Love Poems About Surfing or Surfing Love Poems
by Robin L. Gass |
Categories: confusion, introspection, love

Soul Surfing

and tossed
dazed, confused
tired of tears
and being abused
I am trying to grow
and find a much better way
I have two choices...leave or stay
loved with such anger tears me in two
trying to figure out what I should do.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 10th grade, 12th grade, angst, anxiety, feelings, imagery, metaphor,

Barren Solitude

I'm out of my element, a beached whale that can't breathe, drowning in a world of air. A tattered palm-frond caught up in love's gale surfing upon cascading waves of hope, I defy the odds of chance and elope. A lonely calf, I swim to what's out there, but my impulsive plan is doomed to fail. A tide of lies drains this waterless place where love flounders in barren solitude. A mountain of rot reeking in disgrace discarded by a putrid ocean of fear, with a broken heart and a sand-filled tear. Bobbing in lukewarm pools of platitude, iceberg-dreams dissolve, leaving little trace. (Rhyme) Aug. 9, 2018

by Steve Voorhees |
Categories: funny

surReality TV

From every side of a culture filled with "pop"
I could flip through five thousand channels non-stop
Surfing through waves of Pepsi and Spears
wading through starlets priming in mirrors

Oh, Oh!! Its Paris!  Never more substantial things to see
I hope her new BFF is Britney, or Whitney...or Whatever
I saw Miss Hilton's soul walk out of her lithe body
It looked like a celaphane bag filled with pink cotton candy
Walking chin up with Tyra,  picking our next Top Model
to marry the next American Idol on a special 
edition of  "Making the Bachelor of Love" 
Oh the Humanity!  Oh the Reality!

They found true love on TV....Isn't life botoxiful??

by Vijay Pandit |
Categories: romantic, sky, stars,

Stardust galactic imprints

Float with me, my love, amid coral pink nebulae on the astral stagecraft
Surfing wavelengths ultraviolet, in close encounter of two dreamy hearts;
Oh, how charming it is, to woo romance in opal aura of stardust galaxies!
Glistening your happy smile, in sculptor’s blueprints upon blushed motifs
Like the ephemeral musings of burning meteoroids on ruby rose tapestry
Lost in the constellation’s scarlet orange tinges on kaleidoscopic imprints.

June 15, 2020
Placed 3rd:Stardust Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Nette Onclaud

by Jeralyn Tolliver |
Categories: analogy, love, rainbow,

Rainbow Love

The act of keeping you in my heart is like surfing through double rainbows, knowing that the spectrum of color diminishes into the clouds. Finding out the pot of gold is just a myth. What nature presents is a mysterious beauty that can only be mirrored by the allusion of true love. As I observe the colorful arches with awe and amazement, I think of my hand reaching into your soul to extract deep feelings of love and comradery.

by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: analogy, beach, beautiful, beauty, passion, patriotic, places,


Fall in love with the Philippines...
Pearl of the orient seas..
Known with its lustrous green forests..
Famous of it's soft to white beaches..

Fall in love with the Philippines..
Hospitable and respectable persons..
Lots olf activities to choose from..
Mountain climbing, camping, diving, surfing..
Choose, try and actively explore...

Fall in love with the Philippines..
Seemingly poor yet so rich in history..
All around you will see white to bronze colored Pinoys..
Nurtured by values and of traditions...

Fall in love with the Philippines..


by Seth C Mongrut |
Categories: passion

The Dance

Lost in the forest of surreal imagination
I see you looking at my mind
with something to hide you give me a smile
with nothing to give I feel you so mine

Our fingers are playing little games
games of love
our hands are holding the vine of desire
they don't stop until our bodies become one

The music of madness is alive
everyone poisoning
our worlds are shaking
the same way we are surfing on the waves of our own rhythm

Carlos Mongrut

by Davin Payne |
Categories: love, me,

the delectable treat of serendipity

I tore a collared shirt hopping a gate 
and lost a button shimmying across the peak of a roof 
just so I could cuddle in privacy
oh, life, what heights to climb just to float down kindly
on clouds or surfing crowds
the things that bring together others and fill with pleasure
the very emptyness in the sense of experiencing such realities
alone, they say we die alone, but someone told me to fear not
deep thought, carried on with a walk uphill, to find a peaceful place
before the sun showed its face
oh, life, what great fall to take 
when tripping on my very own heart strings
playing a soft melody, lulling me to focus my attention
on the things that matter, beyond simply just matter

