Love Poems About Surfer or Surfer Love Poems
by KP Nunez |
Categories: ocean, summer, wind,


Into the wake of waves he rides. The surfer glides like bird in flight. He slips, gets up, head on collides, into the wake of waves he rides. His graceful dance with winds and tides shows love for ocean at first sight. Into the wake of waves he rides; the surfer glides like bird in flight.
29 May 2015 For Andrea Dietrich's Lovely Summer Triolet Contest

by Angeline Haikutwinkle |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, dream, happiness, love, romance, uplifting,

Love the way you

...say my name
it shoots a love star right into my heart
sparkling warm thoughts circling my coolness

I love the way you sing to me
tender tunes gliding surfer enters my soul
romantic waves surging passion flame ignited

I love the way you make my mind dance
painting your history onto my empty canvas
each stroke brushing gently stirring emotions

Loving the way you humor me
holding a soft spot at the bottom of your heart
low tides kissing the shore of my subconscious 

settling in...

by Savvy Raj |
Categories: appreciation, meaningful, peace, sea, simple, time, voyage,


Leave footprints if you must .
On the sands of time in trust
Just remember ….
No footprint is totally foolproof
to be washproof

All is a game
like the tides that tame
Even the strongest surfer …
Eternal to all is time and nothing else
And sparking in the cosmos we are all just wayfarers

Tread softly
Love authentically
Live lovingly
Behave empathically
Speak truthfully
Move consciously
Grow gratefully !


by Angeline Haikutwinkle |
Categories: beauty, desire, love, romance, romantic, soulmate, true love,

The Surfer

You glide through this virtual space
surfing bravely across the fiber optic
pressing your big wide lips onto my delicate skin
rising ocean waves matching heartbeat pulses

You have surfed into my mind and soul
building sensations throughout my nerves
blessing your soul onto my human form
praising each moment our bodies unite 

Your serenading voice leaves a mark 
resonating deep within my chambers
wrapped in your breath of love
I surrender my all into your whole being

Together we are One

by Earl Schumacker |
Categories: adventure, appreciation, identity, image, love, ocean,

I Love You Tsunami

I climb with you Tsunami Wong on the wild ride
Over whitecaped waves rising in sheets of blue
Surfer girl towering eighty feet high with style
Fearless on the board, gracefully balanced
Arms stretched wide to hug the sky
Rolling seas take you to the crest of beauty 
Breathless, tumbling together to the shore 
Flooding my mind with wet ocean dreams 
Dimpled cheeks, black hair flowing in the wind
Take me away to your depths but not to death
And when we crash inevitably on the ground
I want nothing more than to rest with you
Covered in warmth, blanketed in love
Tsunami empowered, tucked in your arms forever

by David Smalling |
Categories: allegory, loss

False Assumptions

It was jealousy, but not for love
A midget's fear inits ego's web
That some other self should prove
A better surfer on the ebb.
And so with lack of all attention 
Attained, she set a about
To poison the water in vexation
Where both swam ere all doubts.
If only she knew could fly too
She would put something for wizards in the toxic brew.
Those false assumptions did hurt
Though, but could not stop the destiny from his birth.

by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

What I Love about the Lord

What I Love About the Lord

What I will always love about the Lord,
Is when he gave me a great surfboard;
Quickly sped;
Had hit my head;
Riding waves with it do look forward.

Jim Horn

For Surfer Son Shawn Horn.

by Ross Blair |
Categories: addiction,

The Social Network

Go into the Badlands.

Get your private screening.
See how the universe works.

Have a double dose of psych.
Bath in its sea of love,
Smell the enemy within.
The dark tower. 
The soul surfer.

In your warrior's way,
Embrace the den of thieves.

You'll feel pretty.

Now, get out of my room
Big city greens.
Anywhere but here,
Repo man.