Love Poems About Supplications or Supplications Love Poems
by Rizwan Saleem |
Categories: grief, heartbroken, nostalgia, silence,

Hear Me Lord

Oh hearken to me lord! 
I grow tired and weary 
I can carry my battles no more 
I am no holy man 
No saint that I can bear this with fortitude 
I seek no fortune from you 
Nor does the love of this world tempt me 
I long for how things used to be 
My knees grazed by my lost supplications 
I weep only for my wasted days

by Julie Forbush |
Categories: life, love, nature, people, social,

A Whore Writes Home

would it be awkward to tell you
how the whole world
smells like petroleum jelly
or that the latex on my fingers
seems never to wear off
to explain
that after a while
they're all the same
one more mark
in a sea of the willing
if you offer the right look,
seeming supplications,
the most brittle of vows
all for a small recompense
that's never enough
it's more than an hour
you lose
in the company of hands
that offer no shelter

by Jeff Kyser |
Categories: prayer,

Rebuke Me Not In Anger

Rebuke me not in anger,
Nor discipline in fury.
Be gracious unto me, O LORD,
I’m wasting here; please hurry!

My bones lament their troubles;
My soul is anxious too.
But you, O LORD - how long
Till I’m returned to you?

Save me for your splendid name,
Your staunch, unswerving love,
For death has no remembrance
From Sheol of You above.

I’m wearied from my moaning,
I flood my bed with tears.
My eyes are red because of grief;
I’m weak from all my fears.

Depart from me, you evil ones;
The LORD has heard my cries.
My supplications reach His ear,
To where He sits on high.

(From Psalm 6)

by Mari Bond |
Categories: love,

It 's Time

It 's time !
To crack you !
Erected yesterday - I'm crumbling porcelain .
The surface of the statue shimmers 
in supplications ,
But my hand is already drowning 
in sacrificial flowers.

by Hgarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: friendship, life, love, universe,

To Rhoda

When YOU lasso the moon;  Swing cross the Universe, Entered our Lives
        With an Eternal Pen,  cross  the Autumnal  Colors of the Evening SKY 
    YOU Proudly, Linguistically, POETICALLY: Write YOUR name in the Future
    All of the Firmament : All  from the Earthly Realm : Know YOU are a WOMAN 
    OUR  Supplications of  INSPIRATION :From YOU : YOU never ever Ignore
       For YOUR Loyalty,  YOUR LOVE of POETRY , YOUR Convictions of self

     This is Who I am      This is WHO I want to be      All are WELCOMED