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by Wendy Lee Klenetsky |
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My Lifetime Friend: My Mother


Throughout childhood and adolescent days,
She was my staunchest supporter,
And through teen years and young adulthood
I was glad to be her daughter.
As a mother-in-law and grandma,    
She’s there whenever/wherever she’s needed,
And if this was to be her lot in life,
She’s definitely succeeded.
But whatever she is to other folks;
A friend, sister or other,
She is to me, and will always be


by Teresa Lindsay |
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Your Gone, I Greive

Together since forever, as frineds
Nothing  could ever seperate us in life
We  went thru some rough times
We enjoyed the good times, laughing
You stood beside me, protected me
We picked each other up, dusted off the dirt
When the other had fallen in bad times
No subject we could not talk about
Even our love lifes were open to the other
We endured in friendship when others didn't
We  were best friends when others said impossiable
You left me behind when you died
Greiving for such a loss of friendship
I know I will never find one as great
I cling to your memory to help me go on
I honor you my friend, my staunchest supporter
You will live forever in my heart.

by Daljit Khankhana |
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My Poverty

My Poverty
My poverty why is a shame?
My poverty why has a flame?
My poverty is only poverty,
My poverty why has a blame?

Because physically,
You are n’t stronger than me,
But mentally,
You are clever and free.

I care for traditions,
I care for religions,
But you care only for benefits,
I care for superstitions.

I am fanatic,
Because you are promoter,
I am fanatic,
Because you aren’t supporter.

If you want,
You can change a system,
You run my universities,
Social and religious both.

You are a dealer,
You use all factors 
To change my facts,
My poverty that’s why has a claim.

by Carolyn Devonshire |
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Communicator Tenacious

Communicator Seen as tenacious, loyal, imaginative, resourceful Little sister of amiable Artie and beautiful Barbara Supporter and advocate for animals, theater, art Ambassador of compassion, love and hope Opponent of arrogance, cruelty and deceit on all levels Striving for universal peace, happiness and prosperity Willing to fight to see justice, truth and kindness prevail Rambler of the Sunshine State’s tranquil beaches Tenacious
*Written February 4, 2019 For the Writing Challenge 2, January 2019, Bio Poetry Contest Sponsored by Dear Heart

by Jonell Chalifoux |
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My Mother

My origin, my matriarch, my mother, my queen
My prime paradigm of an amicable human being

My mentor, my supporter, my companion, my friend
My forever confidante I can always depend

My thanks to you for your love so unconditional
And for teaching me the power of love, value and principle

My absolute bona fide blessing like no other
Is having the honor of calling you “my mother”!

by Michelle Morris |
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In Your Corner

In your corner
By Michelle Morris

I am your friend
I am your supporter
I'll be there for you
Come hell or high water

I am always in your corner
Cheering you on
When you're down on the mat
I'll help you back up

I know I can't take
All those blows for you
I know that I can't fight
Battles that you need to prove

But I will be there in your corner
I will always be supporting you
Friendship is part of life's magic
Loyalty, love and devoted truth

© Michelle Morris, 2023

by Hien Tran |
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I love, oh my Mom of forever
You set me free, you are my listener
You raise my up to be a best believer
Time and time again, you are greatest supporter
Tr?n Minh Hi?n Hien Tran Orlando August 18, 2016

by Dalila Agtani |
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Of Marriage Or of Divorce

Of Marriage or Of Divorce

In both is nothing than a mere piece of paper
Is where deduced a marriage or a divorce
What does it matter
Is between the couple in better or in worse
It maybe alright or all together
If the marriage vow is sustained or deterred
When the love is there
But when one has gone and forsaken
The fidelity is reduced to nothing
Live-in couple is better
Once the relationship dried-up they severe
So, whether marriage or divorce, either is neither
Forget or forgive, if not, let a judge decides
The advice, however, is: always bring a supporter!