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by Linda-Marie Sweetheart |
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Listen To the Heart

"Listen! to the Heart" ~~~~~~~~ every heart strums strings of symphony an open book exploring dreams and fantasies the lovebeat touches emotions and feelings serene as candy-filled caramel cremes. every heart twirls in tune to love and romance a paradox portrait of lovers in a trance echoing laughter in harmonious haven or a fickle falsetto black as a raven. every heart is a treasure chest of precious jewels as tenderness comforts those heartaches so cruel the heart always gives; suddenly takes away so listen to the heart; hear the words it must say.

by Mel Merrill |
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Dancing Once Again With Words

Dancing once again with words,
As the two of us, embrace--
Another verse, another rhyme
Of waterfalls, and lace.

Romantic words in meter,
Although where's the gentle kiss?
Where's the touch and feel of it,
The tenderness, I miss?

Need I craft another verse, or two,
Of moon and leafy wood?
Should one appear, and touch my heart,
Then possibly I could.

But what would be the good of it,
Shall my words a love renew?
Then a sonnet I would surely pen
With the imagery of you.

And who can say, though distantly,
Perhaps a spark could grow--
Then I would dance, and cheek-to-cheek...
And let my poems go.

by Silent One |
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Nature of My Poetry

Let us embrace
like twilight kisses the sun goodnight.
Indulge in hues of scarlet, crimson and lilac,
until the salutation of stars .

In the nothingness of silence,
our souls will whisper sweet symphonies,
as we flow with sensual tones of night.

Tenderness of touch will compose a concerto,
along the nakedness of your innocence.

I will hold you like a violin,
feel smooth sensations of your strings.
Pulsate like a passionate pianist,
caressing silky ivory and satin ebony keys.

Upon the first scent of dawn,
I will watch your heart sigh,
as you lay breathless in my arms -
and become the nature of my poetry. 

Simple Musing
Silent One
23 October 2019

by Tim Smith |
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Wrap Me In Your Comfort

Wrap me in your comfort Let me melt inside your eyes Kiss away my salty tears Embrace me where you lie Undress me with your passion Sooth me with your song Tease me with your tenderness Drive me crazy all night long Be my pillow when I need one Blanket me with your loving care Cradle me in your arms of satin Be the answer to my prayer

by Charlie Smith |
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If only love befell your heart like fragrant scents of new spring hay the joy my dreams would too impart if such a verse I'd dare to say Feel the chances of a raindrop touch the tenderness of a rose pray the music will never stop before the wind of winter blows Let's weave tales of this love's history I am heartbound, please take my hand walk with me through all life's mystery for what only we might understand I know the sweetness of your smiles They take me back to childish wiles Poem Of The Day 11/05/2017

by Daniel Turner |
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An Unpaid Debt

With less tomorrows than I've yesterdays
In looking back I have but one regret
Before that last tomorrow fades away
I wish that I could pay an unpaid debt

Back to a summer day so long ago
How frivolous we were with innocence
Two kids in love and way too young to know
Decisions made in haste have consequence

In tenderness I'd kiss away her tears
I'd tell her I am sorry for her pain
Give back the love I'd carried all those years
Convince her that her gift was not in vain

I'd ask for her forgiveness on my knees
Tears of contrition I would surely weep
Then thank her for life's sweetest memory
And with her blessing peacefully I'd sleep

  October 10 2016

by Igor Goldkind |
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Wooing the Artist With Flowers

Words are merely thoughts to keep flowers company; 

Pictures you can hang in your hall.

But the faces of these blossoms, 

Slightly jealous of your smile,

See well past the obstacles you have stored there.

There is tenderness in their contemplation of the grayness in your eyes.

And they mutter amidst the clutter,

'tis not the speed that makes the journey, but the direction that you choose’.

Whilst welcoming the warmth from your hands as you arrange them.

by John Gondolf |
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Your Words of Love

Your words of love so soft and sweet
will lift my spirit off its feet,
and take it to the blue skies clear
to drift with clouds in stratosphere
until my days on earth complete.

With tenderness your soft words greet
and cause my heart to skip a beat
with longings always to be near
               your words of love.

