Love Poems About Swallow or Swallow Love Poems
by Daniel Cheeseman |
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Sailors Follow

Those stars that sailors follow
Guiding less the sea to swallow

And the night seas black as tar
Beyond the wave a land afar

Halyards taught, blocks in tallow
Breezes fresh and salt swallow

Timbers creak, white horses foam
Callused hands and oceans comb

And the stars pull them forth
South, east, west and north

Cabin boy or salty jack
Afore the mast, bare their back

Seas of glass or howling gales
Stands his watch what ever ails

For them the ocean a magic place
For every dawn a changing face

The face of his one true love
The wind, stars, skies above

by Winged Warrior |
Categories: growth, inspirational love, longing,

The Nectars of Love

The Nectars of Love Let your love fall, that I may wallow Let your tears drip of inner essence Entranced by the nectar I swallow As I engulf and taste your presence *** Let your beating heart keep company The emptiness that entraps my being I’m a string vibrating in your symphony Forever echoing festal forever freeing *** Intoxicated by your juices made wine For the gods pour down their nectar Indulging in grapes of the orchid vine Seducing our souls a haunting specter *** The nectars of your love are ingested And the fluids of my heart arrested. Sept.05.2018 OK TOSS ANOTHER ONE IN Sponsored by: John lawless

by Winter Wallace |
Categories: angst, art, confusion, depression, forgiveness, inspirational, introspection, life, music, peace, visionary

Dear Me

Dear Me,

I need you to be stronger
I need you to never be afraid

swallow your pride,and your flight will be softer
tell her you love her,even if it hurts

Grab onto your dream and live it
Do not be afraid of the sun's divinity

Be better,love more, hold on.

Dear Me,

Enjoy every stop of the ride.
For when the train finally stops...we die

Until we witness the angels dance after final day...
Dear Me, hide your fears away

by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: death, life,

In Twenty Years I Might Be a Tree

I Might Be a Tree

In twenty years I pray I won't be gone
placed six feet beneath a manicured lawn
I'd much prefer to give old death the slip
To guzzle life instead of just a sip

Mind and spirit together playing song
I'll rest a bit but not for very long
You see, there is so much I wish to do
Yes many years can feel like just a few

The company of those I truly love
will lift my spirits like a flying dove
The flowers that I plant will be in bloom
Beauty will surround me in every room

The ground might open up and swallow me
Don't worry I'll reach up and be a tree!

For Brenda's "You 20 Years from now" contest.

by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: break up, cry, feelings, i miss you, missing you, sad love, today,

Indian Giver

(To give then take)

I shut my eyes for a few seconds today
Missing you, I wished you were here
Then suddenly the walls became dim 
My heart murmurs your name 
I swallow the tears behind my eyes 
Claiming back the wish 
Why would I ever let myself fall in love again?

By: PD

by Ninette Carey |
Categories: allusion, character, for him, heart, inspirational,

A Choice

Peace again rules My  Day
Comforting.... in a pleasant light hearted way
Nature draws me near
Banishing all my fear
Thank You Lord
For giving me Light
Holding me Dear through the Night
It is a Choice that we make
A Dream this Love must not forsake
Take my hand and come with me
There is nothing if you follow the dark
Eventually you become the mark
It is never to late to swallow your pride
Humble is a lasting stride..... 

by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: angel, death, heaven,

- Gentle Wings -

                                       Grief can swallow you
                               Soft tears of love from your heart
                                          Memories to keep
                                 Pearl drops falling from the sky
                                         Eternity has no end

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Tanka  5-7-5-7-7  syllables

by Tim Smith |
Categories: love,

Erasing The Black

Twittering squeaks, the Swallow calls
Harboring inside these darkened walls
High in the loft, of the barn where she rests
Calling her mate to come back to the nest

Majestic beauty come to me once more
Together we'll spread our wings and soar
Singing our song with the rise of the sun
Perfect harmony between two loved ones

Memories of flights over fields of green
I was your knight, you were my queen
Flitting and fluttering we were in love
No longer swallows, we were now doves

Hearing his calls, her mate has come back
Her day's been brightened, erasing her black

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: beauty, imagery, love, romantic,

