Love Poems About Suppose or Suppose Love Poems
by Andrea Dietrich |
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By Any Other Name

If love could have a color, I suppose
it wouldn’t be just any common shade.
I’d name it for the colors of the rose.
In heaven’s hues this flower is arrayed!

From chaste love’s hush of pink to heady rush
that’s shown by cardinal or crimson red,
the rose reveals the grades of ardor’s blush
unto the time it’s thought that passion’s fled.

But in the tint of amaranth, the fire
endures; in purple deep it can transcend,
while yellow blooms in bliss that does not tire,
and white’s fidelity will have no end.

Though black the bud, a red will grow thereof.
By any other name, the rose is love.

by Sabrina Niday Hansel |
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I Need Your Help Daddy

I’m tired
I’m Physically and Emotionally tired
I don’t want to be the strong one anymore
I can’t this time
I don’t know what to do Daddy
I need your help down here

I can’t get back in control of my emotions 
I’m having a hard time dealing with your absence
I’m having a hard time standing by myself
I need your help Daddy

I’m broken and lost without you Daddy
I need your will to want to carry on
I need your strength to over come this
I need your strength to stay standing
Your courage to fight back again
I need your help 

Please Daddy I’m at a loss
How am I suppose to do this
I need your guidance 
I need you to guide me back
To whom I was before
I need your help Daddy
I need your help

by Phillip Garcia |
Categories: lost love, love, lust,

Lovely Suppositions

i have kissed beneath summer’s sweltering
fragrance your array of spackled decay

in lovely gardens; sweet roses weltering
plundered and plucked; an incidental lay

beneath your satin I have run my fingers, 
trembled as famished breasts groped my 
own; your mellow poetry still lingers
imperviously enriching - and when i try
to kiss another i feel your haunting roots 

encroaching my tingled thighs and i shake
beleaguered by your lavender; heat shoots

through laboring reeds sprouted mistakes
pale panhandlers passionately proposed

then by your tender 

i’m awaiting... (so you suppose)


by Just That Archaic Poet |
Categories: earth, love,

New Madrid

The Earth opens up,
Like a giant fissure
Cracking from its focus point,
And splitting my life in two
From Faults too deep,
Too dark underneath
The Quake inside my Love for you
While solid structures crumble,
Buried in dust and rubble-
Oh, whatever shall I do?

*This piece is a departure from my normal style, and is more or less experimental. "Free-verse" is definitely NOT my forte, and there are some elements of it thrown in (I suppose lol).

by Reva Mae |
Categories: lovedark, dark, love,

Gothic Love

Something lurks in the dark
He's somewhere behind me,
and I have his heart,
but is this where he suppose to be?

The love flows around
his hands caress my skin
I truly want him
until the very end.

Darkness surrounds forever,
and even when we together,
Truth be told that I could never
be somthing valuable to him.

We have dark hearts,
we have dark souls,
our love stands together,
while we kiss forever.

by Charlie Smith |
Categories: emotions, introspection, love,

Finding Love

No one could know all of who I am or even make good sense of what I have become. I suppose love is finding someone willing to try...

by Brian Anderson |
Categories: introspection, life, lost love, love


her place smells like lavender
or violets
i've slept here many times before
but never well
never fitfully
alien atmosphere i suppose
the bare bulbs in the bathroom
kill my shadow
i'm a stranger in the kitchen
smoking weed on the couch
pissing in the tiolet
and screwing her in the shower
intimately removed
she wants me to move in
i miss her already

by Lynn Hanna Barany |
Categories: friendship,

In Days of Snow and Sand

It was a loving relationship
Meant only to enjoy,
Never to be analyzed,
Not intended to destroy.

It was nice at the beginning
Full of warmth, and love and fun
Until the day it fell apart
In this game that no one won.

I suppose someday if we meet again
And by chance we feel there's more,
We'll spread our wings, and find the key
To open Heaven's door.

Until that day I still remain
A girl that held you hand,
When you carried my books
and walked with me
In the days of Snow and Sand.