And so with yearnings non discreet,
your thoughts of passion I entreat.
With gentle whispers in my ear
forevermore I long to hear
of tenderness as you repeat
               your words of love

April 24, 2022

by Donna Golden |
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Sweet the taste of honeyed lips
Upon my own, now drenched in bliss
Nectar tempting, beckoning with
Passion's most consuming kiss
Outpouring tenderness so softly
Though hearts are heavy, they alight
Engulf each thought of rationale
As we succumb to this delight
Outside nothing else exists
While this rare moment we prolong
Ceasing fight and argument, now
We give in to the siren song
The melody we play entrances
As would hypnotic pendulum
Heart strings strum forbidden dances
As it beats a savage drum
Leading up to its crescendo
The rhythm pounds erratically
Pulsing, raging, beats the tempo
Until we find our ecstasy

by Tony Bush |
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All I See Is Beauty

All I see is beauty in the burning of her words,
The flickering of flames,
Constructs of fires licking at the night
From snow white sheets of dreaming.

The senses of her bleeding, ink and roses,
Sensual vibrancy,
Gliding rails streaming to the stars,
The links between the earth and heaven’s tide.

All I see is beauty in the visions of her art,
The tenderness of angels,
Architects of chapels wrought of lace,
An arbitrary grace of love.

The impressions of her breathing, saffron breath,
Exhaling of her soul,
Bestow of sleeping kisses to the lips,
Priestess of the mind and loin.

by Lynn Marie |
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His and Hers

his smile mesmerized her
her scent intoxicated him
his eyes hypnotized her
her touch magnetized him..

precious moments linger...


his strong hands caressed her
her flowing hair tickled him
his sweet kisses captivated her
her playfulness enticed him


precious moments linger...

his tenderness showered her
her dewy glow bathed him
his legs entwined with hers
her legs entwined with his..

precious moments linger...

for eternally they are...

his and hers.

by Bill Baker |
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Tenderness, a Pathway To Unfathomable Love

Kiss me as you’d kiss a baby,
softly to show your love.
Touch me gently,
as you would someone hurt and afraid.

Hug me and hold me tightly,
that I might feel secure and protected.
Smile at me and laugh with me,
so I can see your joy and inner peace.

These are the things that sooth my soul,
inviting me to join you in a loving relationship.
These are the traits that will open my heart,
allowing love to flow freely.

Agree with me that we each have the right to be authentic,
and we’ll be free to be the best we can be.
Now two shall be one as passion is unshackled,
we shall frolic in unfathomable love.

by Mary Hoose |
Categories: betrayal, heartbreak, hurt, lost love, pain,

Like a Ghost

Deep within the darkened halls of my mind I search each memory of love not meant to be.

Where love shone bright but now has left only tattered webs of pain and sorrow for me.

Lost and left behind to wander aimlessly, to feel the viperous sting of what once was, now no more.

To know of love's beauty and tenderness and passion between two hearts and all scars that it bore.

Like a ghost forever to wander these empty halls whaling for love's lost memories day and night.

Forgotten, forsaken this ghost with a broken heart, invisible, just an empty memory in plain sight.

by Liam Mcdaid |
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in one's mind
beauty in the eye
that of the beholder

with love
sweetest darling
played using
the silken cords
on a spiders web

weaving together
feelings touching tender
soft and so
very beautiful
fall weak
at the knees

emotions churning
unbelievable softness
like those of a child
in tenderness

how this world
from so many colours
drawing from your eyes
looks and shines
amazing beauty
full of adventure

love it shines
in the light
of a thousand candles
flickering dancing
sweet gentle breeze
in the soul 

softly landing
floating spirits
loves beauty
a million miles away
in another space
known as 

~ ~ ~ ~

by Charlie Smith |
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The Book of Love

I look
     at you
     and see
     my happiness
     and from
     your eyes
     words of 
     such tenderness
     each page we turn
     our hearts embrace
     this wondrous gift
     God's perfect Grace
     to live for love
     pray ne'er to cease
     to be as one
     Divined by peace.


by Frederic Parker |
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Making Memories

As lovers tethered to the sandy shore
Who feel the soft motion of smoothest waves
As love's warmest lips meet for love and more
In wondrous desires this our moment craves
Beneath the changing sky, our love will find 
A sensual realm of dreams we will view
In a world of tenderness so aligned
To wet the quiet eyes from love so true
We'll hold the gentle hand to bond as one
And watch our footprints vanish in the sand
From the night removing red from the sun
Then fill the sky with a stary concert grand
To feel the waves upon love's warmest skin
To save this moment, watch the dawn begin


by Anne-Lise Andresen |
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- Teddy Beth -

associated with happiness 
a little touch of tenderness
lives and sleeps at my address
it's nothin I regret
will never forget
my eyes were wet
like a pet
I met

