Love Poems About Suppressing or Suppressing Love Poems
by Emile Pinet |
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Mothers Hear

When your fledgling heart is breaking and tears silently start to fall... mothers hear. When you whisper of secret loves suppressing muffled cries of joy... mothers hear. When lies are rehearsed in your mind, and before you utter a word... mothers hear. When you struggle to stifle screams, entombed in a cone of silence... mothers hear. When you learn to laugh at yourself and take life less seriously... mothers hear. When you mumble, I love you, Mom, and the words come straight from your heart... mothers hear. (Free Verse) 5/4/2015

by Fading Star Silence |
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My Destined Starlight

Lies whispered,
Seeking escape,
Soaked in caged deceit;
Mimes mocking withering 
Posies, left parched and sundered—
Suspended beneath obscured dusks,
Dripping amidst blinding aftermaths,
Idly shadowed by lewd scars of talons 
Amidst alcoves of echoing nocturnes 
Unshackled by your sweet afterglow, 
Healing me with the elixir 
Of our dawning horizons, 
Strumming eurythmic tunes, 
Suppressing starless 
demons, betwixt

by Andrew Crisci |
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Suppressing Something Beautiful

Suppressing something
beautiful is not feeling 
what all true hearts feel.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: angst, betrayal, break up, emotions, feelings, hurt, lost love,

Magic Wings

You wipe away trickling tears, but they reappear with ease. And each drop is laced with fears, for lies no longer appease. With your future drained of hope, happiness has slipped your grip. And you now struggle to cope, suppressing a trembling lip. Anxious to embrace your fate, innocence dons trusting eyes. And frustration fosters hate, camouflaging truth with lies. Aware of the pain love brings, anxieties start to climb. And you dream of magic wings, to escape the hands of time. From the fringes of disdain, emptiness consumes your day. For abandoned once again, love fades, yet heartaches stay.

by Mary Duhart |
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Suppressing the Pain

Suppressing The Pain

From deep within the heart cries out
A life of pain there is no doubt
You try your best to comprehend
Searching for comfort from a friend

Through journals you quietly vent
Not knowing what message you sent
Tears flowing you silently write
Living through pain night after night

Through all the pain you want to shout
From deep within the heart cries out

From time to time you want to cry
While you’re trying to reason why
Wanting others to feel your pain
As the tears roll like rushing rain

Looking for a little respect
Don’t always get what you expect
Others hurting so you reach out
Through all the pain you want to shout

by Barbi Locsin |
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I always feel like this 
This is what I feel: hurt, unwanted and unloved
How can I survive every day if you make me feel this way?
So I think it’s time, maybe it’s time

Let me stop this overflowing feelings
It makes me a bad - sad person
How can love affect me so much?
When all I’ve done is wait for you to ask

I always imagine things
I want us to collect moments
I don’t know if you’re just suppressing what you feel
But maybe if you can tell me, I guess we can talk about it

Sometimes I feel that you still love me, sometimes you don’t want me
I gotta stop this
I’m tired of all the lost hope, of the heartache and most of all the way you treat me

by Theresa Stephens |
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Ask Me Again

Ask me again when I can heed

As doubting your repentance

brings thoughts on fire

From sustaining love

as a food sourced need

To contemplating forgiveness,

when all looks dire

Suppressing all longings,

to deaden the sound

of conflicting emotions

making my head spin around

Ask me again when I can heed

in hoping felicity to be intact

Trusting to go where you lead

True hearts need constancy

so love can react.

In strengthened resolve

your pleas I heed

Love's ardent urgings 

winging their way

Remembering not commonplace

but love grown from seed

Your reiterating promises

never again to stray.

by Walter D Tomeo |
Categories: absence, confusion, dark, deep, emotions, lost love, love,

Unlearning Love

Were you been told about love?
That of kindness and purity?
Or were you a world learner,
Suppressing desires just loving away?

With the errant thought of love,
Giving and freeing feelings,
To erroneous beings of fire;
Love has never found form nor source.

And frequently soul grasps the habit,
Of whispering to the heart what’s love isn’t,
But the mind-body spectrum barely knows;
Confusing each feeling by falling in love.

by Ebenezer Baiden-Amissah |
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The Patched Road

They sorrow not that tread upon this patched road

They murmur not,complain not

For a heavenly prize

These gallant soldiers await

The joys they see

The tears they hide

They love not sleep

Toiling not in vain for

their faithful Master

Eunuchs some decide to be

Celibates they choose as such

To be identified with

Earthly passions subduing

Fleshly weaknesses suppressing

Fasting often

Praying everyday

The scriptures they study

All and sundry admonishing

Beyond Christ's cross to look

The crown of glory to behold

Upon their heads to be placed

In His coming Kingdom

by Michael Degenhardt |
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Gripping Fate

Into my heart
Plunged the hand of fate
Suppressing each beat
With strength and control

Now, if it beats,
It is the hand that permits
Allowing momentary flow
Total control of my being.

With short breaths
I seek to regain control
For naught, the heart is hers 
Her hand holds me, yet thrills

I’m fated to love.

by Laura Hew |
Categories: angst, confusion, drug,

Drugs of Love

a shepherd
Lost my head
and only
transferring it

by my self hatred.

your smiles

Living only
the help
of sorrows
blood transfusions
the marrow
its sunken in.
Sickly girl
looking thin

reaching for something
dull my
silence my
I'm done.
Hold me
my own

by Dedu Son |
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Thoughts of a Courting Couple

An awe-inspiring calling voice I heard
Suppressing all that was said in the night;
From nearby a pair of known legs appeared
Then we modestly lost our foolish fight.
Silent was the hotel were we abode
But for our loud voices that would no lie;
All that hateful feeling which we bestowed
Could not permit our sincere love to die.
The pain and the grief which daily came
Will be defended by eternal joy;
Will be repaid with a future blessed home
No disagreements will our love destroy.
It’s our strongest token of love bequeathed
It will be accomplished when we’re wedded.

by Jo Bien |
Categories: love, passion


In this quiet, before light dawns
Laying here, suppressing yawns
Your leg across me, a gentle weight
Loving, peaceful, tender place

My head on your chest, I feel your heart
Beating, pounding, a rhythmic part
Arms are wrapped around me tight
No place better on this cool night

Kisses gentle, all over me
Building to an urgency
Returning each that is bestowed
Our bodies traveling a road we know

And when the crescendo is complete
We lie here spent, the climax reached
Your leg across me, a gentle weight
Loving, peaceful, tender place

by Mark Matthews |
Categories: devotion, hope, love, passion

On the Wind

The hunt I begin anew,
for truly I am in search of you,
and though I don't know you it's true,
I almost caught your name when the wind blew.

So I run through my lands of gloom,
suppressing my inner thoughts of doom,
I will look for you until I am in my tomb,
but I would rather find you before going to the earth's womb.

I howl from the shadows to the moon,
praying to her that I find you soon,
desiring to spend warm nights with you in June
reading to you until it makes you swoon.

I crave to hold you by my side,
but 'til then inside feels as if I've died,
so I will search for you far and wide
to discover where it is that you hide.