Love Poems About Supplements or Supplements Love Poems
by Ian D. Campbell |
Categories: angst, forgiveness, loss, lost love,

Premature Ejaculation

Electric shock. 
And so were those
Winter days. 

Hysterical, practical
And our supplements
To fight daily 

Mustard in her
Nails made shooting
in the Street far worse. 

A cylindrical whirlwind
of your suitcase
as you're weight lifting
And I'm drinking and 
So you are you and 
We're passing out now. 

I spilled my wine on
the bar. On purpose. 

And I wished my father
Was there.

by Raina Fields |
Categories: daughter, death, health, loss, mother, sad,

My Mother's Hair

I was once so fond
Of the gray-streaked
Locks cascading
Down her frail back,
Growing so long
In her dying days.

I visited her every day
In the hospital.
The sterile background,
White linen,
And dingy food tray,
Dietary supplements
And nurses’ reminders.

After school,
I braided her hair,
Fingertips brushing
Scalp, climbing up
And down the rope,
Fashioning frizzed
Ends into plaits.

Its soft thickness
Caressing my cheek,
Smelling of flowers
And sweet oils
As she uttered
"I love you"
For the last time.