Love Poems About Suppressor or Suppressor Love Poems
by Anais Vionet |
Categories: analogy, cute love, teen, teen love,

Oracle Voices

I’m Imagining a place where we make sense - the hot-chocolate 
safe-house where we’ll tongue wrestle, watch Gossip Girl reruns
and cuddle - sustained by love and Cinnamon Life cereal.

This dark, coffin-like clock in the corner whirrs, mechanically.
Suddenly a little yellow-clock-bird bursts, jumping-jack-like,
through a tiny door on a blue, tongue-suppressor diving board.

“Cuckoo!” it shrieks, to mock me. “Shut up!” I say defensively 
but it repeats, “Cuckoo!” like an oracle - an unfeeling instrument 
of adult logic.

by Rebecca Pauley |
Categories: conflict, courage, for him,


Eff this and eff you,
And eff that horse you rode in on too,
The way you speak to me,
Is definatly uncalled for you see,
My tone can sometimes seem a bit rough,
I seem a bit cocky all actin' tough,
As your girl I should get respect,
Instead I only feel like a reject,
You said, "my queen" and I could dig it,
Other names you've given that I'd omit,
I do not treat you as a lesser,
So why are you such a suppressor,
We should be equal you and me,
Treat me well ill forever be your devotee,
Continue this way and you'll see me run,
Because I feel no love and its not any fun!