Love Poems About Supports or Supports Love Poems
by Anne-Lise Andresen |
Categories: faith, paradise, prayer, religious,

- Heavenly Hugs -

Unique is the discipline of love 
Understanding God's law
Faith holds supreme commander

Sometimes we have to fight 
our way through a concrete jungle
stone cold dreams nightmare evaluates 

Rocking the cradle unworthy desires 
no peace or rest for the wicked deeds
in order to find the answers to hopes prayer
Truth pointing us directions 
within our code of moral conduct 
which supports us in our voyage
In the walk of life chaos grips hearts consumed with hate 
Without faith our souls identity will become dust 
Needing hugs from heaven to survive 

A Collaborated Poem 19.11.2015
Anne-Lise Andresen, and Liam Mc Daid
(tercets unrymed)

by Maria Petrosky |
Categories: caregiving, love, passion, me, love, me,

The Love I Look For

He has the love that I 
No longer have to look for
The love that he gives me
And cares a whole lot more
For me and my feelings 
My thoughts and my dreams
And don’t try and ruin them
With his crazy love beams
He supports me for whatever
I may just decide to do
And he will always tell me 
That he will be all true
I see the love that shines
From his heart to his soul
And to tell you the truth
He’s all I want to know
I want to get to know him
And see the rest of his love
So I can be his angel
That comes from up above.

by Kay Roberts |
Categories: husband, love, marriage,

He Is

He is my personal hot water bottle, 
He keeps my feet warm in bed,
He makes the best cup of tea ever, 
He is the guy I wed!
He supports me through my troubles,
He helps me face my fears,
He stands by me through thick and thin,
He wipes away my tears!
He laughs at me when I’m silly,
He turns a frown into a smile,
He provides for me & our boys;
He goes that extra mile!
He doesn’t seem to realise,
He is extremely special to me,
He is My Loving Husband,
He is all I want him to be!

by Cecil Hickman |
Categories: happiness, holiday, husband, life, love, relationship, valentines day, wife, day, me,

Lifetime Valentine

Thine heart is true with such emotional bliss.
Thee are my strength, sealed with one kiss.
Valentine of mine; holds me tight above the mist.
Secures my spirit, supports me in slippery snow.
Thou are my sweetheart, sunshine on my spring list.
Our life together rises, faster than any sapling grow.
One day a year is not enough to celebrate how I feel.
Each day mine and ours affection seals, lifetime deal.

by Meline Ngo |
Categories: anxiety, depression, desire, emotions, how i feel, inspirational love, loneliness, longing, love, love hurts, mental illness, pain, psychological, spoken word, stress, true love,

Pure Love


When I love
My love is pure 
When I trust, I give it all
This is how I love
It's what makes me pure
Loving makes me whole

People come, people go
Adoring us, neglecting us
People come, people go
Supports us, harms us
People come, people go
Would Love us, leave us

How pity I am
How pity can I get 
I gave them all I am
And yet what did I get?
How foolish I am
I always forget 

Pure love 
What a great gift 
More than our life 
We would give
But one can really grieve 
With pure love

@Copyright Meline C. Ngo August 25, 2015

by Mark Goodson |
Categories: love, valentines day,

Valentine's Paradox

To anyone who's been in love
Do find understandings for paradox of a valentine
What apparent contradictions are found to be true
A valentine's love is both red and blue
Love makes one blissful
yet oh so miserable too
It's frightening to one's brain cells 
Yet supports the healing of the mind
Love is physical to the touch
But spiritual to feelings
How incredibly fragile to be broken hundreds apart
Yet what can be stronger than a lover's love from the heart
Deathless it seems, one's Alpha Omega of entwinements
The potential puzzle of never solution
To express one's face of both the smiler and the cryer

by James Fredholm |
Categories: self,

An Open Rose

Out of darkness, into light,
A vine supports me as I fight
For existence, as a bud
Shaped and warmed by nature’s love,
Unaware and unprepared…
I feel the rain and sun and air,
Feed my hunger as I grow,
Into what I do not know.

A transformation has begun,
I’m drawn open by the sun,
Velvet petals on display,
One by one they fall away.

