Love Poems About Suppliant or Suppliant Love Poems
by Tim Smith |
Categories: love,

First Thoughts

Genial waves of warmth 
speak through gentle rays 
Awaken my senses 
the marigold sings her joy 
painted steps are born 
Fragrant juniper fill the horizon 
gusts of innocence flush my cheeks 
first wiffs grab my being 
as soft touches trace her core 
Welcome into my sunlight 
white wishes still endure 
supplanted suppliant kisses 
you've entered through my door

by Rosemarie Rowley |
Categories: allegory, blessing, religion,

Anchorite At the Gate of Heaven


Not heeding brute reality, nor matter’s bane
I kneel at the door of heaven, a suppliant,
Transcribing words of wisdom, like the rain
On wild flowers; the garden’s hierophant:

Anointed, a habit on my body’s beauty
I lie in the threshold of my tryst with God -
The first flight from earth being my duty
Becoming His perfect mean and golden rod,

I cool my heels in a dank, dark cell
Where half-light becomes my element
God’s plenty in motes, with the music of the bell
A love feast of the penitent.

I rise on wings of thankfulness and praise,
Sing out in silence the glory of His ways.

from IN MEMORY OF HER 2008