Love Poems About Supposes or Supposes Love Poems
by Julie Grenness |
Categories: flower, garden, love,

Favourite Flower

(For a contest). Word Group 3.
Oh, a plane ticket to meet my one true love,
Plus a secret box, on the lid a dove,
Inlaid a jewelled masterpiece,
Fairies in each fleur-de-lis,
Blossoms of gauzy glory,
Perennial veils of fairy stories,
Beribboned spangled treasury,
Fairies flitting so flowery,
Our queen of favourite ruby roses,
Posies for all, one supposes,
Flowerets the best cuddle,
Essence of Spring, residual,
There are fairies in the flowers in the garden,
One favourite flower, a rose---then a garland.


by Edward Johnson |
Categories: africa, black african american, christian, jesus, marriage, men, woman,

Lord,I Have Some Questions

Was the Woman made for me or
Was I made for the Woman
Am I to rule over her or 
She supposes to rule over me
Is her desire for me or
My desire for her
Please tell me, Lord,

Love the Woman I gave you

by Stephen Parker |
Categories: introspection, lost love,

Boquet of Bartered Love

One dozen dead roses
A pocket full of red disposes
Fidelity, fealty their temporal wrapper encloses
Organic ode that nature's bipolar rhythm transposes
Trite requiem to all the brownnoses
A token gift that penurious love exposes 
Gone are the scintillating wax poses
The mirth, pageantry time hoses
Buried in the cemetary with Grandma Moses
Bring back the artificial supposes
To satiate all of the charming virtuosas

by Ilene Bauer |
Categories: valentines day,

On Valentine's Day

Here’s a start: a candy heart
Or long-stemmed bright-red roses;
Lingerie, to make her day
Romantic, one supposes.

Not too hard to find a card
With sentimental saying.
For a treat, go out to eat
(And naturally, you’re paying).

Better yet, go into debt
And buy a sparkly trinket.
Dim the lights, so appetites
Include champagne – then drink it.

Or, don’t fuss and be like us – 
With years of love behind us,
We’ve agreed, we do not need
A token to remind us.

by Dalila Agtani |
Categories: life



Never is positively No!
No matter WHAT?
Not at all
Not  anytime!
Example:  never ending rains…never ending love!
It pre-supposes, non-stoppage of rains…unstoppable love!
Like beyond this point is FUTILENESS
Expressing ETERNITY!
For heaven’s sake. Don’t ever!
Warning:  Never!

by Ilene Bauer |
Categories: valentines day,

A Valentine Treat

Bundled for the weather
Was an old man on the street.
He pushed along a shopping cart,
His purchases complete.

I’ve no idea what things he bought
Except for, one supposes,
A treat meant for his Valentine – 
A dozen bright red roses.

For love and its expressions,
Sometimes difficult to gauge,
On this date make folks affectionate,
Regardless of their age.