An open rose, I never closed
I loved myself in nature’s way.

by Lara Wash |
Categories: joy, love, sleep,

Pillow of Love

The pillow of love
Comforts my being

It takes away all stress
And dresses me in peace

So that I can either rest or sleep

The pillow of love 
Is dear to me

It supports my head, neck, and shoulders
And sometimes I share secrets with it

And sometimes tears
But it’s right there for me

Through all my joys and fears

by Felicia Jarvis |
Categories: age, husband, life, love, marriage, moon, spring,

The Hazy Moon

The hazy moon (In moments of glory)

You took my hand walking in the darkness together, 
And I saw Your tears shone 
When the hazy moon appeared from the clouds

Short Version

The hazy moon
shines tears of
a strong man

There is a husband who always loves and supports his wife. He seems strong, but his wife sees his tears when the hazy moon appears among the clouds.

by Harlow Yappen |
Categories: family,

My Family Contest Haiku

Wondrous as can be,
My family is my life,
Supports me in life.

Always there for me, 
Caring for me at all times.
I am blessed with them.

So lucky to be
related to these humans.
Lord, I thank you now!

No matter if we
are having some hard times, they 
love me through and through.

I thank Lady Luck 
and Fate for boring me to 
this amazing kin.

Please, I would love for this poem to win the My Family Haiku contest! Please help me win if you like this! And can you tell me how to make a many verse haiku? Idk how.

by Maryam Jameela Haniff |
Categories: dedicationme, me, i love you,


Replaced, if you ever were
to me
life have no color.

It would be dark 
without no noise 
without no spark
without no joys.

To have you by my side
to always hear your call
to see your smiling faces
is the greatest gift of all.

Thank you for always
being there, in my life
helping me get through 
my pain and strife.

In work and fun 
we are always together
loving and caring 
for each other
This, I wish
would last forever.

 I LOVE you all!

Dedicated to my loving family who have always been there for me and supports me in
everything...*Love Maryam

by Jeremy Smith |
Categories: how i feel, i love you, love, marriage, soulmate, true love, wife,

An Endless Bond

Our souls begin to intertwine Now my heart is forever yours And yours forever mine As our endless love matures Through all of this life's little detours We continue to conquer the bad And wholeheartedly cherish the good Knowing the other will be there if one is sad Our feelings will never be misunderstood This love is what supports our livelihood This spiritual bond stays strong Reassuring our love will never end I'll pray that time will always prolong My soulmate who at first was just my friend Now when it does end together we'll transcend 6/28/2017

by Lamptey Godson Kofi |
Categories: dedicationme, me,

Paradise El Paraiso

Paradise (El Paraiso)

He who loves his land loves his soul
For the soil of the land bears the last witness
But what does it witness?
Alot, alot and alot
So when the land cries
my heart bleeds....
with pain, with distress and with anger
Yet for days, I grow to endure
Live! each of the times passages
Because no where ever supports me
Except my land, my soil, my country
Its simply a love never enough 
Oh thousands claps and echoes of thanks
Our Land, our love, our destiny
'Nye Anyigba, M'ra me Asaase, Me dame me Suazo"

by Russell Grushco |
Categories: happy, life, spiritual, truth, uplifting, wisdom,

Life Is Good, When -

Your life is happy, when -
When chest is full of money.
When health became your friend.
And Will is strong and shiny.
When war's is silenced thunder.
Your home is full of laughter.
And envy's windy weather
Won't blow happy fire.
When friends' support around,
Gives light and soothing sound.
When love is meeting you
With hug and warming stew.
When luck is always next,
Supports and gives you best.
When wisdom of past years.
Your friend for centuries.

by Vickey Rhymer |
Categories: peace,

Calm Seas

As the waves of the sea going on and on
for all eternity

Is the peace of the one seeking deliberately 
doggedly harmony

With God,and man
hand in hand one supports the other

Pleasing God and contributing to
Peace between brother and brother

Jesus said love and pray for your enemies
  more than a little to comprehend

A change of heart asked for in prayer
The beginning of fences to mend

And as you employ insight from above
And you watch and you learn to mimic this love

Your peace will grow exponentially as
 endless waves on the open sea

Safe harbor found in the light of God's love
Kindly offered so shall it be

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: beautiful, emotions, feelings, imagery, inspirational love, love,


Love’s the alpha and omega both the beginning and the end, an intangible, ethereal kiss that melds hearts together till one becomes two, inseparable and eternal, an indestructible bond formed from fragile feelings trust spun into a strong rope that now supports the weight of two. (Word Vision) 4/12/2018

by Cecil Hickman |
Categories: happiness, introspection, life, on writing and words, people, places

Poetry Palace

Prepare your mind for this wondrous place.
Once an ILLUSION, now so much for real,
Exemplary CREATIVITY shows the pace.
Taking chosen words, that more than feel.
Rhymed or unrhymed, states a poetic case.
Yes, INFUSION of styles, seals the deal.

