Love Poems About Supposition or Supposition Love Poems
by Jim Yerman |
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Love-As Simple As Can Be

How many books, songs, poems and movies have been created 
on the supposition that love is complicated?

Within their writings flows this message…
sometimes histrionic…sometimes understated
that, if it’s simple…it can’t be love…because love is complicated.

Example after example is given to prove their point with certainty
but there are others of us out here who look at love and beg to disagree.

For us love is as simple as realizing we are not alone…
that someone else’s happiness is more important than our own.

There are those of us whose hearts and minds have joyfully come to see
it is life that can be complicated…
but love doesn’t have to be.

by Arlo Parker |
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A supposition:
If one queries or answers:
'.., my love" in nearly innumerable conversational situations, one can experience soulful harmony previously thought mere pipe dream or malicious tease.
Try it.
Who says the best things in life aren't free, my love?

by Paula Larson |
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My own inquisition,
I love thee, above suspicion,
allocation's trait, or dereliction,
of a few who minor in their supposition.

I love thee ~ above the cause of false contrition,
as God sees through the heart's religion
and leaves the mind to His perdition ~
I love thee, as all rule in life becomes love's fission.

Between us, whole ~ each as the other's mention.
I love thee ~ wholly, sadly in dimension
of all the earth ~ empty, without your satisfaction.
I love thee, trying peace and random trail's distraction.

Forever in my sight, thy presence without faction -
                                I love thee!