomach billows
At the thought of you
As freshly washed sheets in a springtime

But the brutal truth
My poor valentine
Theres not one romantic bone in this body of mine
Just lust care and drudgery
A tad of trust between I and thee
Never could fill my basket with all mine eggs
Childhood prepared me with starter gun legs
To deal with things in surviver mode
Yet still my darling you kiss this toad

by Charlie Murder |
Categories: celebrity, dark, god, mystery,

Hello Mr Morrison

hello mr morrison
tell me, are the indians
that you saw when you were young
still on that dusty road?

did one take control of you
spirits now are one, once two
after that the arrow flew
and "squirming like a toad"

the brains of thousands tuned to hear you speak
the poet, philosopher and the tweak
the genius but never the geek
is welcome in my abode

i idolize the lizard king
let the long lost trumpets sing
love, despair, unholy things
found in his lost odes

resting in a grave in france
lucky me,i got the chance
to see him rest, but at a glance
on a motorbike he rode

to make a future lost as gold

by Mike Shoemaker |
Categories: love, marriage,

Valentine's Day

Same ole boy,
Same sweet girl,
Fourteen years down the road.
Much has happened,
Since the night
She kissed the lips of that toad.
One big mortgage,
Two beautiful girls,
A machine that’ll wash & rinse.
A love that still burns
For her inside
The heart of her prince.
And he says,
“I love your smile,
I love your laugh lines,
I still love your giggle.
Football and power tools
Don’t mean much,
When compared to your wiggle.
I’m on top of the world
Cause for me,
You’re still the girl.

by Marc Pallanes |
Categories: animal, birth, death, destiny, fate, introspection, irony, nature,

Ode To the Toad

In my pond I don't take no poop  
Iv'e got very little time on this earth
I get a little of this,a little of that, and thats the scoop
I've got to love this time between my death and birth

So in my pond i'll live, in my pond i'll die                                  
suppose if I was granted just one wish                                                                It would be a delicious fly       

This is my only space 
My oh so lonely place
Im just a toad so I'm told
Now this Ode has grown old

by Femi Joey Oloidi |
Categories: love, tree, love, tree,

Still Am Tall

Although I am dying cold, 
and flying out of gold
Still am tall,
and I boldly flower out the tree of my love 
and shower it on my lover; for free

Still am tall,
even when I trim to other short side of the road
and notice that some tree toad odd lovers, 
sorely fold their love reflection and affections,
and sale old loaves of love to their lovers 

Still am tall,
and I will always stand tall in love,
with a medal of her untold beauty  

Still am tall,
because she is my tree of life insurance
and I am lifeless without her in my life

by Matt Caliri |
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King-Sized Bull Crap Machine Busters

You are the light
From the small crack in the door.
Illuminate your darkness.
Feed the deprived
With your good thoughts.

You are the bearer of World Peace.
Show the others how to be.
Don't be offended.
Don't get sucked in.

You are the path 
They must walk.
To punish, prod, or persecute
Is playing the lower game while

You are a star 
Shot across the sky.
The mean people are beneath you,
So that you may lift them into the night
To be reborn the next day.

What does this all mean?
You wonder in your daydream.

Don't take the high road
Without the deplorables alongside you.

Just as you wouldn't marry a brown toad
Before saying "I love you."

by Niketa Mckenzie |
Categories: heart, lost love, love,


I am tired of my heart breaking
Stressed out because of all the love you have taken 
I am drained left to die on the side of the road
Thought you were my prince you turned out to be just a toad
My poor heart I am so sorry you trusted me I let you down 
But I promise ill make it up to you in pain you will not drown

I will keep you warm I will keep you safe
Your enemies will be destroyed I will carry out a strafe
And never again will I love never again will I risk your life
I will keep you warm I will keep you safe and in solitude you will rife.

by Venita Schindler |
Categories: fantasy,

Tis How the Story Was Told

Tis how the story was told.    
Old toad jump up on a lilly
 Pad lost and alone

 For his love was gone
 Carried away in the 
 Wind they say 

On that very day.
 When the rain
 Just came and stayed

 An unwelcome blanket of tears
 Tis how the story was told.
 The old toad still sits on that

 Old lilly pad in his ghostly form
 Waiting on the Strom to blow in
 once again in hopes

 It blows his love back
 To stay,Tis how the story 
 Was told and i take it to me grave,

by Robert Pettit |
Categories: angst, lost love, sad, me, me,


I can live without a troublemaker like you. I don’t owe you a thing. There is nothing due. “Give me this, give me that” is all you ever say. Nothing ever changes. It’s the same from day to day. Now I see a different woman today with my eyes. Believe me, I won’t flatter you. You are no prize. I am sick of your selfishness and your irascibility. Nothing will please me more than seeing you move to another city. Right now, the way I feel, I would rather kiss a toad. I would like to throw you out the door into the middle of the road.

by Russell Sivey |
Categories: holiday, life,

The Witch's Spell

She laughs at the small children that are out Wandering the streets of this ice cold night Walking as though there’s not a soul about She’s waiting for them to come in the light Then she’s going to give them a big fright A witch she is, who’s much worse as of late Waiting for innocence by the front gate Wishing to turn a child to a small toad So she can complete a spell for a mate Love is all she wants, love for her abode
Russell Sivey

by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: hope, husband, life, love,

Useless Worry


There's a horrid feeling inside
That threatens to overload
I try to close my feelings tight
But I end up expanding like a toad

You see my ugly flaws
And I can't avert your eyes
The protruding of the talons and claws
Preduces me to lies

Yet you very well see
When I suck it all in
That these flaws are me
Though tucked deep within

The monster escapes in panic
And the world is all anew
Everything that was once static
Is all in 3D, Blueray...for you

I clutch onto the outside
Trying to discolour all the while
But then you simply override
My worries with a smile

by Courtney Dyer |
Categories: angst, depression, girlfriend-boyfriend, loss, lost love, love, recovery from...,

An Illusion

Masquerading as a Prince
Someone is playing a game of pretend or deceiving themselves
If you saw what I saw you would be humble
Bite your tongue, and grovel for you are dirt at my feet.

Your boastful brags intrigue me
What makes the toad demand things of others?
She wonders to her herself
Why she entertains his commands

No beauty on the inside or out
No winner here
No heart of gold
Just a space full of emptiness in this cold, cold room.

by Anoucheka Gangabissoon |
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One Liners

Lauded be men who spit on roads, but if a woman does so, she is taken to be a toad!

Life is lived like Lucky Luke: Labor, Lead, Lecture, Law-protect, laugh, love, leave!

A soul I am, feeling not bound by mundane laws, but freely seeking my own essence.

Calm, soothing silence of the forest, here I do feel that living does be my self!

Love, meant for those who blindly feel that life on Earth does be the truth of existence

Contest : One liners 6, 7 ,8 ,9 ,10 WHEN ONE LINE IS NEVER ENOUGH  
Sponsored by: Bev Smith

by Krish Radhakrishna |
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Love Log- Nonsense Verse

drunken toad by mistake proposed to a log, he was intoxicated by fumes from the bog, the log was quiet and remained unmoved, “sorry, I apologise, If you think I am rude!”

by Muhammad Abdullahi |
Categories: society

Frog At the Top