Tie-Dyed Sky

Ebony silhouettes inked by a dying sun depict two lovers in a synergy of hope. Inseparable dreams slowly morph into one subservient to the whims of compliant hearts. And azure pools reflect a tie-dyed denim sky as enchanted dreamers seal their love with a kiss. Twinkling stars confetti the emptiness of space as darkness descends and shadows swallow last light. Time seems to stand so still reality pauses and motionless they swim to the depths of their souls. (Blank Verse) 2/26/2015

by Carole Duet |
Categories: friendship, love,


Friendship is easy to swallow But love can get stuck in your throat. Friendship is sad to lose But the loss of love leaves you hollow. Friendship makes you laugh But love is a joy to the soul. Friendship is comfortable and you feel safe But love is a dangerous place. Friendship brings you out to play in the rain But love is in bed on a rainy day. Friendship is a choice But love calls with an irresistible voice. By: Carole O'Terry Duet Copyright: 2018 "All Rights Reserved"

by Melissa Wadkins Patterson |
Categories: confusion, lost love, love, me,

Oh Fisherman

I am in stupid love,
a fish out of water
caught by a slimy worm.

Hooked by hunger
and evidently truth,
but this bowl is far too real
to swallow.

My freedom was stolen
and he just laughs
as I swim around
in ridiculous circles,
searching for a knob-less door.

My voice gurgles as I ask him,
Oh simple-minded fisherman,
why'd you go and snag me like that
and what did you keep me for?

by Michael J. Falotico |
Categories: devotionday,

"An Evening in October"

I walk outside on this cool October morning...
My mouth is open to swallow this cool air so alluring...
The taste of fall fills my insides for a hunger not revealing...
A warm stew on the stove, the aroma kisses my kitchen ceiling...
The day mapped out leading to cuddling on the sofa to view a movie...
Feeding my love warm apples as her eyes are a mirror to my fantasy....
With my head on her chest as her fingers run through my hair...
Our world is a painting framed in roses and hung with such care...
A day we live over and over again, and we know its written in the stars 
to never ever end....

by Serenity D'nae Montgomery |
Categories: lovelove,

End This

Don't love him
he really doesn't love you.
He's a lier, a cheat,
you just can't see him though.
He may tell you he loves you
fill your head with all these little lies,
but really,
it's all a big disguise.
He's fake.
Just another one of your big mistakes.
Thoughts and regrets fill your head.
"Time to take another pill", you said.
One by one,
you take and swallow them.
While the whole time,
you're thinking about him.
Hating that you love him,
wanting to stop
ending all this madness
with one simple pop.

by Tim Smith |
Categories: life,

Whiskey Glasses and Bathroom Mirrors

Two o'clock she hits me hard 
I salute to another captain 
look around and swallow hard 

Not as hard as you leaving 
hitting me straight between the eyes 
stars spinning right after midnight 
can't remember exactly why 

Whispers filled the empty cauldron 
along with a pint of homemade wine 
life already was a struggle living 
now what am I going to do with all this time 

Whiskey glasses and bathroom mirrors 
keep on holding back the cries 
another pent up night in Georgia 
running scared and telling lies 

Come on back before the summer 
when my troubles will be unclothed 
sprinkle love upon these shoulders 
before this man has decomposed

by Winged Warrior |
Categories: love, lust, passion,

Bathing in the Nectars of Love

Bathing in the Nectars of Love Let your love fall now that I may wallow Let the tears drip of your inner essence Entranced by the nectar that I swallow As I may engulf and taste your presence Let your beating heart keep me company The emptiness that entraps my being A string vibrating in your symphony Forever echoing festal freeing Intoxicated by your juices wine For the gods of love pour down their nectar Indulging in grapes of the orchard vine Seducing our souls a haunting specter The nectars of your love are ingested Thus the fluids of my heart arrested. Dec.15.2018 Super Sonnet Sponsored by: John Hamilton N/A for contest

by Bobby May |
Categories: life, metaphor, new year,

Newness of Life

This light has dimmed among the stars
Flickering from up above seen from afar
With a heart crushed by an asteroid
Crumbling into pieces falling to the ground

Let the earth swallow them up and go on
Growing life within sprouting a new one
Tasting the new waters from the rain above
Letting the sun give the soul warmth and free love

Let not the fall crumble these leaves
Let not the winter be cold and freeze
Let the spring bring a newness of life
Let the summer travel without strife

Cast your sorrows away starting a new day
Place your faith up above and find love
A never ending Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall
A new life given to all.

by Mike Gentile |
Categories: desire, hope, longing, love, song,

A Smile Up The Road

If I thought I had a chance
         to even think about romance,
 on you, my sweet, well, it never showed

But if you look my way
         on some sad or sunny day 
    you know, I’m just a smile up the road 

If I could just decide
            to swallow up my pride
 and call on you, would my heart explode

I guess I’ll wait and see
             if you ever think of me
    and know, I’m just a smile up the road

If I could but recall
                   a single word at all
  to give me hope, to ease my weary load