Lynn Hanna Barany

by Vianca Negron |
Categories: friendship, sad,

3 Months

It took only two seconds to realise what would become 
A friendship.
Only if it could have lasted.
It seemed we couldn't be separated,
Everyday we spent together.
I fell for you
You asked of her.
Jealousy fell upon me.
Words were then spoken, 
Thats when everything ended.
3 Months
It wasn't suppose to end so soon
But it did.
It hurt,
I lost a best friend,
A lifetime friend
My one true love,
In just
3 Months.
Words do hurt
As well as actions.
Thats the mistake I did, 
It took only two seconds to realise what would become
An end 
To a great friendship.

by Mike Gentile |
Categories: beautiful, desire, love, love hurts, people, relationship, romantic love, soulmate,

A Question of Love

I can always count on sun to warm another day
    to surely find a way to shine and melt away the clouds
Can I count on you

I can count on twinkling stars to offer their reward
     the beauty of companionship on each and every night
Can I count on you

And when the moon in silver beam shines,
                                                  racing through the sky
Will I find that your love also find’s its way to me

And will I count the many years as they pass, one by one
sharing still the many wonders of a sparkling world
I suppose now, that’s the question,
                                               a question of love

by Lisa Harris |
Categories: happiness, petslove, , cute,


pugs are so cute and friendly
with their little curly tails
and their cute little flat faces
and just the way they look at you
with thier little buggly eyes
and you can feel the love to
a faithful companion
to always be by your side
and hold when you are lonely
and even if your blue

those puggy little faces
just seem to get you through
they love to be spoiled 
and treated as someone
and run outside in the sunshine
and they love to play
and they are good company
to keep throuhout the day
i will hold my puggy
each and every day through
and love her for eternity
just like were suppose to do

by Geoffrey Brewer |
Categories: love,

Message Left


While you were out, the world came to an end
There was no cataclysm, no protesting cry
No final trumpet call to comprehend
But long exhaling breath, communal sigh

I tried to call: lines busy, no connection
I suppose I was not alone with a message, above
all other concerns and issues of every complexion:
this one universal assurance of unending love

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: goodbye, lost love,


In the blink of an eyelash, she had departed
    his moorings untethered, left brokenhearted

  Then I suppose there's no way to prepare
    to hear these four words, 'I never did care'

by Fiona Hauber |
Categories: life, lost love, sad,


Things weren't suppose to end this way
They weren't suppose to end at all
I never planned a goodbye with you
You were suppose to stay here with me
But as each day rolls on
I come to see
That that story
(The one I invented)
(The one I hoped)
Will never come to be
And even though
you're with her
And not with me
It makes me happy to know
That you and her were meant to be

by Sidney Hall Mad Poet |
Categories: lost love, loveme, love, me, i love you,

Forever Lost

My heart breaks like the waves against the rocks; 
Is this where love ends and emotions take over? 
I see you drift away, 
I reach out, 
But in vain........ 
The image of you that I had moulded into my future torments me as I toss it to and fro.
Should I keep it? 
Or should I let it go?
Oh! If only someone could set me free? 
But could I trust them, as I did you? 
I fear not; 
For the repetition might bring me to an end. 
So this part of me I lay to rest, 
And alone.....
I shall be. 
I must go, But I love you so. 
Is it that time to say goodbye? 
I suppose........
© 2000

by Robert Kinard |
Categories: devotion, emotions, longing, love, romantic love,

One Perfect Rose

I’ve giving you flowers since we met, 
with this gentle message   
I hope you won’t regret.
Your natural beauty is what I chose. 
Like this flower, 

One Perfect Rose.

Life is a garden full of 
Daisy, Dandelions and Daffodils. 
But you are the one I chose,
One Perfect Rose.

Cupid uses a bow I suppose, 
a flowers language always knows, 
that within these peddles  
my heart is enclosed.

One Perfect Rose.

by Mike Gentile |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, nature, world,

Nature's Gift

No need, the vanity of life
               No need the silly, foolish quest
’Tis not a contest or a feat
           To contemplate which one is best

For beauty lives within the mind
      And so its shape or hue may change
It’s value is no more, no less
       For one it’s real, for one it’s strange  

The color of the world we know
                The gentle grace of its delight  
That beckons us to touch the love
              Grows lovelier with every sight 

To celebrate with nature’s gift
               With every gaze that I suppose
Would never choose between the two
         Between the Cardinal and the Rose

by James Burns |
Categories: angst, dedication, devotion, introspection, love, on writing and words, passion, romancewords,

More Than Words...