Power of the written word supports fortress.
Amends broken hearts of all EVENTUALLY,
Love flows from lines with little stress.
All the thoughts and feelings rise potentially.
Creating INEVITABLE beauty to possess,
Each new venue of poetic art lives inherently.

written by
Cecil Hickman

written for
Sponsor Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S. 
Contest Name "POETRY PALACE"

by John Freeman |
Categories: allegory, love

Life's Paradox

As violent roses pose, outer world, in peril,

Freedom roses grow, an inner world, a pearl,

Reality supports human fallacy!!!


by Sigrid Ermine |
Categories: allusion, culture, dance, inspiration, lost love, math,

Pairing Procedure

Paint coat gloss of stigmatised strategy
Ink print format dishonourable dastardly
Rewriting total emotional reliance on romantic target solo
Mistakes made eradicate match develops purely personal 

Necessary structure supports test criteria
Shifted not by storm of hormonal hysteria
Flattery, female following foresee men fearful, fatigued
Indolent inconsistency implores males imbibe, intrigued

       14th January

      - format dating -

by Magpie Wench |
Categories: fire, longing, love, metaphor,

Stone and Fire

Stone, weathered by the ages
changing, but slowly.
Fire, burning bright and hot
dancing, beautiful but soon gone.
Stone supports the fire
Fire warms the stone.
When the fire burns out
will the stone be left scarred?

by Dimitrios Raptis |
Categories: happiness, inspirational, introspection, uplifting, love,

A Discovery

A love of the written word is new to him
Beginning unexpectedly and without intent
A lie he says, for he entered a poem in a contest
But the love that sprung from that one
Is like the tree that supports the branch
For it is deep as a mother’s love for her child
Earthed in the heart of the writer
His passion for the language speaks through him
Poetry as they call it is just an expression of his mind
Writing away clearing his thoughts
He ponders the future and hoping to create
He motivates himself and smiles away
As he sees his path and guides his hand
With every key stroke he imprints his ideas
On the page before him he unearths thoughts that preceded his written words

by Dominique Ryan |
Categories: mom,

Not the Cats Mother

She has looked after us
she has raised us great
she has been there always
she is a perfect soul mate

she praises when we are good
she tells us when we are bad
she always makes us laugh
she has been our mum and dad

she makes our lives happy
she never wears a frown
she always gives us all her love
she deserves a thrown and crown

she always works hard
she always wears smile
she always does the best she can, going that extra mile

she always supports our dreams
she makes hard times fun
she is not the cats mother
she is our wonderful mum

by Melody Simpson |
Categories: friendship


A shoulder to cry on,
a person to rely on,
your partner in crime,
you’re equal in fun.
The laughs you shared,
the hard times overcome,
the memories made,
the unforgettable times.
Attached by respect and affection,
never to be separated,
the one who favors your choices,
and supports your bad mistakes.
Who hides you from heartbreak,
and guides you with love.
Who has nothing but good intentions,
and wants you to be happy.
But when you need someone to be there,
they appear,
in a heart beat,
in a flash,
They’re there for you.
They’re your life support.
They’re your friends.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, feelings, how i feel, introspection, life, philosophy,

Immune To Tears

Love heals hurts even time
is unable to numb.
               For hope’s immune to tears
and babies simply smile.

               Trust forms the foundation
that supports a friendship.

               And respect is the glue
that holds it together.

               Dreams test drive alternate
realities risk free.

               And lies are commonplace
while truths are elusive.

               Santa Claus is a myth
there is no magic sleigh.

               But Christmas cheer is real
and wishes can come true.


by Solomon Ochwo-Oburu |
Categories: freedom, humanity, metaphor,

Why Wild Flowers Love the Bush

I know why wild flowers  love the bush
bush is a friendly but careless steward
its children grow wild in freedom and
savagery in thinking and wild in growth

there are no brides to pick their  petals
no funeral ceremonies  take place near
flower-hungry children do not disturb
bush supports them when cruel wind blows

I know why wild flowers love the bush
nectar birds spit love in their mouths
bees come in to make them conceive babies
so that their lineage continues survives peace

Wild flowers love peace and natural love
bush is hiding place for their love matches