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: bird, devotion, longing, romantic, true love,


Lovely mourning dove of my dreams
I long for you with all my heart
Cannot bear to be apart
Be we together surfing moon beams
Or soaring high chasing sun rays 
Manoeuvering playfully in the sky
In pursuit of every butterfly
I need you all my nights and days
Forever darling I will be true
My heart to you I surrender
Tell me at least I’m a contender
I offer only true love entre nous

AP: Honorable Mention 2020

Submitted on November 9, 2017 for contest LOVE LETTER sponsored by VIV WIGLEY  -  RANKED 6TH

by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: beautiful, feelings, how i feel, humor, imagery, water,


Colorful bouncing bubbles pops close and constellate . . . As I am tease and toss by brisk ocean waves Rollicking lots from me wonder, laughter, thrill and chase Surfing! Surfing side by side with bubbles and playful tides Arousing both from me a fountain of youth, excitement and race!
(c) Olive Eloisa 11:36pm June 19, 2014 ***i love those bubbles.. :D!!! weeeeee!!!!

by Dave Reynolds |
Categories: baby, beach, child, devotion, imagination, mothers day, trust,

Free to Love

Mother of the sea
Living, loving to be free.
Exploring, surfing a wave… together we shall enjoy each day
 The wonders of the ocean will nurture.
Don’t forget my child, this life is a gift.
We only get one.

by Jeremy Street |
Categories: baby, baptism, love,

An American Bastard In London

Surfing her parks hanging out at the johns
Playbook play writes recipricated his southside
Invasion rock their dock in red rag love make-up wardrobe ?
We knew of a bit it was your solo show and she really likes her numbers
Makes the _itch feel somehow secure while their slobbering about someone's
Fornication playing songs as cutting lines desperation pegged in tears surfing this goodbye.

by Angeline Haikutwinkle |
Categories: i love you, imagination, kiss, love, passion,

How lovely

Your voice sounds in my ear
Smacking your lips
Leaping out of the screen 
You nibble my ear down to my neck
Curling lips smiling joyful
You are soul surfing into my spiritual being
Blue waves crashing red sands passion flower blooms
Kissing sounds tickling gently rocking my mind
You are gliding on my spectrum 
Exploring all of my moods
With each discovery you find
Intrigues you in your own thoughts
You drive me deeper with love remaining mysterious

by Brian Faulkner |
Categories: business


Star-dash cars now zip along the street,
Winking into town,
Awerving like party-colored leaves
Surfing the wind.

Everyone's going going going SOMEwhere!
Gone.  Here?  Yes!
Straight to the top!
Another perfect day
For another perfect dollar!

Mine!  I have nade it!
Now send up flowers
And sky-hearted piano players!
I want clouds to break,
And stars to take,
With craft ever true up-soaring!
Sky, sun, time----won!
Won for the President
Of company ME!

Am I too bold, too free, too loud?
Just wait till I'm more proud!
No, I can't be quiet.
Love, come now, with me, all night!

by Angeline Haikutwinkle |
Categories: beauty, desire, love, romance, romantic, soulmate, true love,

The Surfer

You glide through this virtual space
surfing bravely across the fiber optic
pressing your big wide lips onto my delicate skin
rising ocean waves matching heartbeat pulses

You have surfed into my mind and soul
building sensations throughout my nerves
blessing your soul onto my human form
praising each moment our bodies unite 

Your serenading voice leaves a mark 
resonating deep within my chambers
wrapped in your breath of love
I surrender my all into your whole being

Together we are One

by HighWave Brian |
Categories: beach, blessing, god,


I walk to the edge of liquid space
on infinite grains of white
green glass coolness takes me
and makes me work, it's not for free
I glide my way to beyond the edge of chaos
to find my waiting place
waiting to ride what He has made
His world touches my face, and I ponder
for this creation to point to Him
He shows such love for me
He brings its force so constantly and lets
me play my way
gently carried on such power
it's all bridled by his hand,
and me so small, so infinitely small
He made this place, this liquid space
but lets me play this day
I glide my way to my place,

by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: destiny, earth, nature, science,

Regenerate My Day

Natural ecosystems include biosystems, like people, ourselves, those we love, Earth, enemies we love to hate, plants and animals, internal ecosystems living within biosystemic teleologies of time, speaking in logos-dynamic language of love hunting health of light filling diastolic therapies, of life as regene-relational holonic process swimming in a vast surfing sea of medicinal becoming.

by Anindya Mohan Tagore |
Categories: life, nature, sea,


sea sees a lot
from the deep blue depth
where shall I hide myself?

wavy beauty
never gets tired
when do you go to sleep?

search continues
pearls from the sea shells
where does true love reside?

waves made me float
surfing on your love
when do I reach the shore?

dolphin whistles
sharks are coming by
now, what to do, my god?

sea smiles a lot
they are not humans
why are you so afraid?

