Love Poems About Supplication or Supplication Love Poems
by Hana Ryusaka |
Categories: loss, love

Unabashed Confusion I -Where Am I

Where am I?

I stand softly, I lean

against a vine-stained wall,

gilded in ancient cracks and 

crowned with thorns.

I stretch, I hold out my

arms,  Christ-like, to you.

My trembling fingers curl upward

in prayer, 

catching rain and blood kisses

in spiraling rivulets, caressing

the air we displace together.

My lashes shiver, cold

with emotion, fringed with pearls.

my lips curve, alabaster sheen,

not smiling, a supplication,

around the message in my eyes –

my eyes that plead

from a soul’s capacity for sorrow

unabashed in confusion.

by Dalila Agtani |
Categories: love,

For a Moment Like This


This Date Is something Involving Intoxicating Nothing but more than excitement This momentum of drowning is mystifying us This present happening has been overflowing, incomparable without ending. My Heart Beats fast Fiercely pumps Its supplication In my veins like a brisk stream. For a moment like this, it cannot be forgotten Earmark with trust and ardor between you and me, intertwined until the end of time.

by Lena Emp |
Categories: angstme,

I Love You No More

I have so much anticipation 
Love always in supplication
Over a cup of tea to think it over and over again
Vend this yearning that abuse my mind
Exhausted with your banter acts
You confused me with your synthetic laughs
Owed me with so much love
Unaware of your context move
Now I’m awake with this contusion
Out of the blue, it’s come a new you
Mine you if I tell you I’m not in love with you
Oh! Could I say it loud?
Right, I heard you say why?
End is now my dear lover.

(Acrostic form)

by Jayne Eggins |
Categories: love,

Knowing How To Love

I don't know anyway to love you
 Than the way I do
 I tried to call the four winds
 they weren't enough
 I've traveled a dusty lane
 And visited a shaman 

All in the search for clarity 

I don't know anyway to show my love
 I grasped at stars
 And fumbled a galaxy
 I watched a night bloom
 As the last ray of day died
 In supplication I knelt
Reverently I show my love
 The only way I know how

by Bernard F. Asuncion |
Categories: new year,

Prosperous New Year

A-sk God for prosperous new year, 
B-eseech Him to bless His nation; 
C-all upon His glorious name, 
D-o it in meek supplication.

E-ntreat God for prosperous new year, 
F-or peace, harmony, and love; 
G-iving an aid to humanity
H-as pleased the Father above.

I-mplore God to make the new year
J-oyful, fortunate, and happy; 
K-eep away from any trouble, 
L-et us not live in misery. 

M-ake a humble request, 
N-ever let our faith disappear; 
O-n the first of January, 
P-ray for prosperous new year.

by Twinomugisha Longinus |
Categories: death, farewell,

Life Goes On

Life goes on
The love we have for our beloved,
Is like a fountain 
That never dries up,
And doesn't cease flowing 
In our veins.

But even if I go,
You spare a thought for the one in need,
For life goes on.
My legacy will soon supplant me.
Tears will roll down their cheeks 
As they wail and shriek in sadness for my trip,
To where our ancestors are,
Resting in perpetual peace.

But I know one thing,
come the day; 
We shall all parade before Him that scans
And kneel in supplication 
With saint Longinus.

By Longinus T

by Lary Houston |
Categories: dedication, faith, prayer,

Philippians 4:6

Be careful for nothing in this world of sin,
but in everything give Him thanks within.
Let your requests be known to your Father above
by prayer and supplication and a heart filled with love.

by Jacqueline R. Mendoza |
Categories: children, daughter, devotion, education, family, friendship, husband, love, mother, people, social, thanksgiving,

Morning Prayer 3

Sign of the Cross (poem)

O my God
I offer you all my prayers
 and sufferings

In union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus
For the intentions
Which He pleads
Offers Himself in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

In thanksgiving for Your favors
In reparation for my offenses
In humble supplication for my temporal
Eternal welfare 

For the conversion of sinners
For the relief of the poor souls in purgatory. 

