Love Poems About Supplement or Supplement Love Poems
by Chipepo Lwele |
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My Motherland

I love my country Zambia
I am committed to move it forward--
In the areas of good governance and national building
I may go out to another country as visitor--
In pursuit of noble goals for advancement of our nation
I will get knowledge and wealth to supplement our national economy--
From being a consumer market to a manufacturing oriented economy
I love my motherland Zambia--
I aim at the promotion and building our peaceful nation
I will die a little for my motherland Zambia

*chipepo lwele
 PS;Happy 48 years of independence mother Zambia[24/10/2012]

by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: assonance, best friend, black love, conflict, cry, engagement, irony, leaving, london, lost, myth, rainbow, truth,


The will shall supplement my fitness,

categorize my songs,

and ejaculate a witness!

He shall shuttle our smiles through the day,

complicate our wrongs,

and dish out the bongs,

sing along with songs,

in rooms of grape with walls of shakes,

tomb smoke and tokens-

taken in by notes,

domes inside zones,

landscaping Vogue-

no real reason to pose unless you are gold.

by Joanna Daniel |
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Family Rapport

love supplement and support ~ forging family rapport
3rd January 2023 For JCB Brul's "The best gift" contest

by Keshan Govender |
Categories: father, father son, how i feel, hurt, jealousy, love hurts, sad,


An outsider required, to maintain relations
Reasons of difference, bonds of similarity
Joy felt, compensating for years of hollowness
Blood thickens, only through supplement.
Spoken lies laughed off, through mockery
Signs of clarity, distorted by unwilling eyes
A voice of reason, silenced by replacement
Brewing frustrations, releasing green steam.
A day of deprivation, reminding of dependence
Electronic addiction, silencing conversations
The nurtured norm, altered by a temporary presence
Consequential traits excused, through lavish gifts. 
Ties that unwind, a stranger feeding a cohesive pretense
A penniless son, warranting no affection from his father.

by Sotto Poet |
Categories: heart, inspirational, meaningful,

Haze of Abhorrent Mystery

Sulfuric dew sonatas, rustling in a bobby reek Vermillion of umbra and debased conundrums Rosemary pulp extracted from the pulpy bosom. wilting amid the cranberry tackle blubbering irises with a tinge of snow Crimson lava that has solidified. painted with the scent of murdered love No longer a viable supplement; prohibited. Lilith's spells were drenched in blood hype. In crisp dears, a neolithic Pandora box shivers. It drizzled a steely dolefulness across my core.
Written: December 12, 2022

by Sai Lin Lip |
Categories: family, friend, health, life, love, religion, sick,

Health Supplement

Health supplement rages nowadays
It's said to improve health
And so maybe for a better health
And so maybe for a longer life span
And so maybe for a more relaxed life
A pharmacist may introduce 
A variety of health supplement
But we feel suspicious 
Because we're spiritually unsafe
Maybe we need a religion
Maybe we need some leisure
Maybe we need some friends
Maybe we need our family
Maybe we need love and affection 
Maybe we need a dream
Health supplement alone 
Won't accomplish what we need
Unless we fall sick
Health supplement alone
Won't accomplish what we need
Maybe the bible
A supplement from heaven 
Will do