(C) Anindya Mohan Tagore (Bobby)

For contest :Trashed # 3
Sponsor : Broken Wings

by sekitto kisakye |
Categories: social


Every morning,
they stand on the streets
smartly like me,
and sharp like you.
They hold files and pens
as if they are great,
but in the real sense are gambling
with life.
They have no permanent places
to carry out their work,
they just use cafes  to make their plots.
They are good in surfing,
and sending junk mails
to inform others about what's new,
and what is going ahead
in the field of love, business and jobs.

by jai Garg |
Categories: life, love

Spider Mite

Lady Spider weaving her web again;
Powerful stories surfing on the net.
Hostess - protecting anchors around
Trail Blazer, accosting melodic sound.   

Wonder now, what traps she spins.
Boomerang, those frailed legs wantonly pin.
Hideous grips, Neo Geometric moves,
Tempting shots, another day, type cast hooves.

True DNA, we ought to meet,
Face to face on grass luscious green;
Fencing brainstorm, Vedic games:
Who lost and who reigns supreme.

Mark words; the destiny song sings,
Limpid Plangent the oasis rings:
Grasshoppers play their fiddle well.
She spider fries her tale: and it sells. 

by Balveen Cheema |
Categories: addiction, writing,

A Vice You Love

A Vice You Love

Barely quarter of a year ago 
While surfing the net I came across 
Poetry Soup, and it has changed my life
Wings of miles away from its headquarters

When I wake I sip it with my bed tea
Before retiring I take it as my sleeping pill
It rolls on my lashes when I sleep
It has become my sweet addiction

Daily it engineers my itinerary of platonic travel
At every step the routes are charted out
An encyclopaedia into quilling emotions
It lights my thoughts into a thousand volts 

November 22, 2015
Contest: A Vice You Love
Sponsor: Rob Carmack

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: faith, life, love,

Free Will Dove

Clouds have amassed dampness fills the spring air
Two flocks of Blackbirds meet in sky unite
Put on a ballet for me, then begin to pair
In the tallest Pecan Tree clustered no fight

When in flight, they looked like schools of small fish
Surfing the sky, those Blackbirds seem so small
To God do we seem like grasshoppers whishing
No! He knows each of us by name one and all

Even before we're knitted together
He loved us so much that he gives free will
We can chose to love him and others
Or we can deny and His Presence kill

Spring such a lovely time_birds meet, mate, love
People a lovely creation, free will dove___

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: introspection, life, love, nature, nostalgia, song, spring, love, song, spring,

Our Song Unsung

"There is something coming over me"
Love in everything_its amazing
Must be spring has pronounced decree
Great romance aflame blazing 
All the birds, crickets in song praising
Memories surfing corners of my mind
The spring of my life when we were young
The young love that we have left behind
Young love amazing, all reason to wind flung
Oh! For that spring again, our song unsung

Contest: English Quintain A Spring Day
Sponsor: Francine Roberts
February 02, 2012

by John Hamilton |
Categories: creation, destiny, imagination, love, true love,

Key to finding love

The key to finding love

Finding true love is like surfing, you must put yourself in the right place, be patient and pick the best wave.

John Derek Hamilton
July 19,2016

by Stephen Aniobi |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love, me, love, me,

Singing Parrot

My life is built on a plaster of gold,

Born with a silver spoon and a rubber plate,

With d sun smiling at me with vexation,

The depth of this out growing love I can’t stand,

Bluffing, surfing, grousing d sounds d parrot make,

You’re like a rose flower, blooming in the sun,

The sight of you I can’t stand,

Your smiles put me a million miles away,

Don’t torment me like that,

For love is the sober friend I never had,

You the reasoning the parrot sings.

You are the love I never had, my lost spoon.