Once again as my pen fails the page
In a humble but sincere effort
To honor my loving sage

As I ponder and attempt to deduce
In a low, soft chuckle, “more than words”
My rhetorical excuse

By function; words exact, color and define
And with Webster’s sword levied I chase
Definition of you into the sublime

Concept, newly born of insight and ash
Presents no attempt at justice
So its fate is sealed to trash

And alas, as a thousand times tense
I seek to corral feelings
By pen within paper fence

For moment’s sake, suppose these words I cannot cage
I humbly offer in place of love song
The feelings that surround this page

by C.M. Davidson-Pickett |
Categories: color, day, summer,

Saving Daylight

Suppose for a moment you live in a land,
Amazed at what happens during summer solstice.
Very strange things begin to occur,
Instantly, there is little darkness,
Night that we are so used to
Gone; what is left is the brilliant colors.

Daylight from dusk to dawn to dusk again,
Alight in all its energy and brightness.
Yes, we are north of the sixtieth parallel;
Land of the midnight sun.
I have been here before and seen things,
Gazed upon the horizon, waiting for darkness to reappear,
Holding on to summer in all its life, love and beauty;
To see it ebb once more as daylight fades to night.

© 2015 CM Davidson Pickett

by Joseph Coogan |
Categories: betrayal, food, humorous, irony, money,

An Ode To Clam Chowder

Oh, clam chowder, how I would love
You to be like the thing you claim you taste of.
You're seafood, soup, potatoes, all warm
And bubbling in a splendrous, thick liquid form.
Your amount of potatoes, though is extensive,
Because I guess that clam is just too expensive
To be present in amounts that meet my desires.
But I suppose you'd be too costly for buyers.
But aside from that, clam chowder, you're alright.
I'll probably still have some tonight.

by Verlena S. Walker |
Categories: adventure, betrayal, break up, conflict, crazy, deep, i love you,


ARTISTIC Aspired Really did. To be your woman Involved myself Suppose to have loved you. Two worlds apart Is this because of one-sided love? Conclusion is we are not one. |______________________________________________| Penned on October 30, 2014! [New Poetry Form - Acrostic Verse Drama/Dramatic Verse]

by Abdul Malik |
Categories: self,

I Am Who I Am

I am sensitive, self-conscious,
Nervous, listless, anxious,
Caught up in the grind of life
Its stress and its strife.

With no goal, no aim, no purpose,
Oh, just living a life I suppose;
Not sure there's a God or a soul
Or in His grand design my role.

Bitter, cynical and regretful,
Not wise enough yet not a fool,
Jack of all trades, master of none
Lost more life's battles than won.

A seeker of truth, lost in lies
A seeker of love, lost in vice
A seeker of faith, lost in funfair
A seeker of hope, lost in despair.

Mindful of Man's frailty, foible and pet peeve,
I grieve for the ancestral sin of Adam and Eve!

~"Who ARE you?" contest by Catie Lindsey

by Ceasia White |
Categories: black african american, funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, introspection, song-urban,

The Black Mistress

Black Mistress
That's what I'm suppose to be
Oh, no not me
I'm not coming second to another woman
No woman is coming before me
Black Mistress
That's what I'm suppose to be
Come get your clothes if you can't spend the holidays with me
You live with her not me
Black Mistress
You want to buy my love when you want please
Oh, no not me
I have my own and I'm not selling my goods to no one but I'm still not cheap

by Lesa Donaghy |
Categories: child abuse, daughter, heartbroken, i love you, love, me,

The Unwanted Daughter

as i knocked on the door i could not help but think
will my heart soar or will it sink
you opened the door and looked at me
could this be who i think i see
i said hi i am your kid
it must have been something i did
cause she just slamed the door and said,
go away to me you are dead
i just want to get to know you
don't you want to get to know me
NO you stupid kid just leave me be
your suppose to love me your my mom
i do not love you get off my damn lawn
fine if you don't like me i will go
but i love you mom that's all i wanted you to know

by Cheyenne Nienhueser |
Categories: absence, anger, best friend, betrayal, conflict, confusion, corruption, cousin,

Heart Broken

Four years filled with Happiness,
suddenly ripped away,
When coming home from work to find out,
your not the only one he seems to want,
 she was suppose to be your best friend ,
 your beloved sister, 
It turns out she was only your competittor,
 to get your first and only love.
A heart so broken,
 a soul not at rest,
 or contented to ever love another.
Only to be comfortd by people who are considered your brother.