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Rhyming Nonet Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: charles messina

3rd place in the contest

by Anne-Lise Andresen |
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- Haiku X 16 Kissing In the Rain -

Silver shiny, careful summer droplets
                    Caresses and cool their naked sunburned bodies
                                 He kissed away all the drops

                                     Tenderness in his kiss
                         The rainbow, sunshine, thunder and rain
                                   Covered her with his kiss

A-L  Andresen :)

by Elizabeth Wesley |
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Hands of Time - Sonnet

To me dear love, you will never be old
It is your inner beauty that captivates me;
For in your face so many stories are told
That I contemplate in tranquil reverie.
The short time we shared brings vistas yet unseen
Promises to be discovered within the heart;
Perfumed with tenderness of what comes between
Those vacant hours when we have to part.
You are the treasure that has filled my being
Without you I am empty and incomplete;
But together we share that special feeling
That the hands of time will never cheat.
Let's take what we have and make it all come true
Those hours, days and years I would spend with you.

by Liam Mcdaid |
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Smiling Love

In sweet tenderness sweeping inside echoes moans turn tides
the sun warmly whispers joy your a  pleasant delight 
touching softly amber with your finger rays runs deep

Wind caressing the brow speaks within gentle love chains pearl drops fall
looking into distant clouds heart murmurs beat faster skipping
silver to white puffy grey smoking sighs surrender sweetly 

Magic smiling gently in the blue Heaven's a golden signal beams
larks singing merrily an enchanting tune holds captivating the air
in a circle of light honey, it's softly held on the warm glow upon your face 

 (Unrhymed Tercet)

by Sharon Gulley |
Categories: cancer, caregiving, deep, garden, mentor, psychological, recovery from,

A Summer of Lastingness

In a summer of lastingness, long ago,
what you had in store for me my love,
I could've never known.

Through the depth and channels
of the heart, you have shown me
life begins, where the loving starts.

Like an unfolded rose growing in the
morning's misty dew, you feed me
and then sheltered me as I grew.

If I stood before you today my love
you would see a full rose in bloom,
not at all hindered by gloom. 

A strong stem, no regrets, no sorrow.
Only togetherness with you, full of
brighter tomorrows.

Thank you for all you planted in the 
garden of my hardened soil.
A summer of lastingness has forever
brought tenderness instead of toil.

by Heather Ober |
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Love Letter

I saw you many times throughout the years
and knew you as the brother of my friend.
How is it that the world can coax and steer
us to or from the person fate intends?
For seven sunless years, you hid from sight,
just waiting in the wings for unknown cue.
My heart was burning out with waning light,
but you were coming slowly into view.
I know we took each other by surprise -
I never thought you'd be the one to light
the flame that once burned softly in my eyes;
with tenderness, your love restored my sight.   

Now even on the darkest days, I shine
to know your noble heart is truly mine.

Written: September 14, 2015

by Jack Ellison |
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My Dear Charmaine Chircop

Charmaine means love
Charmaine means happiness
Charmaine means tenderness
Charmaine means sweetness

Charmaine means softness
Charmaine means joyfulnes
Charmaine means gentleness
Charmaine means angel like

Charmaine means purity
Charmaine means truthfulness
Charmaine means angelic
Charmaine means kindness

Charmaine means sensitive
Charmaine means warmth
Charmaine means passionate
Charmaine means delicate

Charmaine means elegant
Charmaine means graceful
Charmaine means fragile
Charmaine means rare

Charmaine means exquisite
Charmaine means all these things
And more...

© Jack Ellison 2015

by Arthur Vaso |
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Left Wanting

Your smile
Your hug
Your kiss
Your caress
Your tenderness

Holding you in the night
Perfume scented tranquility
Bringing me humility
Your breath upon my chest

Is my life, till the day I rest
In my grave
Missing you

by Jimmy Anderson |
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Couplets of Your Love

As I emerge from the dark, your light engulfs me.
Love ignited with a spark, and I trembled in ecstasy.

Just a soft caress, from the tenderness of your touch.
I adore you with all I possess, which may be too much!

Your moist butterfly kiss, makes my very knees buckle.
I'm in a state of bliss, for your tongue's sweet as honeysuckle!

The smell of your honey pot, awakes every one of my senses.
You've hit the exact spot, for you've removed my emotional defenses!

Your love blankets me, sending me spiraling above.
My heart recites your poetry, and I'm comforted by your love!