Love Poems About Suppression or Suppression Love Poems
by Shanity Rain |
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Let Me Go

Let me go
 show me out the door with kind words
  I want you to Love me ..
  not punish by Force
 My Prison, my warden 

                 Let me go
          My choice to be Free
      Free of suppression,  of my own creativity
       let me decide for myself
               my destiny 

                Let me go
           let go of me gracefully
     I belong to myself , children and God
       Let me go , let go of me 
                 I am free 
            to choose to love and give
                 I am Free 
          from what burdens me 
                now I am Free

by Victor Chavez |
Categories: lost love,

Ruined Heart

You haunt my soul
and left a hole
to foster death
within my chest.

Why came I to love you so?
you became my obsession
and my heart's suppression.
Ne'er again love's seeds I'll sow

for you became a rotten crow tree within my heart
whose unremovable rotted roots became my cark.

A corpse herein lies
who buries your lies
with which was caved in

by the weight of your sin.
His failed attempts to hate
the slaver causing craze
of his mind, the poor slave.

by Lynward Mckee |
Categories: bereavement, death, farewell, funeral, goodbye, i miss you, military,


With tear-filled eyes and arm in arm,
love surged without Suppression.

The future held no certain tale.
So noble was the session.

Family ties screamed out in anguish,
challenged by great powers.

Reached out for reasons to extend
the life of fading hours.

Goodbye, at last those dreadful words
would force their threat upon me.

Eye to eye thinking only,


by Ts Poetry |
Categories: love,

Love Letter From the Soul Xlv

Be, it's the eyes that draw me in subtlety seductive with a hint of fear but freshly lit and duty free there's no denying a night time dream of deference where drips of desire tumble down her dainty cheek no torture, no suppression, no midnight depression as those nails start digging in we cross then re-cross in a nearly perfect ring toro Pamplona fills the bill she winks, it's adoration a soul she's climbing in no spilling of tight held secrets tonight no bull is going to win

by Chris Matt |
Categories: deathmemory, memory,

Tomorrow's Anniversary

Tomorrow is a hard day.
When I remember someone, who passed away.
Its when I was needed at my brother's side, 
but I wasn't there, and he committed suicide.

Over the years, I dealt with agony and depression.
I couldn't put it away, so there was no suppression.
He thought his memory would fade, 
when his final choice was made.

His memory lasts on in my heart and mind.
Even though my life began to unwind.
I miss the times we had and should have had.
I just wish I didn't always feel so bad.

So many things I wanted to say over the years.
I guess I said them, with my endless tears.
I'll never know what went wrong that day.
But I tell you I love you, every time I pray.

by Sam Carl |
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Mirage---A spin on a sonnet.

So close to me that I can hear you breathe. 
Your eyes stare through me into wonderland. 
Suppression and secrets. Pain underneath. 
It’s astounding that I hold your hand. 
In dreams I think of you and only you. 
We laugh. Our lives, they feel complete at last. 
Lying together, we are always true,
As the sun falls gently, my heart beats fast. 
It’s only a dream I never live 
As you hide beneath your metal skin. 
Your soul gripping your heart: a wretched captive. 
You see me as such an impure sin. 
Our sweaty hands part and we never see 
Each other again. Only a mirage.

by M. L. Kiser |
Categories: animal, courage, growth, introspection, metaphor, muse, myth,

Every Dragon Dreams Just Like You

Dragons have dreams too; stereotyped, they have been. quite a friendly lot; just like us they love to play; they strive quite hard, to please us. Dragon suppression, creates great illness and pain; free your dragon. Open your heart and release; for dragons live within us.

by Leo Collinsii |
Categories: absence, addiction, anger, beautiful, boyfriend, break up, girlfriend,

Suppression of Depression

How many times have you typed "I'm okay" while crying?
How many nights have you had to
turn over your pillow because one side is soaked from tears?
How many times did that razor make sweet love to your wrist
bearing an offspring called blood?
How many times did he tell you he loved you and
you believed it because love blinded you?
Or How many times have she told you she loved you
but it being a broadcasted message to multiple phones?
And multiple hearts...
So why chastise me when I simply throw mine away..
wouldn't you?
-L. Collins

by Threase Robinson |
Categories: abuse, beautiful, betrayal, meaningful, miss you, romantic, sad love,



Absent from my sight and its hurtful
Believing I'll see you soon
Appetite suppression because of you 
Needing answers for you leaving 
Dying for your touch 
Opening my heart if you every return 
Not sure if I can keep waiting...
Everyday is getting better... 
Done with waiting for you and finally moving on 

Pixie poet

by Juliet Ligon |
Categories: anger, anti bullying, care, husband, love, relationship, wife,

Without Tyrannical Demands

Your innate desires aren't demanded
with a man-child tantrum.

With commendable actions,
you command your needs gently.

Your force isn't launched upon my face, 
but in place you open the door.

With eyes on the battlefield,
you yield your members to protect me.

Your height isn't guided by suppression;
I'm impressed with your helpful reach.

Your deep pitch isn't coupled with insults,
but lifted in benevolent leadership.

Willingly, I submit, in admiration
to an administration so wise.

My eyes esteem you with respect
for your strength reflects love.

My heart expands to meet your needs
without tyrannical demands.


by Joseph Silva |
Categories: confusion, loss, love, sad,

My Mistake

The disease sits between the lines
They collide and make beautiful catastrophes
The hand would do anything to take the pain
Take it from the heart and give it away
Taking everything from the mind. 
Consciousness, reasoning and the ability to think
Freedom is in the suppression of emotions
Sit back and feel the world. Feel the pain
It seems lost in the confusion
The chaotic banter numbs the senses, cancerous
Feeding on the heartache and breathing smoke
Deep and panic, not able to slow breathing
Choking on what used to be lungs

by Dallas Alexander |
Categories: urban

I'M Lost Now

Vision a nightmare
picture a circle of death,
Escalating the fight for life
and suppression of breath,
Praying into the wind
to save all that is left,
Ever wonder if she can here you
and if so will he help,
Questioning God because Allah
allows so much pain,
And Buddha teaches me much
except dodging the rain,
Or can I really be that blind
taking the fight to my brother,
Blood for blood right mama
After I tell her I love her,
Then I turn my back to the world

by Neti Aum |
Categories: i am, light, muse, perspective, poetry, universe, visionary,

Step Back

Step Back…

“Lynette, you are here to rise above your own suppression…”

Create a new way on Mother Earth…

If not you then who???

You are the Magnet…

Draw to you…

Your Power…

If it’s not right 
 -no justification
 -no Blame…

Send Love healing… 

Let it go…

Rise the Sun…

Fully on…



It’s ok to know…

What's not ok…

Surrounded by Love…

Womb still warm…


Step back it’s the community.

Step back it is the garden..

Step back it is the society...

Step back.

Step back..

step back…

Step back it is the systems.

Step back it is the universe..

Step back it’s all within…

Step Back.