Love Poems About Tang or Tang Love Poems
by Supraja Kannan |
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        The dark brown color engrossed much,
        Soft beautiful skin melts when I touch
When I unwrap the cover,my lips cannot wait to taste
when I munch it,I am transported into a fantasy place
      and nuts sandwiched between chocolate bars backhaul my sensories
      Caramel inside the bar,revitalize the beautiful childhood memories
It recalls the fights for chocolates and the crocodile tears
Now,when I lick the chocolate off my fingers,I feel young
      and I love to savor the taste of the chocolate tang 
                        NOW AND ALWAYS

by Candice Fabian |
Categories: food, girlfriend-boyfriend, love, passion,

The Chef

I peel you slowly.
Inch by inch.
Hands stutter, then
Nimbly uncinch.
First bite of flesh tight
And unyielding.
Slowly tenderize.
The salts are for curing.
You simmer slow.
Acid tang briefly
Taints the tongue –
Aromatic, you are like
Jasmine rice.
Just inhaling your slow roast
Slowly knead and
Behold my baking – 
Mine for the taking.  
Throat wants to sing –

by Mariana pavlich |
Categories: adventure, food, love, car,

Sniffed the wine ,goats cheese, bread in oil

The shore breeze rose familiar tang of the sea
Blue touring car , top down , rolling past palms
Brilliant white suit and panama  hat . Car toots!
Enjoying company sharing fine wine and pasta
Radiating high energy and a warm  personality
She felt the warmth of his breath he whispered
It  doesnt  matter .    I love you.   Youre beautiful.
She smiled  her  forehead covered with kisses
She finally let herself relax  loosened her scarf
Harps, lutes , ivory horns, kettle drums , guitars
Hung high from the  ceiling and oak panel walls

by Onyebuchi Okonkwo |
Categories: caregiving, love,

Love for Lavender Cologne

To tales that came on vast meadow
Beyond days that would tomorrow
Be, is tasty tang on bitter tongue;
Life to shriveled  strength of ping pong
Passing over in time, chaos will borrow.

In my hand, bottled gas to blow
Rosy scent upon my mom, aglow
It set air veins, fringes that belong
                         To tales that came.

Cherished, yet it was long time ago
When it left me to join the row
Of  relics. Lavender glass, long,
Lofty like a famed minstrel's song
Mom's love for my cologne can't go
                          To tales that came.

For Cyndi Macmillan's 'Gifts Given, Gifts Received Contest'

by Jeremy Street |
Categories: art, love,

Someone Call Up Wang Chang And His Brother Tang

Houston, We've Got A Thang....
Bang Bang, Rush It Through The House
Where's My Butt Hole Mouse ? How Mow Brown Cow
Black Cinderella, With Her Tic Track Fella Singing Acappella
Do We Have An Accord Take It To The Board I'll Be Your Lord Horde
Miss Piggy And His Ziggy, Stardust She's A Must With This Bust Bed Time 
Red Line Where's My *uckin Mouse Chorus Boris Blue Light Tender Thighs United Lies.

by Tony Bush |
Categories: love, passion,

Wild Blackberries

The taste of wild blackberries on her lips,
And the grains of vanilla on her cheek,
The tingle of brambles brushed my eyes
When I kissed the velvet physique.

A tang on the tongue of aniseed
When shuddering gasped a torrid peak,
The taste of wild blackberries then once more
And vanilla on her cheek.

by Roger Hadden |
Categories: absence,

Absence Of Love

Dark wine reminds me of you
The burgundies and cabarets
The tang and thrum and hiss
That spiral like Egyptian silk

Nights that swell like cork
This night, a thousand
Under va single lamplight
In public or alone
Very late or very early
When I write my poems

Something of you still taut
Still tugs still pulls
A rope that trembled
Hummed between us
Hummed, love, didn't it
Love, how it hummed

by verlecia fields |
Categories: best friend, caregiving, celebrity, child, culture, food, humorous,

Mommy Tang

Mommy Tang

she so funny 
she so smart 
Mommy Tang
has the best of hearts
she wiggles and moves 
with the speed of a tiger
sometime she laughs
like love is taking
her so much higher  

and If she takes 
time from out her mothering day 
then we all get to 
come out and play
her voice is, so lovingly loud
she makes us all so 
damn proud 
that someone so great 
would come teach us 
what to put on our 
dinner-less empty plates    
so here to Mommy tang 
you make me want to be
a better everything...
and in the words of Mommy Tang
"Go be happy"Go be happy"

P.S. someone has got the bestest friend in the world!  


by Gregory Richard Barden |
Categories: love, metaphor, passion, sensual, sexy,

Sweet and Sour

~ soft petals of warm skin I taste their tang sour. your nectar like honey my opiate sweet. ~ ~ 3rd Place ~ in the "Light Up The Page" Poetry Contest, Joseph May, Judge & Sponsor. (Syllables counted at

by Gregory Richard Barden |
Categories: kiss, love, passion, sensual, sexy,


     ~   Our mouths mix madly,

                                      your tang, still thick on my tongue ...

                       sharing you ... with you.   ~

by M. L. Kiser |
Categories: animal, cute, nature, poems, poetry, uplifting,

Koalas Love A Cooling Tang

cooling tang upon my palate- eucalyptus leaves sleep comes- a one-track mind’s exhausting nature’s way is the best- fine dining

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Parallel lives

parallel lines
lines that never meet
is this a sign
to declare our defeat

what if we break the rules?
will we still lose?
I wish we won't
cause I love you


by Eric Ashford |
Categories: poetry,

Revealing Rain

Listening to thunder and rain, looking for a reason to think finding only the ocean that speaks in the sky. A kind of love poetry born out of summer tears and the sweet tang of surrender. It is possible to float to the surface of your life, to lazily journey into the wordless roots of peace knowing you live and have your being in-between the two worlds of there and here.

by Carol Pelizzari |
Categories: animal, howl, i love you, sensual,

Swimming in Moonlight

My head is howling, 
Hollowed feral eyes watching,
The harp of the moon a thrum in my chest.
Love run away, I can't bear for you to see.

The tang of blood against my teeth,
I swore that I'd never let you hurt me.
But your plumb fingers strum a heavenly tune,
And it's crimped my resistance into a jagged three.

Sharp pearlescent nails scratching into my skin,
You've already won, just let me in.
My brain is trapped within the endless night,
wishing for the eventide.