Sign of the Cross (Poem)

by Ayodele Henry |
Categories: bible, blessing, books, devotion,

Gracious Living

Beautiful life a holy life
Ceaseless path of prayer strife
Truthful ways conquering lies
Holiness to Christ that broke the ties

Zealousness of the saved being
Seriousness in His words we cling
Soberity acts of life and still
Purity always in us He fill

Supplication our watchword
Intercession the heart of God
Soul winning our joyous morn
Righteousness we are truly born

Faithfulness priority of love
Temptation by faith always solve
Honesty fruitfulness of grace
Perfect heart every time on the race

Consistent in Christian way
Sunshine always making our hay
Desirable life at God's sight
Blameless as we walk in the light

by Martina Cruz |
Categories: imagination,


A wave of lonliness shrouds my soul, in the midst of abandonment.
Sitting atop of a mountain, waiting for the rain to fall and wash it all away.

Calling out in the wilds for an answer with supplication to the great master of creation of heaven and earth. The trinity in his great divine love, reaching out to me through the Spirit of God.

Balming the soul, whispering soothing words of peace and comfort,pouring forth in my heart.

As my heart is sought in rapture, it captures all the love. from the heaven's above.
Ah! how wonderful life is!

by Bekah Ditto |
Categories: god

Until That Day

There's a feeling deep within 
A longing in my heart
To trust a God I cannot see
Or touch until that day.

There's a song deep within me
A sensation in my heart
Because I love a God I cannot 
Just trust until that day.

There's a prayer deep within 
A supplication in my heart
Unto a God I cannot see
And won't until that day.

There's a hope deep within me
A knowledge in my heart
That someday soon I'll surely 
My God on that great day!

by Steve Eng |
Categories: dedication, devotion, on writing and words,

Poet's Paramour

Sweet Goddess, Personification,
You’re not an abstract ideation,
So listen to this supplication:
“Love me, and my verse creation.”

by Barb Derick |
Categories: devotion, me, creation, me,

Our Calling

O Lord, let me be an instrument of your love
Hope I can fulfill all you want from me, above
Am I enough to heed your call
As whole as you need me to be, for all
May I please you and be what you had in mind
Fight as I might, I hide from you
fortunately, me, you always do find
May I be deserving to stand in your sight

A creation so sovereign, I want to be so perfect and right
I hope to do You justice, send me where my service is needed
So I can do your work with loving dedication
I am one who wants your unwavering supplication, heeded
Let me be your faithful, willing, creation of peace,love and light

by Sabahat Batool |
Categories: allah, deep, destiny, devotion, heartbroken, heaven, inspirational love,


People hurt the heart in Thy world
As they know utmost it bleedeth
Ways of desert all are blood curled
Lonesome lass Thy hand there needth
Lord my Lord! Come once from skies
Lips are freezing by Death ice

And I know all know I breezes
How do play thou, play with candles
Shivering flames their blood squeezes
How their tearful eyes all handle?
Mournful mournful moths are flying
Kiss they light and fell they dying

Hand Divinist thou art writing
Tearful tales on thy book pages
Stars at night thy sky all lighting
Meanwhile I free birds from cages
Flames are flickering, blooms are sighing
Moonlit nights are worth for dying

by John Lawless |
Categories: confusion, writing,

The Sonnets Plight

Alas the Sonnet’s plight is love’s
unending supplication
beseeching it to beautify
its fleeting, heartfelt notion

Implore the reader to take sides
in passion’s conflagration
knowing well the end result
self centered adulation

will quickly dry the lover’s tears
in mirrored duplication
a dance alone in memory
of escapes anticipation

Thus from the flames, a Phoenix rise,
for love is born before love dies

John G. Lawless

by Bernard F. Asuncion |
Categories: birthday,

Just Open Up Your Heart

J-ust open up your heart, 
O-n the twenty-first of June; 
Y-ou will feel God's love, blessing, grace, and boon.

B-e thankful to the Lord, 
R-egardless of the situation; 
I-n the midst of hardship, 
O-ffer prayers and supplication.
N-ever close your mind, 
E-ach worry will depart; 
S-incerely implore the Father, just open up your heart.

by Kishan Sharma |
Categories: 11th grade, 12th grade, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade,

I Remember To Say Every Day To You

I remember to say every day to you.
I have just love you.
You get the gift from my heart.
I have just love you.
I remember to say every day to you.
I have just love you.
I have demand you from supplication.
I have wished you from faithfully.
I thought, that is my dream you are.
You are my only pleasure for me.
I remember to say every day to you.
I have just love you.