When just your slightest grin
            affects the mood I’m in
    I think, you’re just a smile up the road

by Daniel Human |
Categories: christian, irony, love hurts,

Cold love

We can all read that the love will become cold
We can all see that what has been foretold
Is the world we live in now

We can be amazed that two thousand years ago
It was written where the world would go
It is the world we live in now

The love that is cold is from the brothers close
A bitter cup to swallow, a bitter poisoned dose
It is the world we live in now

We see selfishness
We feel loneliness
We see lawlessness
We feel lovelessness

As was sagely said
In the pages that I’ve read:

“To live up high with the saints we know,
Oh Lord, that would be glory,
But to live down here with the saints below,
Now that’s a different story!”

by HGarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: death, husband, love, wife,

A Brief - Grief Document

Still YOU can hear the Sobbing, Throbbing, Heartbeat of A Broken Heart
YOU can feel Her Sorrow, Swallow Sadness, flowing : the contour of Her Face
The Tears in Her Eyes, Sighs of Suffering Alone Now; Yet NEVER APART
She Walks the Rainbow, Below the Gates of Heaven, HER FOREVER enters Grace

Inspired by “ Anne Rutherford “
Dedicated in Memory of HER FOREVER and ALWAYS ; “ HUSBAND “

by May Fenn |
Categories: first love, happiness, love, nature, spring, weather,

It's Spring

It’s Spring

Today I saw
A swallow fly
And spring was nigh,
An oaken branch
Puts forth its leaves
And winter grieves.
A bluebell shoot
Escapes the earth
Which gave it birth,
A black- faced lamb
With legs unfurled
Surveys the world.
White clouds parade
The heavens above
And I’m in love.

by Millicent Mashatola |
Categories: cheer up, happy, love, mother,

You are my flower

You are my flower
The flower from the island
You make me happy when am sad
You make me laugh when am lonely

When I need company there you are
There you are when I need a friend
Indeed you are my flower

Without a word-without a gesture
You are my flower
You are my flower
You are appreciable and understandable

You are my flower
You are a tree with large pale-pink flower
You are a bird rather like a swallow

You are my flower
Indeed you are my flower
You are my flower.

by Rushda R |
Categories: fantasy, love, nature, passion


The river stood like a shadow watching them
rise with the sun of passion
and the horse gallops 
now fade
into a thick mound of trees 
Calista turned
to swallow the wind
with a thinning hope 
gathering her pearl white gown
like beads into a hand
she gaped,
a shiny water mirror
an icon of the past
a moment
where love rivered through the air
where breaths sang
when she opened like
a lotus  soft as skin
and passion bloomed
where ripples shimmer 
to whispers
where tears run deep
and anger waits coiled
with fear
where she felt more like his slave
 than his princess.

Contestant name: Rushda Rafeek

Contest name: Reflection

by Al Amin Abdul Moin |
Categories: anger, angst, dad, family, father son, fear,

Villainous Volcano

To be related to a volcano,
Groomed to stifle oceanic ember,
Doomed to love less, so fearful to love her,
The dragon is feared even in slumber,
It's beautiful but do not approach, No!

I am a mountain, just another mountain,
I will not spit those flames like a fountain,
I swallow them, unable to grow tall,
A majestic evil or  just a small
hill! It's common in these parts, after all. 

by Abidah Mahri |
Categories: absence, boyfriend, crush, dream, girl, sad love, self,

Clara's Fluttering Dream

Oh night, swallow me up,
Make me disappear,
Begging clasping my hands together,
       Cover me with your darkness- my blanket they will be,
Dry the drops with your whistling wind,
Lend me your twinkling white stars,
Introduce me to carefree wandering night souls,
Tell them to guide me through this pitch black tunnel,
I longed for your ataractic colors,
Meddling with blacks, browns, blues
Drifting with summery winds, the dried leaves are dancing,
       Give me your clouds- my pillow they will be,
Soothe my heart, soothe my soul

Suck back the butterflies for they were set free, wildly
Back to their cage where they should be.

14 September 2015
Status: somnolent. 

by ellinor sador |
Categories: love, writing,

Letter to Rosie

I could tell you about the souls that I borrow,
the words that I swallow,
but that is my own sorrow.
Let's stick to me,
because after all these years you still do not see;
that what you have got is really me.
Last night I wrote you a poem,
about how lovely you looked in that new gown.
You returned me a frown.
You told me ":Let's talk about you for a change."
My writings just don't seem to do.
But what can I tell you?
I thought you already knew,
your dear Edward, a writer that's true.
Just listen, to these words that I brew.
There is not more to me, then there is to you.